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Intonation Tickets on Sale Now!

Rob Kleckner reports:
Tickets are on sale for Pitchfork's Intonation Music Festival. We will be rocking Chicago's Union Park on Saturday, July 16 and Sunday, July 17. Tickets are $15 per day, and a limited number of $22 two-day passes will be available, as well. For ticket information, visit the Intonation Music Festival website by clicking here.

The Intonation Music Festival, curated by your pals at Pitchfork Media, is ready to blow up Chi-town over two gorgeous summer days and nights with more than 20 of today's best and most innovative bands rocking two separate stages-- plus, a DJ tent presented by Biz3 Publicity, a record fair courtesy of WLUW, and a variety of food, clothing, and art vendors. Are we psyched? What are you, crazy? Look at this fucking lineup!

>> Saturday, July 16
Death From Above 1979
The Go! Team
Broken Social Scene
Four Tet
Magnolia Electric Co.
A.C. Newman
Beans [featuring The Holy Fuck]
The M's
Head of Femur

+ DJ Tent, Presented by Biz3 Publicity
Will Oldham
Jean Grae

>> Sunday, July 17
The Decemberists
Les Savy Fav
The Wrens
Andrew Bird
Out Hud
Xiu Xiu

+ DJ Tent, Presented by Biz3 Publicity

More artists will be added to the lineup as the festival draws nearer.

* Intonation Music Festival: http://www.intonationmusicfest.com/
* Biz 3: http://www.biz3.net/

Yeah Yeah Yeahs Progressing Slowly on Second Album

Megan Martin reports:
Karen O and her fellow Yeah Yeah Yeahs are currently in the studio creating a follow-up to the group's debut Fever to Tell. Although the new album is in the very early stages, Karen anticipates a very different result from their first release with a more folky sound, including acoustic guitar and tabla.

"We've only just begun, and we're playing around with new ideas," Karen told MTV.com, "YYYs have never done a studio album before, where we write all the songs in the studio. This is a radically different process with radically different results-- or not. Too early to identify what direction it is going."

Ms. O has also been collaborating with Kool Keith to record a song called "The Tease" for Deep Throat vs. Lialeh, an album featuring various Seattle artists who conduct a musical-type battle between the 1974 porn flick Deep Throat and the first major black porn film, Lialeh. The plan is for both an EP and album to come out of the project, released this fall and next year, respectively.

* Pitchfork Review: Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Fever to Tell
* Pitchfork News: Yeah Yeah Yeahs' Sophomore Album Slated for Fall
* Yeah Yeah Yeahs: http://www.yeahyeahyeahs.com

The Kills Set to Release New Single

Joel Ebner reports:
Cheers to the Kills for properly capturing our collective post-millennium tension with a love song. The legging-clad cynicism of Pat Benatar's "Love Is a Battlefield" was perfect for the Cold War 80s, but what kind of metaphor do you use in in a time when politics don't make any goddam sense? You abandon all that game theory rhetoric and write a song called "Love Is a Deserter", that's what.

Just in time for another cruel summer, the Kills will be releasing the single on May 30 in the UK via Domino. CD single will boast two remixes, the B-side "Passion Is Accurate", and a video. And in a move that shows off the Kills' indieness, they're releasing two different 7" editions: one with the album version of the song, and the other taken from a UK XFM studio recording. The vinyl editions will carry the B-sides "Magazine" and "Hit Me When U-1-2", respectively. No promises, no demands:

CD Single:
01 Love Is a Deserter
02 Passion Is Accurate
03 Love Is a Deserter (Caveman remix)
04 Love Is a Deserter (Phones remix)
05 Love Is a Deserter (video)

7" Single:
A Love Is a Deserter
B Magazine

7" XFM Single:
A Love Is a Deserter (XFM session version)
B Hit Me When U-1-2 (XFM session version)

* Pitchfork Review: The Kills: No Wow
* The Kills: http://www.thekills.tv/

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Prep New LP

James Gregory reports:
As previously reported, Black Rebel Motorcycle have been on a hiatus of sorts since last September, when longtime drummer Nick Jago was rumored to be exiled from the band following a fight with guitarist Peter Hayes. And while the gossip wasn't quite as gripping a drama as, say, the Smiths' breakup, we're sure somebody out there's been wondering about the lingering status of the Noel Gallagher-hailed leather jacket revivalists.

