I am a Japanese School Teacher
By: Azrael

In August 2003 I moved to Kyoto, Japan as a part of the JET program. I am an assistant language teacher in three Jr. High schools. The experience has been...interesting to say the least. Interesting enough to warrant it's own editorial.

However, there isn't just one editorial that could cover everything about my experiences here. So I decided to make it into an editorial series. This is the main page - check here for updates.

Got questions? Check here first.

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11.11.04 My Kids Are Perverted 3.18.05 Requiem For a Legacy - Part I
11.11.04 In The Ghetto 3.21.05 Requiem For a Legacy - Part II
11.11.04 It's So Pretty 4.3.05 Requiem For a Legacy - Part III
11.11.04 Japanese Kids Say The Darndest Things 4.8.05 Closing Time
11.11.04 Rico Suave Meets Velma 4.12.05 Closing Time Part II
11.11.04 The Cows Worst Enemy 4.15.05 Home Sweet Home
1.12.05 Japanese Kids Say the Darndest Things 2 4.15.05 Hol 'on boy!
1.12.05 Japanese Teachers Say the Darndest Things 4.16.05 Last One, I Swear
1.12.05 Protecting The Merchandise 4.20.05 It Has Begun
1.22.05 In Defense: A Quick FAQ 4.29.05 Japanese People Say the Darndest Things
1.22.05 Ass Wars Episode VI - Return of the Kancho 4.30.05 I Say the Darndest Things
1.27.05 Japanese Kids Say the Darndest Things 3 5.1.05 A Picture's Worth...
1.27.05 Operation: Japanese D-Cup 5.7.05 Az Fails at Dating
1.27.05 I Can Only Love You For One Day 5.10.05 And Now For Something Different
2.2.05 The Octopus 5.12.05 A Rose, By Any Other Name
2.2.05 Gaijin Smash
2.6.05 *Special* Moeko's Owl
2.6.05 Oxymorons
2.6.05 Velma Jr.
2.6.05 My Kids Are Perverted 2
2.14.05 Round 3
2.14.05 You're Not Your Fake Cornrows
2.14.05 Respect Mah Authority
2.25.05 Ghetto Randomness
3.2.05 You WILL Love Me
3.6.05 It's So...Quiet?!
3.9.05 Open Your Buttcrack
3.12.05 A Desperate Struggle
3.16.05 Ichinensei After Lunch
3.18.05 Graduation

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