In 1964 I was in the 7th grade. At the end of that school year kids from
Alexandria met at the Hammond High School. These kids were black, white,
Asian, etc. The grade levels were from 7th to 10th. Many elementary schools
were represented as well as George Washington High and Hammond High. (The
black high school, Parker Gray, had already been closed due to inegration).
This was the new student body of T.C. Williams High School which was to open
the folowing year,1965. We were at this meeting to decide on such things as
school colors, nick name, and song.

When the school opened, our population was approximately 35% black and 65%
white. The first class to graduate was in the spring of 1967. TC was a
beautiful new school and everyone felt a closeness in being the first
students at this school. Of course, there was racial predjudice at this
time, but it was hard to notice it at TC Williams.

Our fellow Alexandria students who attended George Washington( not
mentioned in the movie) and Hammond( which was predominantly white at the
time) seemed to be envious of our new building, and our ability to excell in
academics and sports. Huge rivalries formed between the three schools for
city supremacy in sports.

One memory i will always have , was the night Washington DC ( our Neighbor)
broke out into rioting and flames after Martin Luther King had been
murdered. At TC that night the senior talent show went on. The show was a
satire on Tv shows of the time. It began with actors coming out on the apron of
the stage as a family ready to watch TV for the evening. The family was made up
of both whites and blacks. The audience started laughing and never stopped
that night. Washington and the world were a million miles away from TC that

In the fall of 1969, Hammond High had a great football team that was 9-0.
Coach Yoast was their coach. Herman Boone was in his first year at TC as our
assistant coach. TC prevailed in this game. Our record against Hammond for
the five years of TC's existence was a perfect 5-0. Hammond was crushed and Tc
won city supremacy in football, having already beaten George Washington.
This was NOT black vs. white....this was TC vs. Hammond for bragging rights
in Alexandria.

My class left TC that year for new horizons. Two years later things changed
in Alexandria. This change was obviously not due to "forced integration".
The change was that TC became the only senior high school in the city. There
were some white kids who had not gone to school with black kids, but there were
no black kids that had not gone to school with white kids. Three teams from
THREE schools learned how to come together. A powerhouse was formed. A state
championship was won. Alexandria had a crowd of new heroes.
Disney has glorified a great team and some great people from Alexandria's
history. They deserve all the plaudits they now are receiving. The film
"Remember the Titans" is a blockbuster. It tells a great story. I only hope
Alexandria and the world will remember the REAL story...