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IMPORTANT: Get and read the files COPYRIGHT and CERN before downloading 
other files.
This directory contains binaries for the NeXTSTEP Web browser


WorldWideWeb_0.16.tar.Z is the only wysiwyg hypertext editor for the
NeXT.  It has limitations and bugs -- it can't access Gopher, FTP sites,
etc.  But it is a hypertext editor!

Note this app is compiled for NextStep 3.0 and won't work with 2.1.
There is no way round this; don't ask!  (The Project file is
converted by the ProjectBuilder to a version 3 project file
when you first compile for version 3.  The version 3 project
file won't work with 2.0 (Interface builder and project builder
shared a file and an app in 2.x), and so there is no going back!
The 3.x app won't work under 2.x as it needs 3.x shared libaries.)


The file labelled 1.0 is a pre-alpha browser which uses the libwww
library, so you can get multimedia files etc etc.  Does doc
format conversion, etc.  

It can't edit -- try and it will destroy your files!
Only for the curious.  This DOES handle Gopher, FTP, etc.

Sorry they have the same icon now ... can be very confusing
if you use both.


  [Also, note that the WorldWideWeb_2.01* and WWW.app_2.02* files untar
  into an application called, rather than .
  ---Jay Sekora <>, August 1995]