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Karen Lynch | Trisha Magoon | Diana Proud-Madruga | Anne Worrall

Welcome to Fish Features! You and your friends are apprentice marine biologists. You have discovered a new fish never seen before by humankind. Your job is to study your fish's anatomy and make a Hyperstudio presentation to the Fish Anatomy Academy (your peers). What makes your fish a fish? First you will study the fish itself, then make comparisons to existing fish. You and your biologist colleagues will create a Multimedia presentation of your findings.

You and your friends will complete the following tasks:

Some of the places you can visit to get your information include:

  1. Find a partner for this project.
  2. Using the first link above (the words in blue), pick one fish from the pop-up menu.
  3. Investigate the characteristics of the fish you chose.
  4. Fill out the "Fish Characteristics" activity sheet with your partner
  5. Repeat steps 2, 3 and 4 to complete the activity sheet.

  1. Decide what your new fish will look like and make a drawing of it. Suggestion: take one of the fish you studied in task one and just change one characteristic. (This can be done in the classroom away from the computer.)
  2. Look at "Name Your Fish" to create a scientific name for your own fish.
  3. Label your fish with its new scientific name.

With your partner, begin your HyperStudio program. You will need three cards total:

  1. card 1: title, authors.
  2. card 2: a written description of your new fish
  3. card 3: draw a picture of your fish using HyperStudio.

Your teacher will arrange a time for you and your partner to present your Hyperstudio project. Decide who will present which part, for example:

person "a" presents the first card (title, author, fish).
person "b" presents the second card (description of your new fish).
person "a"presents the third card ( a Hyperstudio picture of your fish).
person "b" concludes the presentation with their opinion of the project.

The authors of Fish Features would like to see what you liked and what you didn't like about this unit. Then they can make it more interesting for other students.

Complete the Student Assessment Form.

Print a copy of it and give it to your teacher.


You will be graded by your peers and your teacher at the end of the project. After you and your partner present your new fish, your peers and your teacher will fill out a Rubric (like a report card) so you know what grade you earned. You will be graded on the following three areas:

  1. Your Hyperstudio project has three complete cards.
  2. Your oral presentation is clear ( posture, diction, projection and speed).
  3. Your project is completed on time.

After completing this project, you can call yourself a true marine biologist. Now you know a lot about fish anatomy! If you want to tell the authors what they can do to make this unit more interesting for the next students, click on one of their names up at the top of this page.


Last updated July 23, 1999