Thankfully, as the edges of our seats were almost worn through, a recent fanclub email penned by bassist Robert Turner has set the record straight on the Club's recent activity, which fans (and pacifists) will be happy to hear has been fisticuffs-free. "For everyone that's been concerned and in the dark on what's happening with Nick, we've recently reconciled with Nick and he's back playing drums again," Turner wrote. "We're all really happy to be playing music together again. It's more fun than it's ever been in the past."

So happy are the band, in fact, that said email goes on to confirm details on their recently completed third album, which is set for a UK release on August 22. Dubbed Howl, which Turner explains is "our own nod to Allen Ginsberg's book and the beat poets of the 1950s and 60s," the disc features 13 new tracks, including the upcoming single "Ain't No Easy Way", which will arrive on August 8. As they recently parted ways with previous label Virgin, the disc will be distributed through ECHO in UK/Europe, and RCA in the States, although a U.S. street date has yet to be finalized. Wait, aren't they from the U.S.? Way to go...traitors.

This will be the band's the first release since 2003's sophomore slump-ish, Take Them On, On Your Own, and will apparently offer some surprises for fans of the fuzz box-dependent trio. Describing the new album to Billboard late last year, Turner commented: "There's one in the vein of an old, Johnny Cash song, and there are a couple of songs that sound like Dylan's first couple of albums. On the songs that do have a fuller sound, they're more produced and layered. We used that setup more for our first album than the second; just having fun in the studio layering things, rather than the live electric band, throw-and-go sound." Club tracks:

01 Shuffle Your Feet
02 Howl
03 Devil's Waitin'
04 Ain't No Easy Way
05 Still Suspicion Holds You Tight
06 Fault Line
07 Promise
08 Weight Of The World
09 Restless Sinner
10 Gospel Song
11 Complicated Situation
12 Sympathetic Noose
13 The Line

In related news, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club will also be playing a handful a summer dates across the UK in support of Howl. The outing runs from through mid-June and will feature opening duties from none other than Brian Jonestown Massacre. Performances at both the Reading and Leeds festivals are also booked for late August. The Doctor is in:

06-11 Nottingham, England - Rescue Rooms
06-12 Glasgow, Scotland - Queen Margaret Union
06-13 Manchester, England - Manchester Academy
06-14 Birmingham, England - Carling Birmingham Academy
06-16 London, England - Scala
06-18 Leeds, England - The Cockpit
06-19 Brighton, England - Concorde 2
08-26 Reading, England - Richfield Avenue (Reading Festival)
08-27 Leeds, England - Bramham Park (Leeds Festival)

* Pitchfork Review: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club: Take Them On, On Your Own
* Pitchfork News: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club lose drummer, Continue Work on New Album
* Black Rebel Motorcycle Club: http://www.blackrebelmotorcycleclub.com/

Devo Announce Summer Tour

Joel Ebner reports:
The entertainment world would be much different without Mark Mothersbaugh and Jerry Casale. We wouldn't have the awesome soundtracks in Wes Anderson's movies. We wouldn't have the "Rugrats" cartoon theme song. We probably wouldn't have the "Lambda Rap" from Revenge of the Nerds. And, of course, we wouldn't have Devo.

