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The Secure Digital Music Initiative (SDMI) is a forum that has brought together more than 200 companies and organizations representing information technology, consumer electronics, security technology, the worldwide recording industry, and Internet service providers.

SDMI's charter is to develop open technology specifications that protect the playing, storing, and distributing of digital music such that a new market for digital music may emerge. The open technology specifications released by SDMI will ultimately:

  • Provide consumers with convenient access to music both online and in new emerging digital distribution systems,
  • Enable copyright protection for artists' works, and
  • Promote the development of new music-related business and technologies.

Current Status:  The SDMI plenary has been evaluating proposals for technologies to be used in the protection of digital music. These evaluations have included assessment of performance, efficiency, audio quality, and survivability to attack, and were based on a consideration of consumer and industry requirements. Based on all of the factors considered by the SDMI plenary, it was determined that there is not yet consensus for adoption of any combination of the proposed technologies. Accordingly, as of May 18, 2001 SDMI is on hiatus, and intends to re-assess technological advances at some later date.

This decision does not affect the prior adoption of SDMI's portable device specification and Phase I watermark, which are in widespread use today.

DMAT Trademark DMAT (Digital Music Access Technology) is the trademark for products that are compliant with SDMI specifications.



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