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Rick Swallow
    This index page contains a list of Reader's Theater activities appropriate for Elementary School children.
Other Language Arts materials that I collected in 25 years of teaching 6th grade are being added, albeit
slowly. Check back every now and then!. Whenever they are known the original authors' names are given. All materials are ready for printing.

NOTE: Netscape browsers translate in such a manner that there are double spaces between Character lines of the scripts and print them out as such. Internet Explorer does not recognize the spaces between character lines. Young children will be able to discriminate between the character lines more easily when the characters are separated by spaces so you may want to download (free) Netscape Navigator (Click on this link and look at the last line on the page for the latest Netscape version for your computer system.) To access a particular activity, simply click on its title in the list. You can print the scripts out
just as you see them, or, if you wish to modify them in any way (font type, size, line spacing, etc.) you can
do a "Select All" (or simply drag through all the text from top to bottom to select it) and Copyit to your
clipboard. Then Paste it into an open page of your favorite word processor, manipulate the text to suite
your needs (larger print for primaries???) and print! Another possible solution, which I originally had in mind, was to simply print out the desired material
and blow it up on the workroom copy machine for making multiple printouts.

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Readers Theatre Digest Click for Reader's Theater Editions Scripts adapted from stories by Aaron Shepard and others. Grade levels for performers fall mostly between 3 and 9.
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