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Paul Jaquays

General Information

- Title: Designer
- Game Name: Thanatar
- Birthday: October 14, 1956
- State/Country: Michigan, USA
- Current Projects: Quake 3 Mission Pack, Miscellaneous documentation
- Past Projects: Lord of the Rings vol. I for Interplay, Dragon Dice for TSR (dice art), Quake II, Quake III Arena
- Years in the Game Industry: 24 +/-
- Favorite Food: White Popcorn (not microwave)
- Favorite Tune: Orchestral theme music from science fiction and fantasy (and other) movies
- Interests: Family, reading, fantasy & SF art, painting.

Additional Quake III Info

- Favorite Weapon: Rocket Launcher
- Favorite Levels: Space_CTF2, Longest Yard, Deva Station
- Favorite Quake III Model: Uriel or Mynx
- Favorite Q3 Server: id local servers


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