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Prince of Persia Collection
by Red Orb Entertainment

It would be hard to dispute that the Prince of Persia games are among the most entertaining, classic arcade games in recent memory. The game's developers are hard at work on the third title, Prince of Persia 3D. In anticipation of this event, they've re-released the first two titles under one label along with some information and a coupon for the third game once it's available.

By today's standards, the Prince of Persia games aren't visually impressive. Of course, the first game was released in 1989, and the second in 1993, when VGA was high-tech and DOS ruled the gaming world. Nevertheless, there were things about these games that made them more than simple platform arcade action. Sure you jumped from platform to platform, dodged traps, and fought crude battles with pixel-wielding swordsmen. But there was always a story there - a reason you were doing it. You were in love with the Sultan's daughter and the evil Jaffar was trying to take the kingdom's power for his own. The original Prince of Persia was perhaps one of the first simple arcade games to provide a detailed storyline (or at least interesting goals).

While the games do not hold the visual or aural flair that the game had years ago (certain sounds do not even work properly AT ALL under Windows today), the games are still amusing. Gamers new to the PC will probably not understand what the big deal is, but those who have nostalgic feelings for these games will appreciate the new collection.

People who will appreciate this the most probably already own these classic games, even if it is on 3-1/2" or even 5-1/4" floppy disks. If you are one of these fans, then the opportunity to get these classics on a single CD is probably worth the $19.95 MSRP. In addition, you get a $5 coupon for Price of Persia 3D when it is released. And finally, a 12-or-so minute movie on the making of Prince of Persia 3D is also included. I recommend this collection for fans only; gamers raised on today's technology probably won't appreciate the dated graphics and sound.

Overall Impression

Bottom Line: Dated graphics and sound that doesn't even work properly on today's machines (Internal speaker? What's that?). Still lots of fun, but recommended for those interested in the nostalgia value only. Ideally, this collection should have been included as a bonus with Prince of Persia 3D for free.


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