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How Political Correctness Damages Policing June 2005

Table of contents

News Scraps
Eleven million words. Hillary vs. Rudy? Swiss Army hit by terror. Wacky Columbians. Operatic Qaddafi. China cracks down on the web.
Numbers, etc.
Edited by Karl Zinsmeister, Karl Zinsmeister and Joseph Light
Do charter schools work? Marry well. Death penalty divide.
Short News and Commentary
By Steven Vincent, Susanna Dokupil, Alan Dowd, Shawn Macomber, Lewis Andrews, Amy Thoma, Iain Murray, and Chelsea Stein
"COPS" in Baghdad. Defending the Ten Commandments. Arguing about American decline...again. Pill-popping adults. School-choice myths. Berkeley Reublicans? The consumer's beef with the mad cow ban.
Edith Jones and Theodore Olson
As Washington convulses over activist courts and Senate approval of judicial nominations, we talk law and judges with two of America's top legal figures: former solicitor general Ted Olson and federal judge Edith Jones.
A Company Shutdown Can Be a Good Thing
By Joseph Light
Mitsubishi, Japan's fourth largest automaker, sits in the midst of a scandal that makes the corporate malfeasance at Enron, Worldcom, and Parmalat look trivial.
Our Looming Science Crisis
By James K. Glassman
Poor science and math education in the U.S. may send the economy into a tailspin.
Anti anti-Americanism
By Victor Davis Hanson
George W. Bush didn't cause this new round of anti-Americanism. But he may well have done more than anyone to end it.
First-person America
By Justin Torres
Lights! Camera! Al-Jazeera!
Internet Killed the Video Star?
By Chris Weinkopf
Pajama-clad bloggers strike again.
Hollywood, from Diamonds to Dross
By Josh Larsen
Messy, honest reality on race.
Star Trek Warps to an End
By James Lileks
The Enterprise is dry-docked, but that can't last.
Reviews of New Books
By Roger Bate, Karina Rollins, Blake Hurst
South Africa: The First Man, The Last Nation by R.W. Johnson. Unholy Alliance: Radical Islam and the American Left by David Horowitz. Against the Grain: How Agriculture Has Hijacked Civilization by Richard Manning.
Summaries of Important Research
Edited by Iain Murray
Schooled in statistics. Battle in the skies. Regulating the regulators.
Words Worth Repeating
By Michael Crichton
Take the fiction out of science policy.
The Latest Survey Data
Edited by Karlyn H. Bowman
Police prestige, Neighborhood confidence. LAPD blues.
Reader Feedback
Cartoon Humor
Feature articles
How Racial P.C. Corrupted the LAPD
By Jan Golab
How P.C. innovations nearly wrecked the "world's greatest police department." Sidebar by Erica Walter.
Cruel Compassion
By Karlyn H. Bowman, Sally Satel, Christina Hoff Sommers
The authors of a new book lament the rise of a feel-good culture that encourages emotional self-absorption--at the expense of individual responsibility. Sidebar by Steve Salerno.
Conformity on Campus
By Anne Neal, David French, and Fred Siegel
Colleges are enforcing ideological conformity on their students. That must stop, one way or another.
Sex, Science, and Economics
By Charles Murray, Malcolme Kline, and April Kelly-Woessner
Harvard President Lawrence Summers enraged the tribunes of androgyny when he suggested that underrepresentation of women in some occupations might reflect innate differences between the sexes. But there is much science on his side.
A Tyrant Ignored
By Blake Hurst
A white tobacco farmer in postcolonial Africa may be a politically incorrect trifecta. But he's just one of the victims of a tyranny too many people refuse to face. Sidebar by Roger Bate and Richard Tren.
The War Against Gun Owners
By Abigail Kohn
Gun enthusiasts operate within a long American tradition of freedom, independence, individualism, and equality.
Confessions of an Old-Fashioned Liberal
By Mario Vargas Llosa
A prominent Peruvian novelist defends "classical liberalism" (which Americans are likely to know as libertarianism).