Though they haven't released a proper album since 1990 (not including the one-off Wipeouters side-project LP in 2001), Devo have been playing shows sporadically since the 1996 Lollapalooza festival. And they will be touring again this summer, scheduled so far for 16 shows in the U.S. including the Lost '80s Live concert in Englewood, Colo. Among the performers at said event will be t he English Beat, Dramarama, and (ahem) Flock of Seagulls. Cover that hair with a flower pot, yo! Dates:

06-12 Atlanta, GA - Music Midtown Festival
08-04 Anaheim, CA - House of Blues
08-05 Anaheim, CA - House of Blues
08-06 West Hollywood, CA - House of Blues
08-07 West Hollywood, CA - House of Blues
08-10 New York, NY - Hammerstein Ballroom
08-13 Washington DC- 9:30 Club
08-14 Washington DC - 9:30 Club
08-17 Atlantic City, NJ - House of Blues
08-18 Cleveland, OH - Scene Pavilion
08-23 Englewood, CO - Coors Amphitheatre
08-25 Chicago, IL - House of Blues
08-26 Chicago, IL - House of Blues
09-02 San Diego, CA - House of Blues
09-03 San Diego, CA - House of Blues
09-05 Seattle, WA - Bumbershoot Festival

* Devo: http://www.clubdevo.com

Pet Sounds Remix Album Issued

James Gregory reports:
Often found battling it out with Sgt. Pepper for rock album supremacy, the Beach Boys 1966 classic Pet Sounds may have finally won a Puff Daddy-esque victory over the Beatles' Summer of Love release, as the record has recently inspired a new internet remix project. Birthed by Manchester-based internet label Hippocamp.net, Hippocamp Ruins Pet Sounds was leaked onto various websites and file-sharing services this week, and offers a techno-fueled re-imagining of the Beach Boys' finest hour.

Coming off like Cornelius' wet dream, the remixed Pet Sounds presents a song-for-song fusion of the original Beach Boys vocal tracks and modern day electronica, with each song featuring arrangment by a different Hippocamp artist. And while a daunting (and potentially disastrous) thought considering the melodic complexity of Brian Wilson's original arrangements, the album actually manages a near-seamless blend of the two stylistic extremes, with such show-stoppers as an Ibiza-ready version of "Wouldn't It Be Nice", and an ethereal reading of the landmark "God Only Knows". Hippocamp Ruins Pet Sounds follows the 13-song structure of the original Beach Boys release, and the tracklist looks like this:

01 Kams - Wouldn't It Be Bice [Bone-Idle-Cuntwit]
02 Blue T-Shirt - You Still Believe In Me
03 The Star Fighter Pilot - That's Not Me
04 Jerohme Spye - Don't Talk (Put Your Head On My Shoulder) [Talk Wake Walk Take]
05 He Can Jog - I'm Waiting For The Day
06 Autistici - Let's Go Away For Awhile [Exploring The World Of Lucid Dreaming]
07 Tinypixel - Sloop John B
08 Ybbl - God Only Knows
09 Plasticflesh - I Know There's An Answer
10 Mikrosopht - Here Today
11 Serocell - I Just Wasn't Made For These Times
12 Kidgloves and Autistici - Pet Sounds [Zoophilia]
13 Kid Mingus - Caroline, No

Speaking on one of the websites hosting the files, contributor Martin Bryant (aka Star Fighter Pilot) explained the reasoning behind the collective's Pet Sounds project. "The idea came from Hippocamp contributor Blue T-Shirt," he offered. "Pet Sounds was originally released on May 16, 1966 and next year is the 40th anniversary of its release. It made sense to us to release an unconventional album at an unconventional time-- its 39th anniversary. We wanted to do something interesting and new with an album that regularly tops 'best album ever' polls. We wanted people to get a new perspective on a classic."

And while admittedly inspired, Hippocamp Ruins Pet Sounds draws immediate comparisons to Danger Mouse's acclaimed 2004 Beatles/Jay-Z mash-up The Grey Album-- which combined the rapper's vocal tracks from The Black Album with samples from the Beatles' classic 1968 self-titled double LP (aka The White Album).

No word yet on whether any of the surviving Beach Boys, or Capital Records, are aware of the release, but as the classic album has been revisited by founder Brian Wilson a number of times throughout his career (with an official stereo mix in 1997, and most recently with a 5.1 surround mix), we have our fingers crossed that no lawsuits get thrown around in the ensuing weeks. But then again, that Mike Love is one litigious dude.

