First Generation

Jacob KINGERY was born circa 1750. He was in Pennsylvania from at least 1770-1774 when several of his children were born. He and his wife and children removed to Virginia as early as 1782 and he is found on the 1786 tax list of Franklin Co., VA. In 1786 he acquired 214 acres from William Kelly Sr. of Franklin Co. on the draught of Blackwater River. In 1790 he sold 188 acres on Blackwater River to Joseph Green. In 1804 he sold 214 acres to John Kingery. In 1806 Jacob and his wife Faney sold 120 acres to John and Thomas Adney.

Jacob and his family were adherents of the Dunkard (German Baptist) Church and followed Elder Jacob Miller to Ohio where the Kingerys were instrumental in establishing several new Dunkard congregations.

Jacob made his will 29 Sep 1811 Franklin Co., IN in which he names his wife Franky, sons John, Samuel, Joseph and "all my children." He was married to Franky ----- before 1806 when she first joined him in a deed. It is unknown if she was his only wife.

Second Generation

Jacob Kingery was the father of:

(1) Elizabeth KINGERY born circa 1770 PA, died 19 Oct 1857 Floyd Co., VA. She married 16/18 Mar 1795 Franklin Co., VA to Edmund SUMPTER. Their children included John, Jacob, Martha Sowder, Edward, Sarah, Richard, Edmund Jr., and Fannie Burnett.

(2) Joseph KINGERY born Jan 1772 PA, died 14 Sep 1860 Union Co., IN. He married 12 Aug 1794 Franklin Co., VA to Eve MILLER RITTER, widow of John Ritter. Their children were: Elizabeth EIKENBERRY, Nancy MOSS, Sarah EIKENBERRY, Martin, Mary AKERS, Fanny MEAD, and Abraham.

(3) Martin KINGERY was born circa 1774/5 PA. He entered land in Union Co., IN in 1809 and Franklin Co., IN in 1814. He appears in the 1820 Franklin Co., IN census and from 1830-1850 in the Union Co., IN census records. He died 17 Oct 1865 Union Co., IN at age 91 years and is buried there in the Witters Cemetery. He married first 7 Feb 1805 Greene Co., Ohio to Mary "Polly" WEBB, daughter of James and Lucy Webb. She died in 1818 and is also buried in the Witters Cemetery. He married next to Mary---- (1780-1854).

(4) Christian KINGERY was born 1774/5 and died 21 Feb 1849 Union Co., IN and died there intestate without living issue. His estate was administered May 1857 Union Co. and was distributed to his living siblings and heirs of his deceased siblings. He may be the Christian Kingery who married 1805 in Franklin Co., VA to Jinney ABSHIRE. By 1820 he was living alone in Union Co., IN.

(5) Jacob KINGERY was born 7 Jun 1776 and died 28 Feb 1825 Union Co., IN. He may have married first 7 Jan 1799 in Franklin Co., VA to Leah KELLY. He also married 2 Feb 1801 Franklin Co., VA to Barbara LYBROOK, daughter of Philipp Lybrook and Anna Miller. Their children were Joseph, Elizabeth COOK, Katherine, Nancy MORRISON, Jacob Jr., Philipp, Baltzer, John, Fannie Toney, Samuel, Abraham and Michael.

(6) John KINGERY was born circa 1777 and died 1814 Franklin Co., IN. He married 15 May 1800 Franklin Co., VA to Anna RICHARDSON. Their children are discussed below.

(7) Mary KINGERY was born circa 1780 and married 12 Nov 1800 Franklin Co., VA to Richard SUMPTER. Her children were Simeon, Frances MARKENS, George, and Elizabeth EARLES,

(8) Michael KINGERY was born circa 1781 and died 1839 in Franklin Co., IN. He married 7 Feb 1805 Greene Co., OH to Elizabeth WEBB, daughter of James and Lucy Webb. (see WEBB family). Their children were Austin, Fanny STEEL, Hannah WEBB, Mary FIELDS, Michael, Martin, Martha, Lucy, Catherine COON and Elizabeth.

(9) Samuel KINGERY was born 26 Sep 1782 VA and died 23 Sep 1856 Union Co., IN. He married 4 Apr 1803 Franklin Co., VA to Sarah HICKMAN. His second wife was Elizabeth WILLIAMS. His children were Susannah MYER, Rebecca, Jacob, Catherine, Mary LANDIS, Nancy HAMILTON, David, Christian, Sarah, and Barbara.

(10) Abraham KINGERY was born 9 Dec 1785 and died 4 Mar 1820 Franklin Co., IN. He married 23 Nov 1813 Preble Co., OH to Mary HEWSTIN (HUSTON). Their children were Sarah VANZANDT; Fanny McCOY, John, and Nancy WILSON.

(11) Catherine KINGERY born 20 Nov 1788 and died 20 Jun 1844 St. Joseph Co., IN. She married 21 Nov 1811 Preble Co., OH to Jacob HUSTON> Their children were James, John, Mary MILLER, Frances PRICE, Sarah PRICE, Abraham, Elizabeth PRICE, Jacob, Catherine CHAMBERLAIN, and Isaac Huston.

