updated: September 15, 2001

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To quote Huggy: WHAT IT IS?

The S&H Lending Library, begun around 1990 by Linda LCabrillo, is a collection of out-of-print zines assembled together by Linda and the generosity of many other SH fans so that these zines could be available to fans who never had an opportunity to see them. Their intention was to ensure that all this classic fiction would not be lost to the fandom. The library has been run on a volunteer basis by several different SH fans over the years. It is now being organized and run by a committee of fans who are hoping to make even more zines available, as well as professional novelizations, video tapes of episodes, song vids, and interviews. We hope to be able to add new items as they become available.


The library hosts both gen and slash fan fiction, mostly of out-of-print zines. Some in-print zines may be available with the publishers' approvals. All zines will be presented as they were originally-- uncut, uncensored, and unedited. An age statement will be required of everyone joining the library. However, any member can request to receive only gen zines if they want.


Any fan interested in reading some of the best of SH fan fiction.


The library's expenses are considerable. Renting a Post Office box, replacing worn or missing zines, buying blank video tapes, mailing labels, filing materials and other expenses add up quickly. When the library was new and much smaller, the librarian in charge handled the expenses herself. This is no longer feasible and the library must be self-supporting if it is going to survive and continue to serve the fandom.

Therefore, the library will charge a membership fee of $19.00 for six shipments. Note that we deliberately say "six shipments" versus "one year" or "shipments every two months." Every librarian has had to face real life issues that interfere with library business. We don't want to promise something we can't deliver. We hope to be timely with the six shipments, sending them approximately every two months, but as volunteers with full lives outside of fandom and other fandom commitments, we must be realistic. 

To join, send $19 in check or money order to: 

The S&H Lending Library
PO Box 679
Beltsville, MD 20705-0679

IMPORTANT! Please include a note in with your payment that includes your real name, address, email address, a statement that you know what slash fan fiction is, that it may include the portrayal of homoerotic acts, and that you are of legal age. Please include your full signature. For a printable model of the statement click here.

For your convenience, the fee can also be paid through PayPal. The age statement can either be sent through Paypal (there is a space for sending messages) or under separate cover to Flamingo, but before we can mail you your first shipment we MUST have the age statement with a legal signature mailed to us.


Each member must pay for the postage for the shipments. A shipment consists of two pounds or less of zines or other materials shipped Priority Mail. That means it can be one very fat zine, or several smaller ones, or several video tapes, etc. This costs $3.50 a shipment. Six shipments would be $21. You can send one Priority stamp with your membership fee, and then send another stamp with each shipment you send back so we will have it for the next package we mail to you. If you fail to send the postage we will either email you a reminder, or send you a postcard if you have no access to email. We cannot send a shipment without the stamp.

Or, if you want to avoid all those trips to the Post Office or the delay that will come if you forget your stamp, you can elect to take advantage of our new Premiere Service. Purely for the convenience of the members, the library staff will purchase the stamps for you if you send $21 dollars to cover the cost of the six shipments. If you make your payment through PayPal, please tell us in the message that you want the Premiere Service.

NOTE: If the USPS raises postal rates we will regrettably have to pass that expense onto individual members. Our experience with using cheaper forms of postal service, such as bookrate, is that it ends up being far more expensive since many more zines end up getting lost.


The library web site will eventually include:
    * A listing (card catalog) of all products offered by the library--zines, song tapes, episodes, professional novelizations, audio tapes, etc. (See bottom of page.)
    * The official membership rules 
    * Contact information on how to join
    * A section for members to submit short reviews about library materials, reminiscent of Amazon.com
    * A section of links to other Starsky & Hutch web sites

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