Wesley Buckaroo

April 8th, 2005

I love to play with my cat, however he sleeps through most of the day. So the best game I can play with him is buckaroo when he is dreaming. When playing buckaroo with a cat (or any animal, except unfluffy ones) remember do no hurt them by using stupidly big items such as laptops or cars, that�s cruel. Oh I made a little Video too. My cat is the bestest cat in the world.

Update: Hello to all the B3ta folk who got here from the newsletter. And i would like to see your buckaroos, click here for more info.

Xmas cat
Christmas Wesley, that face says it all.

Random buckaroo

meow meow meow
Early stages of a buckaroo championship match

He likes games
My favourite, the cat interrupts a quite game of Trivial Pursuit and turns it into one of the funniest and longest games of buckaroo.

Pencil case

Boggle rocks
Boggle is a shit game

crap cd rack
Crap cd rack

Crap remote rack

more pens
More pens


Moz Says:

Excellent. Please post more bukaroos! Do you have a mouse or other rodent that you can use to place on Wesley? This could become rodeo Bukaroo then.

Thanks muchly

Nancy Says:

I have a large fluffy mouse toy that I put on my Lenny-cat’s head when he sleeps. It makes him look like Davy Crockett!

Great game, MrA, glad I’m not the only one that does it!

Scott 'Human Buckaroo' Chenery Says:

Someone at my workplace has just mailed me this as a group of six of us have been Human Buckarooing for about 6 years now. We get completely rat arsed every Wednesday and then whoever falls asleep has various items placed on them (heavier and heavier) until they wake and buckaroo…….simple. I’d love to send you some photos you can post them on this site, they are very funny. Let me know if your interested.

Cat Buckaroo is good but Human Buckaroo rocks!!

jeremy Says:

hey i read your commentt and it sounds funny, mind sending me those pics???

Kates Says:


lol. Thanks, wicked!

Administrator Says:
Kattenstaartjes Says:

Spelen met de kat

Spelen is leuk! Mensen horen zo veel mogelijk met ons te spelen. Maar
ze moeten dat natuurlijk wel doen op momenten dat we wakker zijn. Als
we slapen, dan slapen we. En dan horen mensen dus niet met ons te
spelen. Neem nou deze mens.
Spelen met een…

Mr A EDIT: Dutch to english

Is play nice! People hear play as much as possible with our. But they must that of course do at moments that we are awake. If we sleep, then we sleep. And then people hear play therefore not with our. Take nou these people. Game with..

Poobrain Says:

Non-automated translation:
Playing is fun! People should play with us as much as possible, but they should do it when we are awake. When we’re sleeping, we’re sleeping. And people shouldn’t play with us when we’re sleeping. Take these people for instance! Playing with a…

Administrator Says:

heh thanks. bablefish sucks.

siara79 Says:

Alternate translation from a buddy of mine who IS Dutch -

Playing is fun! Humans ought to play with us as much as possible. Of course, they *will* have to do that when we’re awake; if we sleep, we sleep. So humans should not play with us at that time. For instance, take this human.

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Lynn Says:

I agree here.. this isn’t a great idea to start using cats as our amusement just because they are sleeping after all!
Leave them be, play with them while they are awake people.
this could get really ugly if the wrong type of person reads something like this.
Cats aren’t always treated or respected as much as they should be in our opinion.. we have 4 beautiful felines and would not place a pile of “things” on them just because we can and/or they are a sweet, gentle, tolerant kitty.
let’s not encourage this “game” of buckaroo… play buckaroo with humans if you like it okay?

gev Says:

Um, okay. I’ve never done this, but that’s because it never entered my mind. This is freaking hilarious. Just use common sense, and remember, you’re dealing with an animal that is not only awake while your’e asleep, but invented revenge. ;)

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Sasha Says:

This is an inspired idea!

The very moment I’ve sent off this message I’m going to start playing Cataroo with my own sleeping cat.

plank Says:
Ralph Says:

Now I have the King of all Cosmos music in my head… great analogy, tho.

