CREATIVE HARMONICS is a method of creatively drawing the harmonic codes out of the universe and using them for the benefit of all beings. Harmonic codes are inherent in creation, and it is for us human beings to live within and live by them for the greater purpose of the universe.

When all three aspects of CONSCIOUSNESS, SACRED ART AND SACRED SCIENCE work together we have CREATIVE HARMONICS.

CONSCIOUSNESS is the means for Creative Harmonics to interface the spiritual and practical worlds, and SACRED ART is a way of expressing that consciousness. SACRED SCIENCE is a method of research about the phenomenal world that is symbolic of the spiritual worlds.

Rowena Pattee Kryder, M.F.A., Ph.D. has been working all her life for a vision of a New Earth culture and is working with children and adults to experience principles based on love, truth and beauty. She works with archetypes, symbolism, art, and sacred science, using both the right and left sides of the brain, united with the heart. This implies CREATIVITY and loving wholeness.

Creative Harmonics

Creative harmonics is a way of life that trusts the creative harmony of the cosmos as a whole. In creation, when the Word of God is spoken, the octaves, fifths, fourths, thirds, and all intervals of music, birth the stars, zodiacs, elements, plants and animals in harmonic orders. Creation itself is a demonstration of creative harmonics. The Mentorship Program with Rowena Pattee Kryder is intended as a way of helping you live your soul purpose, be empowered and creative in any area of your choice.

As human beings, the more we open our wonder the more we can flow with this great cosmic river, the momentum of creation, and receive inspiration to co-create more and more marvelous cultures from our unique soul purpose, in harmony with others. Harmony is inherent in all that is. Creativity is the process of experiencing and expressing that harmony.

At this time of civilizational collapse we have a unique opportunity to take a deep breath of wonder at the creative harmony of the cosmos as a whole, and to seed new patterns for a New Earth, a global culture that respects and appreciates each race and the unique gifts of each person--a culture where coercion and domination cease to rule.

We can let the outworn pass us by and return to compost. We can experience the patterns of color, sound, movement and form that are inherent in nature and let them spill over, through our lived truth, into our relationships to each other, to the Earth, and to the whole universe.

Discovery of pattern language enables us to design--in art, music, gardens, architecture, dance and the rhythms of each day. While practicing creative harmonics in our daily life, we begin to create the new culture with an awareness of the sacredness of all that is. the Workshops and Mentorship Program with Rowena Pattee Kryder can help you bring sacred science, sacred art and consciousness to life within you!

Retreats and workshops at the Grail Heart Sanctuary of Inner Life in Crestone, Colorado offer us an opportunity to step out of our busy-ness and together begin this process of re-creating our lives and our culture.

-- Rowena Pattee Kryder

Since the whole earth is about to enter a ZERO-POINT or ascension process, it is imperative that people awaken to the values inherent in Creative Harmonics. For it is by harmonic means that the earth will ascend, and everyone has a free will choice to pass through Zero-Point to a New Earth (actually the Old Earth in a higher dimension). We are about to enter a GOLDEN AGE and to navigate into that Golden Age we need to educate ourselves about the actual nature of phenomena, and also higher dimensional orders of being, such as angels, devas, even nature spirits. They are part of our consciousness and also the sacred aspect of art and science. See of Co-Creation Code Deck for practise in higher dimensional orders.

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