Bernardo was educated in New York City, but his passion for art began at home in New Orleans.  After traveling back and forth to both cities for ten years, he decided to open a studio in New Orleans.  His cliental include both national and local accounts.  He served as personal photographer and friend to the previous Mayor Ernest "Dutch" Morial and now holds the same position with the current Mayor Ray Nagin.  Bernardo's "Instrumental Nudes The Art Of Seduction" exhibition is the artist's vision of the power and beauty of his subject.  The full instrumental orchestra combined with sensuality is a reflection of his work and love that the artist hopes everyone can understand and appreciate in the "Art of Seduction"

Bernardo was motivated to conceive his vision for "Instrumental Nudes" by listening to the music of the great Dave Brubeck's Take Five and the jazz legend John Coltrane's My Favorite Things.  This music background combined with his subjects transform the art into provocative and sensual images.

Bernardo's work in currently showing at his studio in New Orleans and Windsor Fine Art of New Orleans beginning April 24, 2004.

Instrumental Nudes

"I want to seduce you with my work, 

I want you to be,  me the artist,

I want to be your lover, not your man,

You have no name, you have no face,

Only passion and "The Art of Seduction"







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