Mark Says:

“Woo, tangent!” (King of Cosmos)

My cat plays Buckeroo when I sleep, but she just lays on my head or neck. Must be fun for her tho… :)

fred Says:

animal rights! >:O

Where’s WWF when you need them?

jk great idea heh

Chris Says:

I used to do this with my cats when I was younger… now I know it has a name!

Here kitty kitty…

Rachel Says:

Very tolerant-looking cat! I used to play this with my Norwegian Forest cat, but only with money… it became sort of a Jenga-style game wherein the placer of the coin that finally made the cat snap was the loser. The long fur enabled one to place a significant number of coins, hence the name we gave it, Fiduciary Feline.

ILuvNUFC Says:

We used to do that years ago with one of my mates cats. Great fun. Thanks for bringing back that great memory.

Tantrabella Says:

Brilliant idea ….. hours of endless fun . Hmm
I can imagine the disgusted look I’ll get off any of my 3 cats if I do this ……… still ……..

kumquat Says:

This is genius. My mog is rather flighty so I might have to start with very small items. Crisps maybe.

kumquat Says:

I should also add that a friend sent me this link - I suspect because my son is called Wesley!!!

Josh Says:

I don’t have a cat. I will have to use my flat mate.

K Says:

Hahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! That’s just made my day! However, I think my cat would completely freak if I tried to play this game with her!

soulmining Says:

Absolutely brilliant! I always used to try and get our cats to wear the paper hats you find in Christmas crackers…

katherine Says:

bwhahahahaha!!! I LOVE THIS! i cannot wait to do this to my beloved fluffy kitkit Tybalt. he naps about 23 1/2 hours a day so this oughta be cake! BUCKAROOOOOOO!!!!

katherine Says:

omg! i just did this with my kitty cat. his name is Tybalt and he rocks…

here is my coaster buckaroo…


he’s so awesome…he’ll let me Buckaroo! him even when he’s awake! next…Pez dispensers! :D

Administrator Says:

that made me giggle loads. Hurrah, see they like it. Your cat is wonderful by the way very fluffy


Teekai Says:

Most inventive way of procrastinating Mr.A ….

Administrator Says:

hehe, yeah perhaps I should do some more work.

Catie Says:

I don’t have a cat, I don’t even like cats, but this made me laugh so much, my face ached! Got a dog though……..hmmmmmm!! ;-)

chandelier yoshino Says:
Matt Says:

I have been a cat now for 13 and 1/2 years and commend your efforts to establish such diplomatic forms of communication with the Cat people.
We will bide our time, but eventually return the gesture and place large novelty sized pens, books and games on the human peoples of this world.

PS. Please do not use the red pens again. It looks very out of season.

viv Says:

i find my cat gizmo brings me worms, my son gets a bird and a piece of fish (filleted) no less. and thats without playing buckaroo lol
i wonder wot he will fetch me if i do lol

amber Says:

this is the cutest thing ever..
i always did this with my cat but i just called it balancing, haha.
this made my night, haha.
give this cute kitty a kiss for me!

tasha matts sis ere Says:

hey kl piccys of da cat its really funny lol ! erm … i like cats ……. this proves dey sleep alot do…. lol ! frm matt D’s lil sis tasha

matts mum says Says:

I liked the cat website very much I like cats but I’m very frightened of them!! Looks like if I played buckaroo more with cats I may overcome my fear??

However we do have a dog - I tried to play dogaroo with her but she does sleep very lightly and she bit most of my fingers off!!

Not to worry I’ve still got some!!

Please show more pictures of the cat and I will feel better.

DAVE Says:


Will Says:

i was going to say exactly what Dave just said.

Melly Says:

I was ecstatic when a friend sent me this link, as I had thought I was the only person who did this to their cat! When my Darcy was a kitten, we took it once step further. He was sleeping on his back, and we put all manner of objects on his belly, head, and between his toes. Then my flatmate frightened him. The reaction was hilarious! I’ve got it on video, too…. would never do that to him now of course now that, at 9 years of age, he is officially a “senior”.


