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February 28, 2005

Funny Stuff

A few weeks ago, in our neverending effort to clean up the crackhouse across the street from alchemize, I saw a dealer on the corner of 12th and Walnut stuff some drugs into his underwear. He did it right out on the sidewalk, in plain sight. When I called District One, and the officers responded, the first thing they asked me was "Do you know where he's hiding the drugs, sir?"

My response: "You guys aren't gonna like it..."

And, today, Jane Pendergrast has a story on police getting more thorough in their searches. Now, our officers aren't doing this because they like to. They're doing it because its becoming a preferred method for criminals to hide their drugs, or their weapons.

And the quote fo the week (its been a while):

In some neighborhoods, mothers like Bobbie Royal say the searches are proof that some police officers are abusive and disrespectful, particularly to young African-Americans. She has filed complaints about Rackley's searches of her 18-year-old son and says she plans to keep pushing the issue with the Citizen Complaint Authority and the federal monitor overseeing Cincinnati police until she gets more satisfaction.

"I came through the '60s and '70s,'' she says. "But these children didn't. These officers are acting like they're monsters. And they're babies.''

During one search of Royal's son, Darnell Collier, Rackley found crack cocaine. Royal, 51, doesn't condone that or defend it. But she says there should be ways for officers to do their work in more respectful ways.

"How are we ever going to hope that these children out there become the police if this is what they see?'' she says. "Instead, they're afraid of the police.''

Huh? I may get in some trouble here, but that may be quite possibly the stupidest thing I've ever heard. And it should be in a textbook somewhere as an example of really spectacularly bad parenting. Geez.

How about you stop making excuses for your crack dealing grown up son before he gets himself shot? The officer touched his butt, so he's a monster?!! Oh, and they found crack? Crazy. Hard to believe.

Can you even comprehend a parent who, upon hearing that her son has been arrested for possession of crack cocaine, files a complaint because they found it in his underwear? It just blows my mind. Its always blame somebody else. Its always somebody else's fault.

And here's the hilarious part:

Royal recently filed a second complaint after Rackley arrested her son again in January. That complaint is pending.


Posted by Nick at February 28, 2005 04:46 PM


Maybe we could develop some sort of crack-sniffing device; or, even better, maybe the police could just approach the young gentlemen and say,"Excuse me young man, I'm looking for people with crack. You wouldn't happen to have any in your pants would you. Oh, no? Well, sorry to bother you. In fact, I'm ashamed I even asked." That would probably set better with Ms. Royal and clear this whole mess up.

Posted by: Marion at February 28, 2005 11:43 PM

I would suggest to Ms. Royal that she take the initiative to lead by example. Get your concerned friends & neighbors together and establish the Royal OTR Finishing School for Cops. I am getting that warm, wonderful, fuzzy feeling already!

Posted by: WestEnder at March 1, 2005 01:46 PM

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