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17 May 2005 : Area 450 updates to cease

Area 450 has now been running for four and a half years and during that time Craig, Dave, Westy, Clayts and all the other contributors from 2001 to 2005 have gained enormous satisfaction and, more importantly, enjoyment from servicing the needs of Sampo's DVD player/recorder-owning community.

However, lifestyles do change, and it has now reached the stage where regrettably we have to cease with updates to the site (you may have noticed we've been very quiet for the last two months).

When Sampo withdrew from the DVD market in US they left a great hole. And whilst the OEM side of Sampo's DVD recorder business continues to thrive, especially in Europe, the time we can devote has been marginalised considerably.

Clayts, Craig, David and Westy are all busy doing other projects now, none of which are related to Sampo DVD products, and thus we feel that the end of the road has pretty much been reached - after all, there's only so long we can continue to give free advice to consumers on behalf of Sampo!

The site will remain in situ, without updates for the present time - of course, if anyone would like to buy the website and domain name (here's looking at you Sampo or Regent - five figures ought to clinch it !) then please contact claytsREMOVETHISBIT@area450.com

Unfortunately, due to our other commitments, we will be ceasing the "contact us" facility immediately, but do strongly urge folks to use our message board which shall remain open indefinitely. You can also send private messages to Clayts or Craig from there if you are absolutely desperate.

It's been great fun, and a real pleasure to talk, share, furrow brows and try to broach many language barriers with folks over the last four and a half years. So long to all, and thanks for visiting us.

Clayton Hayward, Craig Clontz, David Booty, Dave West


Sampo's newest DVD product - Feb 2005

Sampo raised the bar in Taiwan with their competitively priced DV-RH680 DVD/HDD recorder.

Retailing at just NT $14,900, the deck writes to DVD+R/+RW media as well as to the on-board 80 GB hard drive.

To date the recorder has not appeared anywhere else in the world, but surely it's just a matter of time...

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