* Hippocamp: http://www.hippocamp.net/

The Coral Plan North American Tour

Timothy Najmolhoda reports:
Now, we mean this in the nicest way possible, but it's no secret that our colleagues over at NME have a tendency to shout "Next big thing!!!" at any group of guys with bad haircuts who can play power chords. Having fallen victim to this hyperbole first hand, the Coral will attest to this.

It ain't easy being the former future-best-band-ever, but these boys are keeping on. On May 23, Invisible Invasion drops in the the band's homeland. American fans are slightly less fortunate, having to wait an extra three months for the album's U.S. release date on August 30. They can tide themselves over on the band's website, from which the new album's tracks can be streamed.

The band released their leadoff single, "In the Morning" on May 9, in a variety of different formats. A CD maxi-single contains the songs "Gina Jones" and "The Image of Richard Birton as Crom", as well as a music video of "In the Morning". Also availabe is a two-track CD, which sports the economically-titled "Leeslunchboxbyblueleadandthevelcrounderpants" as its B-side. Rounding out the bunch is a vinyl 7", which has only the A-side and "Gina Jones".

To help get us excited for all of this, the Coral are doing a short jaunt across North America, sticking mainly to the States and paying special attention to the West Coast.

06-07 Toronto, Ontario - Mod Club
06-09 New York, NY - Bowery Ballroom
06-11 Chicago, IL - Martyrs
06-14 Los Angeles, CA - Troubadour
06-15 San Francisco, CA - Slims
06-17 Seattle, WA - Croc Cafe

* Pitchfork Review: The Coral: Magic & Medicine
* The Coral: http://www.thecoral.co.uk/

Green Day Announce Late Summer Tour

Rob Mackey reports:
In the humble opinion of this disgruntled Pitchfork staffer, the Fiery Furnaces' 2004 record Blueberry Boat was neeeeaaaarly the winner in the race for last year's most overrated, overcooked piece of wank. But, if you really wanna talk about the flagrantly underserved success stories of 2004, you should go straight to Billie Joe Armstrong and that "punk rock opera" of his, American Idiot. Hi-finish, "hi-concept" politico-baloney from a slipshod group of washed up mall gods does not a good record make. But, apparently some would argue otherwise, and that's why the tour dates below this here story are in front of your face. Dates:

08-12 Barrie, Ontario - Molson Park
08-13 Buffalo, NY- HSBC Arena
08-14 Dayton, OH - Ervin J. Nutter Center
08-15 Nashville, TN - Gaylord Entertainment Center
08-17 Oklahoma City, OK - Ford Center
08-19 Houston, TX - Toyota Center
08-20 Dallas, TX - American Airlines Center
08-21 San Antonio, TX - SBC Center
08-23 Atlanta, GA - Philips Arena
08-24 Raleigh, NC - RBC Center
08-26 Sunrise, FL - Office Depot Center
08-30 Washington, DC - Merriweather Post Pavilion (Columbia MD)
09-04 Montreal, Quebec - Parc Jean Drapeau
09-05 Ottawa, Ontario - Corel Centre
09-07 Philadelphia, PA - Wachovia Center
09-11 Detroit, MI - Palace of Auburn Hills
09-12 Indianapolis, IN - Conseco Fieldhouse
09-14 Moline, IL - Mark Of The Quad Cities
09-16 St. Paul, MN - Xcel Energy Center
09-17 Des Moines, IA - Wells Fargo Arena
09-19 Denver, CO - Pepsi Center
09-26 Tacoma, WA - Tacoma Dome
09-27 Vancouver, British Columbia - General Motors Place
09-30 Sacramento, CA - ARCO Arena
10-01 Fresno, CA - Save Mart Center

* Pitchfork Review: Green Day: American Idiot
* Green Day: http://www.greenday.com/

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Fri: 05-20-05
Wrens to release expanded EP, tour
Castanets discuss upcoming album
Rogue Wave talk about forthcoming LP
Jonathan Richman sets June tour
New Portastatic album due in August
Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra on Tour

