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Road Test: Daewoo Kalos (02)
Supermini by: Farah AlKhalisi
Daewoo Kalos (02- )

Crowd pleaser

The Kalos supermini was Daewoo's first new model introduction following its bankruptcy and subsequent takeover by General Motors. The Kalos, like the latest Nubira, was under development before the bankruptcy, and Daewoo has done well to get the car launched. The Kalos is Daewoo's first proper offering in the competitive supermini market and, although substantially bigger, has much of the character of the successful little Matiz city car. Replacing the dated Lanos, it comes with five doors and a choice of one 1.2- and two 1.4-litre engines. A three-door body style will follow later. Distinctive-looking and quite competitively priced, the Giugiaro-styled Kalos is a cheaply-priced alternative to mainstream European superminis.

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Introduction The Kalos supermini was Daewoo's first new model introduction followin...

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Daewoo Kalos (02- )
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