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Karen's Smoking page



This is my page about smoking. Although I know it's bad for my health, I just love to smoke and I don't think I could ever quit. I have been smoking regularly since I was 14, and I guess I have always wanted to be a smoker from the time I was very young.



Never, never, never quit.

-Winston Churchill-


At the Beach


In the summertime, I go to the Jersey shore or to Virginia Beach. Out in the open air, no one cares if you smoke and it seems like so many people do. Things have gotten so crazy in the news about smoking and lawsuits and prices lately. It is funny that it is really all about laws and money and business, and not really about smoking. Something must have happened once that got someone on a crusade to change the way people behave, and it has become an intensly political thing now. It is a real tragedy that this had caused so many people to forget that smoking is just a fun and possibly dangerous thing to do like skydiving or motorcycle racing.


I just hope that the ones in control will soon realize that there are an awful lot of us smokers out here who are getting fed up with getting all this anti-smoking stuff pounded into our heads every day. In the meantime, I will continue to smoke as much as I like, but I will understand the desires of nonsmokers and keep from exposing them to the smoke that they don't want. I try to be considerate about it, which is more than I can say for the opposing camp.


Lung Treats


After you have been smoking for a while, you get used to the sensation, and you need to keep doing it or you will feel that you are lacking something very important. This is addiction, and your body is telling you that it needs nicotine. Once you get to this stage, it is very difficult to turn back. You find yourself trying to create situations in which you can smoke, and you can get uncomfortable and even irritable in situations where you are not allowed to smoke.


This picture was taken by my friend Donna. She and I invited my boss over to dinner at her place once, and he and his wife are nonsmokers, so we resisted until they left. The instant they were out the door, we both needed a lung treat, and I remember laughing about it with her after we flicked our lighters and stared at each other as we both took a deep drag and inhaled. The smoke comes out funny and in pulses when you are laughing.

Around the House



At home, where there is no one to stop me, I smoke all of the time. It has become a part of who I am, and I love it the same way I love myself. I think that it is important to love yourself and all the things that you do and then your life will be a happy one.


This picture was taken by my ex-boyfriend who wanted me to quit smoking. He thought that it looked ugly and when I saw it, I would want to give up smoking forever. All I saw was Karen smoking a cigarette in the kitchen, but he made it into a big, terrible thing. It is funny that now I like to send this to my smoking friends and they think that it is a nice picture.


What do you think?