Museum of Lost Archaeus
A Talislanta Art Gallery
It is difficult to see as you walk into the shadow of the hall. A tall and inhumanly thin figure, dressed in a thick, hooded robe appears silently by your side.
"Welcome visitors. I am Nazak, your guide and Guildmaster curator of this collection. Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask."
He sweeps one long arm towards a row of opened doors. Beyond are hung rows and rows of large, exquisitely detailed tapestries.
Again the hooded figure speaks, "Our collection is small but expanding as the curators come across forgotten works hidden in the vaults."
A soft sigh emanates from within the dark folds. "Alas, each new find fills another wall and the collection will soon be too expansive to display within these halls. Perhaps one day we shall expand ... perhaps not. But until then return often, for the exhibits will frequently change.
"But I have kept you long enough. Please, enjoy your stay." and with that the figure slides back into the shadows.
The Exhibit Halls
Gallery I
The Abomination
The Phantasian Guardian
Aamanian Knight

Gallery II
The Morning After
The Rajan Warrior
Cymrillian Wizardy

Gallery III
For My Ancestors
Mondre Khan
Through the Pass

Gallery IV
Mirin Alchemist
Muses of the Mind
Jaka Shaman

Gallery V
Secrets of the Zodar
Thrall Adventurer
Other Galleries
The Astar Gallery
Joseph Porrett's Gallery





The Sanctum Alcedon

The Parthenthius

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