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27 April 2005: 250,000 thank yous! Send cash abroad, cut-back, diddy DVD, free flights, cheap recipes and much more MoneySaving (including free alton towers ticket if you've a gnome)
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The Money Diet Book - Now a bestseller
The Money Diet is Martin's first book, a plan to save you pounds AND future proof your finances against bad deals. Find out more.

Latest Money Saving Articles
Sending Money Overseas: Moving money large or small
Sending cash to friends abroad, or moving large sums yourself, can cost a fortune. Yet there are ways to radically reduce the cost.

Internet Shopping: Cutting Edge Time & Money Saving Techniques
How to quickly find the web's very cheapest price, then get cashback on top when making a purchase.

Is the end nigh for 0% cards?
Rumours of its death have been seriously exaggerated. Forget what the papers say; 0% cards are here for the foreseeable future

Internet Access: The cheapest way to dial up.
Free web access is a myth, it always costs. This deal is how to net savings of up to £100 a year.

Cash ISAs - transfer to up your interest
Providers push the view that once a cash ISA is open itís done. Wrong. Transfer and you could up your interest by a third.

Cheaper Prescriptions and Medications
Cut the cost of prescriptions with little known 'season tickets' and other hints. Plus there are HUGE savings possible on over the counter medications.

The UKs Cheapest Home Phone Calls Provider
Forget the big providers, two small companies can almost cut your phone bill in half.

The Six Golden Rules of using eBay
Make sure your eBay bargains really are bargains by using my six golden rules for eBay shopping and avoiding scams.

Broadband. Who's cheapest?
Whether you're an existing broadband internet user or planning to upgrade, it's almost always possible to cut your costs.

Best Balance Transfers (cut the cost of existing credit card debts)
Savings in the £1000s are possible for those with credit cards by shifting debts to where it is cheapest.

Directory Enquiries: The Cheapest Number and a Loophole
The cheapest number, free enquiries on the net and even a loophole to make free enquiry calls from landlines and mobiles.

Free, Printed/PDF MoneySavingExpert Guide To Remortgaging
This is the first ever printed guide from the site. It is 30 pages long, takes you step by step through what to do and of course is completely free (also available as a PDF instant download)

Child Trust Funds
Just got your voucher? A full guide to how it works, who's paying the most, and whether you should add to the account

Free International Calls from Mobiles
Calling overseas can cost a fortune but there's a special loophole to save you thousands

Home insurance cost cutting system
A four step system to cut buildings & contents insurance costs to the bone

Cheapest Gas & Elec. plus Cashback
In just five minutes you can find your cheapest supplier, saving up to 20% a year, and grab a cash kickback. There's really no excuse.

The Credit Card Shuffle (reduce interest without new cards)
You needn't get new credit cards to cut your interest. The shuffle is a way to more efficiently use existing credit, reducing interest costs by up to 70% and protecting your credit score

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  Poll Title: Poll started 26 April 2005. Can you figure it out? This isn't an opinion poll, but a test to see how many people can figure out some basic, but not straightforward money sums. Which of the following gives the best return? The stockmarket....

a. rises 10% a year for 5 years then drops 10% a year for 5 years
b. drops 10% a year for 5 years then rises 10% a year for 5 years
c. stays the same
d. all are equal

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Discuss this and all previous polls on the MoneySaving Polls board

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Money Saving is about cutting bills not cutting back. It's about being a sassy consumer. Companies try to screw us for profits. Money saving shows you how to screw them back.

Martin Lewis, MoneySaving Expert is an ultra specialised journalist who spends his life looking at ways people can spend less and get more. Amongst a host of media programmes Martin presents MoneySaving programmes for ITV1's Tonight with Trevor MacDonald and is the expert on This Morning, and does regular phone-ins on BBC Radio 2 and Radio 5. He has a weekly Sunday Express and Bella columns and his first book 'The Money Diet' is now a bestseller.

Martin founded and funded this website in Feb 2003 based on binding principles that it is 'Free To Use, Ad Free, Independent, Unbiased and Journalistic' and every word of every article is still written by him.

This site's info are journalistic articles based on research and analysis. It should be seen as a source of information and does not constitute financial advice. Please check all prices and info yourself before committing to any deals. Decisions should be taken after personally considering the effects of all specific circumstances. The site accepts no liability for decisions taken or products used. © Martin Lewis

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