Well, in case you havent guessed it already. This, is the official homepage for the channel #senshi. What??!?! Did she say Official. Yep, I did. The channel founder being the sweetheart that he is didnt say we had to throw this little project away. So, on with the show!!!

So, what is going to be on this page? Well honestly, I dont know. I guess it all depends on what everyone wants to see. It also depends on who helps out with this page b/c I've been known to set it up, and then not update it when its only me working on the site. So, if you are a channel memeber...... HELP ME Out =)

Well, thus far the only people who have seen this site have been channel memebers. But, that could and hopefully will change (tell your friends!!!). So, what is this chat thing all about you ask? Well #Senshi is a channel on the Dalnet section of IRC.

On to the rest of our site! What is there to do here? Well first off take a look at our Ask the regulars section. Finished there, wanna know what we might find to talk about?? Check out our logs page. Already did that??? Well, on to our pride and joy the Galleries. Right now there are only a few galleries... but we will be making more. I have to say at the moment... we have approximately 120 pictures, and only 5 galleries are up! YaY, go us!


Lady in Red
Love's Solider
Silent Guardian
Study in Blue Nature's Strength Moon Dreamer
Oceanic Concerto Silent Distruction Fan Art Gallery

Channel Member Pages

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