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ATARI BASIC Reference Manual

  • Title: ATARI BASIC Reference Manual
  • Publisher: ATARI Inc.,Sunnyvalle CA 94086
  • Author: ATARI Software Support Group
  • Publishing Date: 1980
  • Topic: Owner´s Manual for cartridge CLX????
  • ATARI Part Nr: C015307 Rev. 1
  • Online see below
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Comments: This manual assumes the user has read the Atari BASIC - A Self-Teaching Guide or same other book on BASIC. This manual is not intended to "teach" BASIC. It is a reference guide to the commands, statements, functions, and special applications of Atari BASIC. The pro grams and partial programming examples used in this manual are Photostats of listings printed on the Atari 820TM Printer. Some of the special symbols in the Atari character set do not appear the same on the printer; e.g., the clear screen symbol "041" appears as a " } ". The examples in the text were chosen to illustrate a particular function - not necessarily "good" programming techniques. Each of the sections contains groups of commands, functions, or statements dealing with a particular aspect of Atari BASIC. For instance, Section 9 contains all the statements pertaining to Atari's unique graphics capabilities. The appendices include quick references to terms, error messages, BASIC keywords, memory locations, and the ATASCU character set. As there is no one specified application for the Atari Personal Computer System, this manual is directed at general applications and the general user. Appendix H contains pro grams that illustrate a few of the Atari system's capabilities.


-- WolfgangB - 08 Jan 2003

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