Thu: 05-19-05
Bright Eyes issues news sin gle, announces tour dates
Super Furry Animals spill new album details
The Fall prepare next album
Kylie Minogue diagnosed with breast cancer
Music for Robots to release compilation
Kings of Leon add more dates
Save CBGB!
Pernice Brothers promise a Lovelier You

Wed: 05-18-05
Intonation Festival tickets on sale now!
Yeah Yeah Yeahs working on second album
The Kills set to release new single
BRMC prep new album
Devo announce summer tour
Pet Sounds remix album issued
The Coral plan North American tour
Green Day announce late summer tour

Tue: 05-17-05
Wilco to record new LP, release DVD
Coldplay announce North American tour
Radiohead album likely due next spring
Boredoms begin brief North American tour
GZA to embark on short U.S. tour
Max�mo Park to tour North America
Wolf Eyes announce European tour
Goldfrapp readies new album
Denison Witmer album to feature Sufjan Stevens
T. Raumschmiere singles and album coming
Sons and Daughters to release debut LP
Electrelane to tour Europe, North America

Mon: 05-16-05
Pitchfork's Intonation Fest lineup announced
Big Boi, Andre 3000 ink deals
Basement Jaxx, Vitalic to remix Daft Punk
Interpol, QOTSA heading KROQ Weenie Roast
Smog to tour behind forthcoming LP
Another ODB compilation on the way
Jenny Lewis pulling Rabbit out of her hat

Fri: 05-13-05
Iggy Pop preps hits package, DVD
Beulah to release DVD documentary
Constantines discuss new album
Ben Folds, Rufus Wainwright to tour
Les Georges Leningrad on tour
Jim Yoshii Pile-Up to release new LP
Make Believe tour, prepare first full-length

Thu: 05-12-05
Interpol, Arcade Fire lend songs to TV drama
Neko Case reveals tour plans
Shins, Spoon head Believer comp
Billy Corgan announces North American tour
Edwyn Collins recovering from serious infection
Enon and Thunderbirds Are Now! to tour together
Jason Forrest to Release EP, LP

Wed: 05-11-05
Brian Wilson to release Xmas album
Death Cab for Cutie to release tour DVD
Neil Young at work on new album
Apostle of Hustle schedules shows
John Vanderslice discusses new album
Eugene Mirman to tour

Tue: 05-10-05
Kano reveals details of debut LP
LCD Soundsystem, M.I.A. kick off tour
Architecture in Helsinki to tour U.S.
Four Tet announces tour dates
Flaming Lips to appear on Queen comp
Lou Reed to give spoken word performance
DFA 1979 to cover Bloc Party
Digable Planets to tour, play Jamcruise

Mon: 05-09-05
Low frontman speaks out on cancelled tour
Sufjan Stevens schedules Illinois shows
Vetiver to tour Europe, issue EP
Battles extend tour
Impossible Shapes to tour, begin seventh LP
Tears For Fears to release single

Fri: 05-06-05
Modest Mouse reveal more tour dates
Operas, production coming from Stephin Merritt
Patti Smith to curate Meltdown Festival
Six by Seven sign to the First Time
Peter Murphy to tour U.S.
Kaiser Chiefs extend tour

Thu: 05-05-05
Xiu Xiu to tour North America
Wilco, Coldplay head ACL lineup
Stephen Malkmus extends North American tour
Franz Ferdinand continue work on second album
Secret Machines to return with EP
Low announce upcoming tour schedule
Wolf Parade to release EP
Prince Paul to release new solo album

Wed: 05-04-05
Dungen LP to see U.S. release
Dinosaur Jr. to re-release classic single
White Stripes announce single details
Billy Corgan reveals tour plans
Beck to release single, tour Europe
Lou Reed DVD coming soon
Ryan Adams begins Cold Roses tour
Comets on Fire to tour North America

