My Florida Visit to Back Yard Productions

Even though the north east was hit with an crazy snow storm, I happened to escape New York in time to visit a pioneer in the aftermarket field for Toyota's Tercel or the 4e/5e engine.  No it's not EL Prototypes, nor was it TRD. Amazingly its a shop who speaks and then backs it up with dyno numbers for the 4E and 5E Toyota engine series. They were one of the first shops to publicly kill others thru FL with a 4e-fte powered Tercel, and then stepped it up the performance with the 5e-fhe when others said the engine couldn't run more than 5 psi. At this point you may know who I am talking about, if not I will introduce you. They call themselves BYP, which stands for Back Yard Productions.  I was lucky to get the chance to visit their shop since all planning was done during the time I was at the Airport.  Heading there I was not sure what to expect.  From some of the post I read on Tercel Online plus counting the few conversations I've had with Trevor by phone.  I was kind of expecting to meet a loud bragging dread, but the person I met was just the opposite.  His knowledge of performance and humble personality was incredible.  He was not like some of the people I met at other shops, where they don't want to share anything and only want to talk about how much money you are going to spend with them.  Trevor's knowledge and craftsmanship spoke for it self and it made me ask myself what BYP can do for me.  I already started making plans to come back to have my car tuned by Trevor.

Here are a few pics of  Project Fire, their first 4e-fte project tercel that  has been ripping the streets of Miami Florida .  Fire was looking very impressive considering it looked like a stock hatch Tercel sitting on a nice set of wheels.  When I got their fire's hood was off, along with the turbo and manifold. But I was told something nice was being brewed.  Stay tuned for project fire update......


BYP are finishing up with their newest creation which is  a 1995 Tercel project called Dragonfly .  Project Dragonfly consisted of a custom engine swap, using the MR2's turbo 3S-GTE engine with custom intake, custom exhaust header, turbo upgrade, Tein suspension, MSD with A'pex electronics.  BYP is looking to make 600hp in this 2000lb Tercel.  Buckle up!!!

We took Dragonfly for a spin around the block and it pulled strong at just 8psi.  It has a lot of power in the lower rpm, which is something I am not quite used to.  I am used to getting into my 4efte powered Tercel and feeling the pull from 4000 up and normally from second gear up. Another great thing about Dragonfly was unlike other 3sgte swaps this was clean as if it Toyota themselves produced this combo.  I didn't see any frame cutting or messy wiring, Sweet!!!  Dragonfly has a noticeable stock appearance with the exception of a slightly different hood and head lights which are all from the JDM Toyota Corsa. Compared to the Tercel, the hood has a reverse indention and the Corsa lights has a oval shape.

Overall I give this new creation a 11 on a 10 scale. I expect that after more intense tuning and as Trevor stated, a new boost controller, this car will be sick.  Think about it, this 3sgte @500-600hp. Whatever is in the future I hope BYP will continue to perform wonders with the EL series.  We would like to see BYP become an unlimited resource for Tercel owners and continue to pass on the knowledge for Tercel enthusiasts nationwide.

Some further specs on Dragonfly can be seen at

I was also shown some other project including this Nissan 240 which had a crazy sized turbo.   I was unable to show more of the car due to the time I had arrived.

I was also viewed this new car BYP was building.  It was a AE86 Corolla with a JDM Altezza 260hp VVT-i 4clyn engine complete with six speed tranny.  The install looked very clean despite the cars rugged age. When I first looked in the engine bay I was very surprised considering I have never seen this engine up close. Hopefully by the time I come back it will be complete and maybe I can go for a ride in the new beast.

I'm planning to revisit BYP after I install my rebuilt 1.5 block with new turbo, exhaust manifold and down pipe installed. After that if money provides maybe I can get a beater and turn it into one of BYPís newer killer cars.

Peace out!
Samyir Glover