Chal Says:

this is the funniest thing I’ve seen all year….
you owe me a new keyboard.

Conrad Says:

Splendid entertainment. To hell with my cat allergy, this is too good an opportunity to miss. Where can I buy a cat?

iggy Says:


we have sold the TV and now my kids play cat buckeroo with our 2 cats in tandem competition, unfortunately the dogs really pissed off coz he’s not been for a walk since!

Weston Says:

Looks fun, unfortunately my cats always seem to wake up before I can play buckaroo. Oh well, Ill just have to keep trying!

holestar Says:

most excellent!
my cats will have non of that im unfortunately-they don�t snooze too deeply and would lacerate my hand if I tried (but they do look fetching in diamante necklaces)

oll-e Says:

I amm cat writing this from bosses computer. Sorry for typo butt keyboard too small for pawws.

I likke game but must tell yoo that wee pretend to sleep and listen to all you stupiid humans laughing. It reasures us thatt we are indeed supperior race.

We will one dayyy take over from you and play this game whilst you sleep. i lookinggg forward to iiit!

Must goe. My boss (for now!) come backk….

h Says:

youve stolen my brothers idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!your cat sucks




Poekie Says:

Mreoww mew mew meoow mjau. Meowww mew mrowww, mew mew mreeowww mjew mjew ^^

pussy galore Says:

Charlie says don’t talk to strangers

project-2501 Says:

Tried with my Jack Russell. Didn’t work. It just ate everything.

BTW. Eels yay.

project-2501 Says:
Nancy Drew Says:

I just plastered my big Duke maltese with tons of hot pink post its. He thinks he looks marvelous and is showing off to all the other dogs.
Great idea. I think I will Buckaroo them all with different colors.

Dawn Says:

I loved it!!! My poor cat is gonna hate you now………lol!!! Post more post more!!!

Mikey B Says:

You are a comedy genius. Tears are rolling down my face, I laughed so much I nearly shat.
Can we have a video of your cat waking up?

Luke Says:

Ah, I’ve done this several times before, both whilst my cats have been sleeping and awake. When they’re asleep, it’s fine, but if they’re awake, I end up getting the most severe look of indignation off them. T’is most ammusing.


Syncubus Says:

Fantastic stuff! I’m going to have to try it!

BTW, if you end up stacking soft bubble gum, peanut butter will help get it out of their fur (don’t ask).

NoSoup4U Says:

Haha, I thought I was the only one annoying enough to stack random objects on our housecat :)

Great photos, chuckled my ass off :)

ChatPouvoirII Says:

I do that a lot until he notices and moans with angryness… That’s when half of the Encyclopedia Universalis is on him.

(from France)

Trixi Says:

My cat is gonna hate me when I get home… Love the website! Agree with most people here.. More pictures please. I think I love ur cat.. He reminds me a lot of my Oscar ;o)

My Victoria Says:

that’s so great! i’m going to write a song about buckaroo for my band to play!

rhys Says:
Administrator Says:
Lobster Says:

This made me laugh until I cried.
It’s been about 3 years since I had such and honest laugh from a website.

Sitting next to my main man Zephyr now. He has a packet of tobacco on his back. He ain’t aware, nosirree.

Mark Says:

Your cat controls ZZZZs as does mine. He is called Jones and is a mean ****.

Cat buckaroo is out though. He controls sleep by not letting me have any.
He has perfected “human buckaroo”.

PS Anybody stupid enough to tackle him when he is asleep can kiss goodbye to their eyes.

Jenny Says:

I can’t be certain, but I think cats play buckaroo with us when *we’re* sleeping.

It explains the office supplies and kitchen utensils found in our beds when we wake up…

Cindy Says:

OMG!! i laughed and laughed!! you can’t really appreciate that if you don’t have a kitty. yeah.. you’ve got to post more buckaroo pics!!
thanks for the LOL!!

