• Extropy: the extent of a system's intelligence, information, and capacity for improvement.

  • Extropy: the evolution
    of progress.

Critical Thinking about the Future


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The Proactionary Principle!
The VP Summit I
Upcoming:  TransVision 2005

"Toward a New World:  Better, Longer and Healthier Lives for Everyone" July 22 - 24, 2005 | Hotel Avila in San Bernardino I Caracas, Venezuela, South America

Upcoming:  The World's Most Dangerous Idea

- Enhancing Cooperation Among Transhumanist Organizations" - Send your suggestions to info@extropy.org

Upcoming: Summit — Vital Progress "VP II" SUMMER 2005

Extropy Institute is in the planning stages for VP Summit II.  The second Summit is the building of scenarios on complex issues as they affect caution about technological dangers and transhumanism.

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  The Transhumanist FAQ updated 2005 - ExI

The Transhumanist FAQ is written by Extropy Institute, dating back to 1987. Edits have been made from the transhuman list in 1994, and the transhumanist community. ExI continues to update The Transhumanist FAQ to provide accurate and also recent information. ExI's Transhumanist FAQ is one of many that offer views about transhumanity.

Extropy Institute (ExI) has grown from a groundbreaking futurist organization to a worldwide incubator for solutions.  Having spent the last 15 years building the grid for transhumanity, ExI is now moving forward in designing the means for resolving technological and cultural issues of transhumanity.  ExI's approach is to design thinking systems and solutions for the future that affect everyone around the world. 

Extropy Institute is a networking organization which advocates the Proactionary Principle in addressing social issues. Extropy Institute does not support any one political agenda.


Extropy Institute sees enormous potential in advanced decision making and strategic thinking, coupled with emerging sciences and technologies, to quicken humanity's resolution of these fundamental problems. We aim to gradually but firmly change the rules of the game of progress and caution.

In pursuit of our mission, Extropy Institute assembles individuals from diverse domains of expertise. We gather these ambitious, daring minds to combine creative and executive approaches to expose the fundamental roots of our problems. We see this advanced, multi-faceted solution-seeking as the best way to create a radically better future.

We need not remain slaves to our cultural and evolutionary history. For centuries, cultures around the world saw human slavery as part of the natural order, until they were shown irrefutably otherwise. Likewise today, many of us passively accept or stridently defend the inevitability of human stupidity, malice, conflict, aging, and death. We invite you to participate in our mission to connect and cultivate the ingenious and intrepid shapers of the future.
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Human beings achieved "civilization" thousands of years ago. Yet we have not shaken off the ancient tyrannies that haunt the human condition. We suffer physical and emotional sicknesses ending in decrepitude and death. The primitive parts of our brain spur us to envy, to hate, to despair, and to kill. Our philosophies and our religions attempt to express our highest values, yet we use them to oppress and control. We use them to crush the world's complexity into a simplicity that we can clutch like a security blanket for the human condition.

Human ingenuity has created many institutions and technologies to address these problems.  Yet we still have to address our human nature that cause us to fear new technologies.  The ever-changing world of the future brings us both anxiety and hope.  New technologies that can cure diseases and improve the human condition are always looked on with suspicion and fear when they first arrive.  We need to carefully evaluate and use new technologies for their usefulness and not reject them too quickly because they are new and different.

     Critical Thinking about the Future
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