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God: Your Opinion
God is real, lives in heaven, cares for souls when you die - 20.69%
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God isn't real, just made up to comfort people - 12.07%
7 Votes
God is real, lives in the hearts of humans who honor Him - 20.69%
12 Votes
Don't know. Some evidence points both ways - 29.31%
17 Votes
God isn't real, just made up to control people - 17.24%
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Mind of my Mind - by Colonel Bill
Each one was created differently. Each one goes its way, some come to achievements, some die and don't see it. It is not known how one should be... [Read More]
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If you are against Abortion, why are there...... 669 4,500 Society & Rights
Do Objects Have Independence? 53 382 Philosophy & Religion
Why do they hate us? Isn't it obvious? 23 197 Politics, News, Gov.
Pope Chosen 120 916 Politics, News, Gov.
African-American? No...just American 21 125 Society & Rights
Homosexuality: What's the Big Deal? 39 358 Society & Rights
The End of the World as we Know it. 128 1,322 Science & Technology
American Idiots-"Mcdonalds made me fat" kind of thing 5 36 Society & Rights
5-year old handcuffed 31 222 Society & Rights
Franco-German plea for Yes vote (EU) 20 111 Politics, News, Gov.
Roman Catholic "Church" not Christian! 27 360 Philosophy & Religion
Wacky World Weather 27 370 Science & Technology
Evolution!! Did we come from monkeys? 13 94 Science & Technology
God: Your Opinion 63 574 Philosophy & Religion
Soldiers 36 276 Politics, News, Gov.
The Test of Knowing Jesus 10 83 Philosophy & Religion
You Saw Them in The Twilight Zone 1 13 Philosophy & Religion

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