Shazzoir Says:

Wheee! I used to do this with my older cats Ripley and Jazzy, but I used to call it “STAXON” because Jazzy was a very large manx cat, and I could fit quite a bit on him before he would get up and stalk off.

MeanieButt Says:

OMG…… that is too fk’n funny!!!!! Great job on the photography.. I noticed some times you must’ve been cleaning out your purse.(That’s what I do.. make lil stacks).
Anyway I have to tell ya what I did to my cat. (childhood memories) my cat rode with me everywhere, bicycle front basket! BRIGHT IDEA FOR BORED GIRL~ Well, I put her in our mailbox & forgot about her. She was angry cat for about 2 hours or more. As I got sidetracked & busy being bored… it was then I saw the postlady coming over the hill.. I remembered it, but by then it was too late.. she pulled up to our mailbox. Oh boy was I hiding!! The cat tore out of there & in the window and screeched through a ton of mail, before she made it to safety. (out the other side window. OOOOOh I was still hiding behind the shed. First time I heard the postlady curse. So she just pulled in our driveway (she lucky guessed it was me) hahaha.. Told daddy. Daddy acted so mad. I knew I was in for it.. as she drove away, he was yelling for me. I was shaking scared. And I finally faced him, and he cheered me on & laughing. I was so confused. But daddy didn’t like cats anyway.. so anything like that was a cool prank to him. I am 31 yrs old now, and he still tells that story from time to time.
I hope you all keep this lil website updated. We have to see more of this cat. How about a pirate’s eye patch and a doo rag?? haha
Thanks again,
Brandy, Louisiana

MeanieButt Says:

OOOOOOps sorry about that purse comment. But you had some cool ink pens .. then I saw the remote! hahaha knew you were a dude then!!
Take care ~
of that cat!!
Brandy in Louisiana

Heidi Says:

I am still wiping the tears from my eyes! It reminds me of the time my cat strolled past me and out of the catflap wearing a doll’s knitted waistcoat which my daughter had put on him as he was sleeping. He has since modelled a number of items of clothing including a doll’s jumper and a baby’s swimming costume!

Maz Says:

This has been entered in the wrong section. Should be “Things that make you go awwwwww.”

Kerry Says:

Absolutely love your cat and photos.
Reminds me of a gorgeous hunk I once had.

DanJay Says:

I Love Pussy but this is totally catastrophical…

moog Says:

wicked! hava no cat, so im using my boyfriend instead!! :)

choo triflesky Says:

aww i want a game! I am going to try playing it with my big ginger kitty when i get home…. but i am not sure how high his tolerance level will be until he bites my arms. Kitty buckaroo is the best! hey maybe i should try playing it on my brother’s big collie dog… he’s massive; you could probably get a whole cd and dvd collection laid out on him and an assortment of stationery too…and still have hair to spare.

nici Says:

tried it on my big ginger tom…he had me arms…hands…and even went for me throat…dont risk it…ginger cats have a law unto themselves…..

Becci Says:

We covered our poor neighbor cat in torn-up grass once during a party…he looked like he was part of the lawn before he finally got up and stalked off. He wasn’t even asleep! Great photos, I can’t stop laughing.

Mario Says:

oh my god! i do the same thing! my girlfriend hates it, but i can’t stop doing it. i love this!

calum Says:

can you save the video in a different format as i cant seem to play it

lol Says:
Anonymous Says:

this is so much fun! i love to do it with my cat Fritz

Anonymous Says:

my cat Fritz is to slippy. everithing just fall off him

Tuuli Says:

Such patience! Your cat really is the best cat in the world.

Caroline Says:

maybe u could knock up a lil game, where people can choose items to put on top of the cat and see what responses they get. lol. great online fun!

marco Says:

very sweet! :-)

you got a deep-sleep-cat :P

Daily Llama Says:

Erm, I’ve played the human version of this with a couple of friends who passed out at a party… much much much more fun than with cats… especially when they wake up at 6am and demand to know what the hell is going on!!