Tue: 05-03-05
Wilco to film shows for concert doc
Dizzee Rascal launches record label
Go-Betweens to tour U.S.
Sleater-Kinney to release single, tour U.S.
Goldie Lookin' Chain LP to get U.S. release
New Oranger album out in September

Fri: 04-29-05
Devendra Banhart announces summer tour
Roots begin American tour
Pretenders video collection to hit DVD
Concretes to release B-sides comp
Bob Mould preps new album
Lucksmiths kick off U.S. tour

Thu: 04-28-05
Bright Eyes' Digital tour launches tonight
TV on the Radio recording, play benefit show
The Darkness' Hawkins preps solo album
DJ Shadow readies Entroducing reissue
Okkervil River set tour plans
Hopewell to release album, tour
Beatles electronic covers album coming

Wed: 04-27-05
New Pornographers reveal album details
Nine Inch Nails tour kicks off tonight
The Hold Steady announce tour plans
Slint to auction gear on eBay
Liz Phair preps new album
Bebel Gilberto to release remix album
Dirty Projectors to tour U.S.
Flower Booking to host concert series

Tue: 04-26-05
Prefuse 73, Books EP details announced
Doves postpone tour!
Xiu Xiu plan tour in support of new album
Radiohead offer downloads for charity
Kraftwerk confirm live album tracklist
David Pajo to release new album
Mouse on Mars reveal tour dates
Antena to tour Eastern U.S.
Mahjongg to tour North America

Mon: 04-25-05
Colin Meloy's early work to be released
Coldplay announce intimate U.S. gigs
Sleater-Kinney confirm North American dates
Broken Social Scene announce tour dates
Benicassim Festival reveals 2005 lineup
Ten in the Swear Jar comp on the way
New Foetus album to be released in May
A Northern Chorus LP out next month

Fri: 04-22-05
Kanye West sets LP release date
Pixies, Weezer head Lollapalooza Lineup
New Order prep new single, tour
Built to Spill tour expanded
Sonic Youth announce tour plans
DFA to release Juan Maclean debut
Boo Radleys ready 2xCD compilation
Gang Gang Dance to embark on tour

Thu: 04-21-05
Wilco tour kicks off tonight
Missy Elliott to release new LP this summer
Max�mo Park to tour Europe
The Dears tour Europe, Japan, U.S.
Juana Molina to tour, release singles
Epoxies prepare LP, tour
Kepler ready third album

Wed: 04-20-05
Can prepare next series of reissues
The Go! Team schedule North American gigs
Ted Leo adds more dates to tour
White Stripes schedule Latin American shows
ODB, GZA releases coming soon
Fischerspooner announce tour dates
Gomez to release 2xCD live album

Tue: 04-19-05
Early Joe Strummer material to be released
Broken Social Scene discuss new album
More acts announced for Coachella
Fountains of Wayne to issue 2xCD comp
Cobra Verde to release covers album
David Grubbs teams with...Rick Moody?

Mon: 04-18-05
Dinosaur Jr. schedule U.S. dates
Chems, Okereke collab issued as single
Yoko Ono to headline ATP festival
Son Volt to release album, comp, DVD
New Statistics album due in July

Fri: 04-15-05
Devendra Banhart on his forthcoming album
Caribou tour starts; LP delayed
Prefuse 73 worldwide tour kicks off
Kompakt opens online MP3 shop
Brian Eno prepares new album
50 Cent, Eminem head Anger Management tour
At the Drive-In retrospective coming
Sam Prekop to tour Europe, North America
Mike Doughty to release album, tour

Thu: 04-14-05
Bloc Party schedule more U.S. shows
Deerhoof release EP, continue tour
Lali Puna rarities disc coming
Dudley Corp. to release LP, tour with Pinback
Indie labels to inflate UK charts

Wed: 04-13-05
Kraftwerk to release 2xCD live album
Modest Mouse add North American dates
Pixies reunion tour continues
Glastonbury 2005 lineup announced
Depeche Mode recording new LP
Danger Mouse, Cee-Lo collaborating
Album Leaf ready tour, release EPs
Headphones head out on tour

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