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This place was last survice repaired on January 8, 2003.

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Ok I finally got off my butt, and updated. Worst MegaMan Experiances has a new additon, and I updated my MegaMan list on the "About Me" page. As for everything else, well I'm really the only person who is able to do this so if anyone still comes to my page I am going to ask a question. If anyone might be able to help me out give me an email. The email link is at the bottom of this page.



Welcome to the lobby: Choose your next destination.

Join Team X!

Hey do you have what it takes to be a member of Team X? If you think you can handle it then by all means go here for some awsome fun!!!

History center

This has all recorded documents of all known Mining wars (Mega Man 1-8) and recorded X and Zero wars. (X1-X5)

Thanks to the selected Robot Masters, this is slowly coming back online!

Team X Stats.

This has all the stats of the Team X members.
Introduction To Team X.

This has the story of what is going on in the Team X world.
Team X Story 1

This is a fanfic written by me for Team X. Check it out!

The above three are up and working!


This is a place to come and have something to eat, and have a talk with a few friends. This is to be added to later.

Finished it! It doesn't always work though...

Crash's Dojo

This will have various news and other info on Megaman as you come in to spar ,workout, or just sit talk and relax.

MegaUnit has helped me expand this to inculd rummors and random musings. Come check it out.

Mega Unit 1's laboratory

Few know that one of Mega Unit's hobbies is to make replicas of the robot masters and Mavericks! Go here to see some cool sprites and maybe a few pics.

I Hope you find some interesting stuff in here. So far we have comics, Worst MegaMan Experiances, and a few others. Enjoy!

The Space Port

The Space Fortress know as the Space Port is now allowing visitors. Inside you'll find many cool things!

At last the legendary Space Port is in operation. Check it out!

About Me

About me, the web desinger

Ever Wonder what kind of person I am? In real life? Probably not, but this page is all about me anyway, so check it out!

A note on the wall reads: Sorry for the no access. Damaged places have limited places to go. When things get cleaned up more places will become avalible.


Here are some Banners to this site. They were made by Kelley Anderson. Thank you for the Great banners Kelley! I might put one up with the members of Team-X on it soon.

Aren't they Super Fantasically Spiffy!?

Mega Unit has infromed me to tell you he's completed the Quiz Tower! All who wish to take this quiz go here.

Enter Quiz Tower

Yeah, Like I wouldn't get them. I mean come on I am to MegaMan what Trekkies are to Star Trek.

Go here to get your own:

Gotta Catch Em all!

Thank you for visiting the Team X HQ. Please come again!

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