The Velvet VulvaTM

A line of fine purses and magickal bags

"A heart full of love and the feminine divine or....

you can never have too many vulvas!"

More than a sumptuous Renaissance bag, the Velvet Vulva represents in three-dimensional form the sacred portal to the feminine temple. Each has sumptuous fabric labia and a beautiful button clitoris.

A Velvet Vulva might become your everyday bag; it might always stay on your altar; or it might be acquired for special occasions. (One of the first Vulvas I made was part of the bridal trousseau of a close friend of mine.) Naturally, what you put in your Velvet Vulva can have tremendous symbolic and magickal significance.

The creation pictured at right is a full length medicine bag, intended for ritual and ceremony, as well as everyday use as a purse.

In whatever way the Velvet Vulva is respectfully employed, it will express and honor the Goddess within and without.

As in life, Velvet Vulvas come in various sizes, shapes, and styles.
"You will know when you have found a good fit!"


Velvet Vulva purses begin at $95. The largest, most intricately structured, suitable for cell phone and day-planner, (see below), run about $300. The medicine bag above is $150. Since these bags are so individual, the price will reflect the commission. Any bag pictured, or a reasonable approximation of one, may be ordered for the price stated.
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This large-sized purse has a ruby red satin interior, strap loops lined in black satin, and a strap made of the softest brown rayon microfiber that looks simply sumptuous draped about one's person. The body a smooth-finished gold and eggplant upholstery fabric for durability as well as beauty.

Velvet Vulva big bag with exterior podket: $275

(Multi-faceted clitoris)

This purse is my favorite new, full-sized Velvet Vulva.
In a case of art imitating life, it has a vertical opening, with a button closure for security. The body of this one is white,crushed velvet with a black satin back and the vulva 
trimmed in chocolate brown velvet. The strap may be black satin ribbon or leopard.

Velvet Vulva heart purse: $175

A new variant of the heart purse is the Vinyl Velvet Vulva Heart Purse, seen below left, which embodies the height of Velvet Vulva DURABILITY. It may sound unappealing, but only the body--not the lips--is vinyl & I use the highest quality (not ugly). The labia, strap, trim & interior are all sumptuous velvets, etc. $175 

The one-of-a-kind, medium-sized purse seen here has a chocolate brown vintage velvet body. The frilly vulva is framed in black velvet with a wave pattern.
The bottom of the bag has a surprise --- a leopard footprint!

Velvet Vulva footprint bag:  $175.


The Velvet Vulva pictured here has the distinction of being machine washable (delicate cycle). The vulva is made with rayon microfiber that feels like washed silk.The roomy interior has a gold floral pattern, but is also practical, sturdy cotton.

Washable, full-sized
Velvet Vulva
with cotton interior:




The Velvet Vulva Valentine

This item celebrates the day dedicated to love in all its many forms. Whether given as a gift to a beloved, suspended from a car mirror, or carried about ones person, the Velvet Vulva Valentine will radiate positive feminine energy year-round.
Velvet Vulva Valentines with lace and/or leopard trim and pleated, raw silk front.
View A: $70

  All Velvet Vulva Valentines,even the smallest Pocket Vulvas (below), have sacred space within which to place magickal items, mementos, or meaningful — appropriately sized — artifacts.
View B: Large — $65
  Small — $55
Fabrics used include crushed velvet (some straight from Paris), silk, incredibly delectable rayon, satin, leopard flannel, and other delights.
Machine washablity is available! (Indeed, the labia can be reshaped when damp, but not blown dry.)

View C: $55

Velvet Vulva Valentines range in price between $45 and $100 depending on the materials used and the complexity of the design.


The Pocket Vulva

These are the smallest of the Vulvas, made with fringed leather exterior and luxurious fabric inner parts. Complete with a pearl clitoris, the Pocket Vulva is a heart shape folded in on itself and held together by a loop and button.

Pocket Vulvas: $65 (picture coming soon)


The Fringe Vulva

This type of Velvet Vulva Valentine has a full, sculptural shape and fabulous leather fringe. View D (left) and View E (right): $75


The Velvet Vulva Miniature

These fabric "paintings" are absolutely one-of-a-kind works of fine art. Each 3-dimensional vulva, crafted from the finest velvets and other materials, is mounted in a picture frame.
The Miniature grabs you on two levels:
1. WHAT it is. It's an in-your-face vulva, yet abstracted and ornamental, like a sumptuous pillow--shocking, yet familiar.
2. HOW it's presented. It is clearly a framed image, like a painting, which is something we are very used to perceiving. Yet, the vulva isn't flat; it is very sculptural and seen from the side, protrudes from its frame.
These amazing works will never be forgotten by the viewer.

When ordering, indicate whether you desire a simple, fancy, or ULTRA-fancy frame, and I will take care of the rest!
The whole Miniature, including frame, is exquisitely small, measuring about 6-10 inches.

As a gift, the Velvet Vulva Miniature will delight, surprise, and entrance the recipient. It also makes a meaningful addition to any art collection or will beautifully grace the walls of your boudoir.

 Simple frame: $150

Fancy frame: $175

ULTRA-fancy frame (like the one above): $225


The Velvet Vulva Hat...
pretty much speaks for itself. You can have your head in a pussy all day and no one will be the wiser!
The colors are all up to you, as is the fur selection (here it is black). $225
That's me.

On a light note...

The Velvet Vulva Toy Bag
is meant to house those mechanical devices some use to worship at the altar of our bodies. (They can also hold other things.)
This is a brand new, very promising design, with nice FULL inner lips!

Velvet Vulva Pillow
These are legend. Lay on it or look at it. Living room or boudoir, it's up to you. Two examples are pictured below. $225.
Vibrating (batteries included): $275

Please note: Velvet Vulvas are intimate and creative works of art. No two are exactly alike and fabrics as well as features may vary. Rest assured, however, that you will recognize what you ordered.

When ordering, specify whether you wish any of the following:

Kindly allow two weeks for delivery, after payment is received. (However, if you have a special time frame, communicate with me. I can probably accommodate you.)

Feel free to inquire about special order items, such as the Velvet Vulva Sleeping Bag...

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