Linspire On PowerSpec Desktops from Micro Center from Today
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Immunix Acquisition by Novell Boosts Enterprise Linux Security
Novell has expanded its commitment to enterprise-class security by acquiring Immunix, Inc., a leading provider of host-based application security solutions for Linux. AppArmor, the Linux application security system, will from today be called Novell AppArmor. Immunix, founded in Portland, Oregon, in 1998, was instrumental in the development of the security architecture of the Linux kernel and has close ties with the Linux development community. "Security is our passion, not just our profession," said Crispin Cowan, Immunix's CTO and co-founder.
IBM & Red Hat Combine to Accelerate Linux Mainframe Adoption
Mainframe customers who are looking to quickly leverage the business and technical benefits of Linux and open source software received a boost today, according to IBM and Red Hat, as they announced zSeries mainframe customers can now order a solution that includes IBM's Integrated Facility for Linux engine and a subscription of Red Hat Linux Enterprise v.4
Linux In India: Linux-Based "Mobile Desktop" Unveiled
The innovative features of a Linux-based Mobile Desktop called 'Mobilis' have already attracted three major clients viz. ITC (for health and education), Reva Electric Car Company (for its dashboards) and some South African Universities for their students, said the company's CEO yesterday in a launch event sponsored by the Government of India.
Is this the end of J2EE?
I recently received a recruiter email seeking an expert on changing a brand. That brand was called J2EE, read my JDJ article on what this could mean for the Java industry.
Sun Code Maneuvers 05
This past Wednesday, I attended a conference that Sun held in Toronto called Code Maneuvers 05. It was quite an interesting conference, and I will be posting summaries of some of the seminars that took place over the next few days. Topics covered at
JetNuke – A Java powered CMS Platform
There's been a lot of discussion in the blog community lately about the lack of a good Content Management System (CMS) platform written in Java. The most popular opinion is that the PHP CMS platforms are superior to anything available in Java. A rela
Instrumenting a Java Page Flow Using JMX Technology
With Web services usage on the rise, organizations are seeing a growing complexity in the enterprise systems being built. The need for a robust management solution is critical, as organizations look for better ways to monitor and control their IT environment.
Performance in J2SE 5.0
If you're a Java developer like me you ask two questions about every major J2SE release. What's new, and what's faster (or slower). Tiger includes a large number of well-publicized, high-profile features like generics, annotations, or the full new API for concurrent programming.

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Linspire On PowerSpec Desktops from Micro Center from Today
IBM & Red Hat Combine to Accelerate Linux Mainframe Adoption
Search Wannabe Feedster Deploys Linux
Embedded Linux: Linux Customization Solutions for Developers Introduced
Immunix Acquisition by Novell Reflects Increasing Importance of Linux Security


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Linspire On PowerSpec Desktops from Micro Center from Today