This project is in a very early stage. The server hardware can not handle more than a few hundred users. Please do NOT link to this page on a well known site.

ALife@Home (short for 'Artificial Life at Home') is an effort to conduct scientific experiments regarding neural networks and evolution on the computers of volunteers. This way, unused computer power in many homes, and therefore wasted electricity, could be used for something meaningful. At the same time, the researcher can do experiments that would otherwise be unfeasable due to the amount of required computer equipment. If you are interested, you can read some general introduction to the field, you can read about the research done at ALife@Home, you can read something about the technical details regarding distributed computing, or you can go straight ahead and open an account to donate computer power to ALife@Home.

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Mar 10, 2005
We decided to change the name of this project to ALife@Home to be consistent with other boinc sites. This increases common recognizability when we go public.

Jan 13, 2005
Welcome to all the new people! You are great! Crunching workunits like madmen. I discovered some very useful server flags. To accommodate the increased number of users, I switched on ENFORCE_DELAY_BOUND, which prevents users from downloading tooooo many WUs. Furthermore, I will switch on ONE_RESULT_PER_USER_PER_WU from time to time. The research blog is updated more frequently now.

Nov 24, 2004
Improved content of the website. Added an introductory section, a research section and a 'How can I help' section section. Research blog not functional yet.

Nov 19, 2004
Improved client graphics. In addition to the playground, you can now see the body and the brain of a randomly chosen individual on the left side of the window.

Nov 17, 2004
Improved design of the website.

Okt 18, 2004, 12:00
Memory leak fixed

Okt 18, 2004, 9:00
I detected a memory leak in the application. ALife4U will not hand out any workunits, until this is resolved

Okt 12, 2004
ALife4U is back online. Due to a generous donation of Andre Krause, ALife4U can now be hosted on a stunning 500 MHz Athlon with 384 MB Ram (before: PentiumII, 200 MHz, 128 MB). Unfortunately, I forgot to migrate the user accounts and credit points. Sorry for the 2 (or 3?) users that actually had more than 1000 credits :-).


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