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  Singer-songwriter Bree Sharp turned a fan obsession with David Duchovny into a record deal with her witty ode to Fox's fox ("David Duchovny, I want you to love me/ To Kiss and to hug me, debrief and debug me.") "The song is about David, but it's also about the way fantasy and reality can blur," Sharp says. "And how giddy, hot and excellent that can be." "David Duchovny" not only caught the ear of Trauma Records, but a tape made its way to Duchovny, who put it into heavy rotation in his trailer. "David kept on playing it," says Charles Forsch, assistant to X-Files creator Chris Carter. Along with another X-Files assistant, Will Shivers, Forsch created a video for the song, splicing clips of Duchovny (who is currently celebrating the birth of his baby daughter) with on-the-fly footage of celebs like Brad Pitt, Pamela Anderson and George Clooney lip-syncing the lyrics. "Most of the celebrities don't have any relationship with David," Forsch says. "But once they heard the song they were into it." The single will be on the radio in June, but don't wait for the video - it's headed for an undisclosed government facility due east of Roswell, New Mexico.



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