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Competition Running:
Carmageddon Challenge
C'mon, everyone's heard of Carmageddon! One of the most controversial PC games ever, banned in several countries for its anti-social & violent content. The basic premise was simple - get points for hitting stuff, especially pedestrians! This is one nasty game and it had some pretty evil, wicked, mean and nasty cars as well! This time around you're gonna be building a Carmageddon weapon. Space is limited - only 50 slots, and the stakes are high, with a total of 1000 rep points up fpr grabs. For more info on Carmageddon, check the developer's site, SCi Games or look it up on Google.
Starting date: Sunday 08th of May 2005 12:00:00 (GMT)
Runs untill: Sunday 15th of May 2005 12:00:00 (GMT)
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Upcoming Competition(s):
Widebody Challenge
Time for some extreme styling. Adding a widebody to your car is just about as far as your can take things on the street. They can be tough to make a good looking car with, but that's why we call this a challenge! Just to sweeten the deal, we're dishng out a cool 700 rep points to the winner, and a total of 1000 points all up!
Starting date: Sunday 15th of May 2005 12:00:00 (GMT)
Runs untill: Sunday 22nd of May 2005 12:00:00 (GMT)
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Finished Competitions:
Police Challenge
Take a walk on the right side of the law for a change! This challenge will have you building a police pursuit vehicle designed to bust those pesky ricer boys right back to their momma's Punto!
Won by: Xtremev5
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Start with a butt-ugly car and transform it into a beauty. Don't think it will be an easy job as the car *really* is ugly, it's the Ugly Duckling!
Won by: Xtremev5
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2005 NFSUnlimited Rally Challenge
Ever watched a rally race? fast cars with fast but small engines driving in Mud gravel and snow...? now is your time to build a car that fit perfectly in a rally race....
Won by: enzo.ph
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Ricer Challenge 2005
you see them everyday on the road... ricers... people who mod a car with alot of visual stuff without improving the performance or even making it drive worse... but what seprates them with other visual stylers is that they think it is the fastest car in the world... Your car must be the 'Epitome Of Rice'! Their cars are all show and no go!! Anyone can enter, but to win you'll need to assume the persona, to feel the foolishness.
Won by: warr
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Devil Or Divine
the big question is... what is deep inside you... a good or evil personality! to find out enter this challenge and build a car worthy for the creator him self or show you darker side and build a car that the devil feels at home in
Won by: Cybernet
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Executive Challene
we know you can make a race car and a tuned sportscar but can you make a car that would not misfit standing on the parkinglot of a expensive golfclub or at the driveway of a luxurious hotel? well here is you challenge... go in and find out!
Won by: Pigbenis
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Euro Challenge
you think you can make a European car looks better? or if you don't like european car design? we challenge you to make em look good well here is you chance! go in and build your ultimate european car...
Won by: EclipsetheDK
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Sleeper Challenge
Ok, what's a "Sleeper"? Strictly speaking, it's a car that's "all go, no show". They are generally completely stock to look at, but pack a real punch under the hood. However, it's gonna be a pretty boring comp if everyone makes stock cars with powerful engines! So we came up with a set of rules designed to give you some visual freedom while still keeping the car looking pretty sedate. Read on for the rules and check Morty's sleepy demo car for tips.
Won by: der_mario
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Pimp MY Ride Competition
can you make a car that is fully pimped out? well if you think you are up to the challenge... go right in and submit you pimped out ride
Won by: steffG09
[Rules] [Final Rankings] [Contestants]
2 Hot Hatch Challenge
turn a standard hatchback into a super show or racecar. are you up to the challenge... and go in and read the rules and submit your best hot hatch!
Won by: Bojan
[Rules] [Final Rankings] [Contestants]
Replica Challenge
To replicate or not to replicate.... that is the question! are you able to make a good replica of a real life race or show car?
Won by: Pelado
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Underground World Cup
Make a car that makes your country proud. use the colors of your country's flag!
Won by: ogo
[Rules] [Final Rankings] [Contestants]
It's Pink It's cars... it's the PINK Challenge. In honor of the founder of the Competions we start this new series of comps for NFS Underground 2 with the competition where it all started!
Won by: deep.in
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