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Materials needed:
#1 DPN needles,size 10 crochet cotton (navy & white) Wheat 
colored crochet cotton, #7 crochet hook
small flowers, beads, Aleen's Stiffener

With 1 strand of white and 1 strand of Navy held
together, cast on 47 sts with #1 DPNs .

(RS) Skirt

Row 1  P2, *K 1, sl 1 purlwise, k 1, p 2, rep from *across
Row 2  K2, *P3, k 2 rep from * across
Repeat these 2 rows till 3 inches ending on wrong side.

(waist decrease)
Row 1  *k 2 tog, p 2 tog, p 1 across, rep from *
Row 2 *P 1, k 2  rep * across
Row 3 *k 1, p 2 rep * across


Break off Navy, join another strand of white (you will be 
working with 2 strands of white held tog.

Row 1  P 1 , k 2 across 
Row 2  k 1, p 2 across
Row 3 Knit
Row 4-6 bind off 2 sts at beg. of each row
Row 7  K 1, ssk,  knit to last 3 sts, k 2 tog, k 1. (2 decreases)
Rows 8-10 work st in st
Row 11 rep row 7
Rows 12-14 work st in st
Row15 rep row 7
Rows 16-18 work st in st
Row 19 Rep row 7
Row 20-22 work st in st
Row 23 Rep row 7
Rows 24-26 Work st in st
Row 27 rep row 7
Cast off, DO NOT CUT using crochet hook ch 20 break, attach 
yarn on other side ch 20 break.

With #1 DPNs  and Wheat colored thread co 5 sts, knit across, DO NOT TURN slide sts over 
knit, continue making cording in this manner till it measures 36 inches.
to shape hat, begin coiling up cord like a snake curling up, sewing with matching thread to keep it in place once it is all coiled  up dip it in the stiffener, make a brim by inserting a cotton ball wrapped in plastic in the underside.   adjust it till it looks like the picture.  Glue flowers to to front of hat once it is dried.

NOTE you can make a larger hat by just making the cording longer.


With #1 Co 19 sts and wheat colored thread
Row 1 k into front and back of each st.
Row 2 K 2 tog, *p 2 tog, k 2 tog, rep from * across
Row 3 rep row 1
Row 4 P 2 tog, * k 2 tog, p 2 tog rep from * across
Rep these 4 rows till  it measures 2 inches. DO NOT CAST OFF cut leaving long tail 
Thread tapestry needle with tail run needle through the 19 sts and tighten up secure it with a knot, continue sewing up the side.
Break off.  With crochet hook attach yarn on one side of bag and Ch 30, attach directly across from other side for handle, break off. Trim bag with flowers as shown in picture.

Necklace, Thread beads on thread for a necklace if desired.


Close up of hat