Sadly no pictures exist of this so far, but I’m sure I can count on you all to try it yourselves, eh? :-)

Administrator Says:

heh i know i have done that too but alas, no pics. I dont hink peole want to sleep around me anymore, i get this spark in my eye. :)

jacqui Says:

Try using one of those red “dot” laser pens that get waved around to illustrate boring presentations, to exercise your house cats up and down the stairs. Our 3 cats, Molly, Alfie and Effie, love it. You shouldn’t deliberately make them dizzy No matter how tempting . Guarantees us all a decent, undisturbed nights sleep.

ben courtney Says:

wtf how bored were u it looks fuckin ace and loadsa fun i would try it on my rabbit but it doesnt move much

BigMike Says:

Well what can I say! It appears that you can play this game with Thomas while he’s awake! He just sat there and looked at me as if to say what the f** are you doing now?

If you want a bunch of pics to add to your collection drop me a mail and I will see how silly we can get with buckaroo!


Anne Packrat Says:

I am so doing this with Tandy…. Does it work on rats too?

jan pinkman Says:

Why not put something nice and heavy on it so that it will sleep FOREVER?

Administrator Says:

but i love welsey.. bestest cat in the world.

Derynda Howells Says:

Where do you live.. sounds like a trick best used on you…
too unpleasant, aren’t you ?

Allie Says:

hey that’s really stupid, I get the point but the cat looks so down troden, and stupid, the cat is probab;y thinking something to the effect of,

these idiots, wait till we are in charge then the tables will most certainly turn MHWAHAHAHAH


iggy Says:

You are an inspiration, here’s my gimp eared fella ‘SPUD’ with teddy Edward!



Administrator Says:

hahaha, i actually stud a teddy on mine last night (not mine btw) along with 3 coasters. That moved before i could grab the camera. You have fantastic cat with a wonderful name :)

iggy Says:

ello m8ee,

here’s gimp eared ‘SPUD’ in a mysterious ‘HITCHCOCK’ pastiche, note the Mr Evil style gnarled ear. Watch out he’s truly psycho!!!


Helena Says:

Fabulous! I have a great photo of my cat Paddy with feathers and petals all over him where I played ‘garden’ buckaroo few years ago…unfortunately everyone who see’s the photo asks me why I have a photo of a dead cat as it looks a bit like some burial ritual!

Melmite Says:

Ha we do that too, on people it is called skankaroo, and on cats its “lets play skankaroo with the cat!”

Dankster Says:

WOW for so many years ive been p[laying this in secret with my cat Jake living in fear of how people will laugh if they see me!!!!!!
Im not alone, woo hoo.

P.S This truely is the greatest game ever

Mr Flapper the Duck Says:

I haven’t played buckaroo exactly, but I do like to dress up. Here’s my best shot:




Texgraff Says:

I used to play this with my wife until she got really mad at me. I used almost all of the Encyclopedia Britiannia’s (before they went digital).

pOgO Says:

ahhhhh there’s nothing quite like putting tingz on your pussy ;oD

Martin Says:

Aw mate, this is one of the funniest things I’ve seen in ages!!

Hoorah for lazy cats!

You should set up an option for people to send their own shots of their own Buckaroo cats…



Graham Says:

Are you a libarary assistant…………….you boring f*ck. I don’t know who is worse, you or tw*t who sent it to me. Wake up and get a life.

Administrator Says:

Best response ever! Graham, I love you with all my heart.



Warren Says:

My wife and I have been cat buckaroo participants for many years. I am glad the sport is now receiving worldwide recognition. It’s probably a bit late for Beijing 2008, but hopefully it will be adopted as an olympic sport for 2012.

siara79 Says:

*dies laughing* The usual reason my husband and I play Cat Buckaroo with our Azzy is to get him to move! Now we’ll have to go for some type of time/object record :D

rogue Says:


I wish my cat was that lazy!


Petite Amy Dorrit Says:

Graham, I was sent here from the Well of Lost Plots. The inner well of the library, some 26 floors beneath the library. To me it is quite a fullfilling life. Afterall, before I was stuck on some dusty bureaucrats desk, waiting waiting waiting for something to happen and nothing ever happened. I think this is a wonderful interlude into the utility of the Cat.
My cats sleep all day and most of the night and awaken me with at 4:00 am for a treat, I am considering sending them to the spot of teat and biscuit website. Wesley is a fine cat and useful too. He should at least try for Bejing.

Petite Missy Dorrit

xxx Says:

Get a life you crowd of sad losers. Cats are dirty smelly beasts.

Yanorius Says:

Oh man, totally totally hilarious, and very lovely looking cat you’ve got there!

Alex rayner Says:

And there I was thinking I was one of a few disturbed people who enjoyed a cider-fuelled buckaroo match. Scarily not.

jimgg Says:

(see http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/forum-replies.cfm?t=333003 :)

Love it, pity my cat died 3 yrs ago, maybe I should get another, just for buckaroo?

kazza Says:

hahahaha! Funniest thing I’ve seen all week! Actual tears of laughter were shed!

Richtsje Says:

Great! You’re even inspiring people abroad to look at their cats in a different way ;-)
However, we cannot find enough -how do you say that- fat… on our Cat to play Buckaroo!

HerrieM Says:

Then You should feed your cat a bit more. ;)

Shez Says:

You said your cat was fat? Honey, THIS is a fat cat. Your’s is quite svelte by comparison, LOL.

Swinkey Says:

Well, it’s nice to see a variation with animals with Buckaroo.
We used to do this kinda game with drunken student collegues ;-)

I just love that crappy remote rack! Ikea?

Yvonne Says:

Wow. One of my cats just jumped off my lap in disgust but the other may be a candidate I could put DVDs on him!!

At least it would clean the lounge room a bit.

Carl Says:

Such a cute cat….lazy, but cute !

Great idea for a blog !

Shannon Says:

How adorable! That put a smile on my face quite early this morning!

ben Says:

Wow, a perfect way to gently get revenge when they have fallen asleep somewhere annoying, like with one leg dangling over the TV screen.

Horatio would be great at this - he rarely stirs and is very tolerant.

whiskeyagogo Says:
Stef Says:

Wesley is totally gorgeous! You are a lucky man, MrA…

People for the Ethical Treatment of Pussy Says:

Everyone! This is a farce! That cat is actually dead and is being maneuvered into various positions! A simple IV injection directly after death will pevent rigor mortis by softening the muscle tissue, and the deceased feline can then be made to bear the cruel loads of random stuff these images show placed upon it.

The same was the case with my mother, so I speak from experience.

Yours truthfully,
Rev. John M. Withkers (deceased)

Stupid me Says:

Sorry got here by mistake i thought it said “Cat Bukkake”

nonyabusiness Says:

lol! dat cat lukks like its trained 2 do it… bit tite!

SD Says:

this has to be the dumbest thing i have ever seen. why would anybody send me this link?

Jordan Says:

I like this, we are making a show called the JON SHOW, and this would be a good idea. If you want to look at the JON Show go to….

www.geocities.com/princess lura/jon.html?11133633980

Administrator Says:

that link is borked, or geocities has gone mad (as it tends to do).

Punky Buckaroo Says:

HAHAHAHAHAAAAAA Saw your site on Attack of the Show. Funny funny shit man. I’ma make a site like this too…

NArc Says:

I have reported your actions to the RSPCA.


AWolf Says:

Hey Narc ………..i bet you’re as much fun as a bag full of Cat Chow or dog Chow? ……….ummm you know what they put in that stuff dont you???

Sean Says:

oh, grow up dude.

it doesn’t hurt the cats as long as you don’t put a TV or something on it. shut the fuck up and let us play our game.

i’ve been a buckaroo participant for years now (although i never had an official name for it. i just called it ‘
putting stuff on my cat until he wakes up’), and i didn’t think it was as widespread of a sport as this. i’m positively thrilled to find fellow buckarooers.

if you’ll excuse me, i’m gonna go see if my fat calico is napping.

best reguards, and good luck with your site.


Southwolder Says:

Be great if jan pinkman, Graham & xxx could get together. They deserve each other. Hopefully someone will put something suitably heavy on all of them.
Regards & best stroking to Wesley

AWolf Says:

clearly a lot of people have catatonic cats!!! I love it!! LOL

Zaz Says:

My old tomcat George’s favorite game was for you to pile all his toys on top of him. Then he’d roll over. I’m not sure what the thrill was but he thought it was the greatest thing.

Laurie Says:

Brilliant! I thought I was the only person who ever tried to put things (mostly errant Christmas bows or little hats) on my cat, just to see the expression on her face. High-larious indeed. She gets so indignant, but then I get to cuddle and console her, which is probably why I pull these minor pranks in the first place. Nothing like holding fifteen pounds of purring cat in your arms to ground you firmly — and pleasantly — in the moment.

Your cat is, we’d say here in Boston, gawjus. As I’m in the final, sleep deprived stages of finishing up a professional Master’s degree (slumber, where hast though gone?) I got a particular kick out of the cat covered in pens and pencils (ooooh, that furry belly!) And as the degree is in Library and Information Science, I also took a special liking to the cat w/books in little cat teepee. All that’s needed is a pair of spectacles on a chain and a little computer to turn this into Library Cat! (Or Library Cat napping, I should say).

Any of these things would wake my cat, alas … she is exquisitvely sensitive to even having her whiskers tickled in her sleep. But my cat is no ordinary feline. Long years of experience have convinced me that she is actually an endearing but neurotic person in a cat suit. And I’m only half kidding.

Well, as I said … brillliant. (Yes, I watch a lot of BBC America. If there is a past life, I was British. In this life I am borne of French peasant stock. Vegetarian cassoulet, anybody?)

Jon Says:

Thats fantastic. I wish I had a cat.

Chris Says:

That ‘DVD-on-Wesley’ clip RULED!!! it SOOOOOOO MADE me wish i’d one day be allowed to put something on your cat. Maybe a little peace offering of sorts.

Warm regards from Trinidad,

Gregg Bond Says:

With out a handy cat present, we proceeded to try it with a mate, his name is Robin…… he’s not as cute as a cat though.


deannah Says:

hahahhahah thats great lol

Soviet Man Says:

Nice message man really nice !!!! Nice Cat !!! Soviet Union !!!

kuprum Says:

вот это похуист!!!

1 Says:

Пиздуй в Ташкент, чурко !!!

Goblin Says:

Eto KOT-nOXYI/ICT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

gem Says:

These pics are sooo funny! My sister and i used to do a similar thing with our cat!

McCabe Says:

You have the same remote control as me!


Mell Says:

CPA4b I`P9I_/\_UOT!!!!
америкосы -ахтунги!

viv Says:

why has my message disappeared,
didnt swear and wasnt a nutter like tonay lol

Талалаев Says:

Поют кота конопляным отваром, вот и фтыкает дичина.

blue_alliance Says:

loved this game, saw it on the “attack of the show” show. Checked it out and was pretty funny. My cat was the perfect candidate.

Mixer Says:

да иму просто похуй вапще!!! иму паибать на всех!!! кот-приторчек!!! сцуконах!!! долбит гдето под кроватью в тихоря от хозяина… ГЫЫЫ!!!

Sarah Says:

I’ve never played it with a cat but i have played it with drunk sleeping people at parties. I shall have to give it a go with a cat. Very Amusing.

EtnlIcarus Says:
Esenin Says:

Здорово! Премилый кошак!