(12) Eva KINGERY probably died before 1849 as Christian's administration mentions only her heirs. She married to William BROWN. Her children were Jacob, Henry, William, Merale, Malinda, Francis, Corpernica, Fanny McCANN, Richard, Benjamin, Josiah, Isaac and Samuel.

Third Generation

A. The children of Martin Kingery and Mary "Polly" Webb were:

(1) Hannah KINGERY who married 1818 JACOB FALLIS.

(2) Fanny KINGERY born 8 Jul 1802 Orange Co., VA, died 24 Mar 1887 Union Co., IN. She married 25 Jan 1819 Franklin Co., IN to George WITTER (1796-1849), son of Christopher Witter and Mary Olvey.

(3) Elizabeth KINGERY born circa 1798 married 18 Jan 1821 Franklin Co., IN to her first cousin Jacob KINGERY, son of John Kingery and Anna Richardson.

(4) Sarah KINGERY born 1799 died 1840. She married 10 Aug 1824 Union Co., IN to John HUSTON, son of Thomas Huston and Tabitha Wright.

(5) Lucy KINGERY born about 1808 married 23 Mar 1828 Union Co., IN to John WHITENECK (1802-1868).

(6) Mary "Polly" KINGERY was born about 1809 and died Jul 1935. She married 27 Jun 1830 Union Co., IN to George McVEY.

(7) Catherine KINGERY married 4 Dec 1841 Union Co., IN to Reuben BARTLETT.

(8) Esther KINGERY married 9 Jan 1840 Union Co., IN to George RIGSBY.

(9) Lydia KINGERY born 1824. She married 11 Aug 1842 Union Co., IN to Abraham EIKENBERRY, son of Henry Eikenberry and Elizabeth Kingery.

(10) Alice KINGERY born circa 1814 and died 1817 Greene Co., IN.

(11) Nancy KINGERY died 31 Jul 1813 Green Co., OH.

(12) Infant son

(13) Infant daughter

B. The children of John Kingery and Anna Richardson included:

(1) Jacob KINGERY born 1805 VA. He married 18 Jan 1821 Franklin Co., IN to his first cousin Elizabeth KINGERY, daughter of Martin Kingery. He married second 12 Mar 1846 Hancock Co., IN to Polly RAY and third 27 Nov 1854 Hancock Co., IN to Jane POWERS.

(2) Catherine KINGERY married 1 Oct 1818 Franklin Co., IN to Joseph ALEXANDER.

(3) George KINGERY born 1803 VA. He married 3 Mar 1836 Hancock Co., IN to Jane EMMONS.

(4) Frances KINGERY

(5) Anna KINGERY married 14 Nov 1831 Union Co., IN to Valentine ALEXANDER.

(6) Isabella KINGERY born Nov 1807 and died 18 May 1892 Hamilton Co., IN. She married 3 Apr 1825 Union Co., IN to Jacob ALEXANDER

Fourth Generation

The children of Jacob Kingery and Elizabeth Kingery were:

(1) Sarah KINGERY born 28 Oct 1823 and died 4 Feb 1897 Hancock Co., IN. She married 8 Nov 1842 Hancock Co., IN to Alfred DENNEY (1819-1897). They were buried in the Dunkard church yard, Vernon Twp., Hancock Co., IN.

(2) George KINGERY born Nov 1825, died 4 Feb 1868. He married 12 Oct 1848 Hancock Co., IN to Nancy CHAPPEL (1826-).

(3) Anna KINGERY born about 1831. She married 6 Jun 1846 Hancock Co., IN to James A. CHAPPEL (1822-1892).

(4) Mary "Polly" KINGERY born about 1832. She married 3 Sep 1856 to Enoch LEACHMAN.

(5) Male born 1830-35.

(6) Catherine KINGERY born about 1836 IN. She married 16 Dec 1855 Hancock Co., IN to Roddy MARSHALL.

(7) Calvin M. KINGERY born about 1840 IN, died 10 Mar 1881. He married 1860 to Nancy Ellen JOHNS (1814-1923).

(8) Martin KINGERY born about 1843.

Other Online Kingery Descendants:

Beth Allford Daffron descends from both Martin Kingery (1774/5-1816) and Mary Webb and John Kingery (1777-1816) and Anna Richardson.

Jerri McCoy descends from Samuel Kingery (1782-1856) and Sarah Hickman.

Marcia Hendryx Parker descends from John Kingery (1777-1816) and Anna Richardson.

Mary Alice Shulman descends from Samuel Kingery (1782-1856) and Sarah Hickman.

Nancy Robinson descends from both Martin Kingery (1774/5-1816) and Mary Webb and John Kingery (1777-1816) and Anna Richardson.

Cheska Wheatleys children descend from both Martin Kingery (1774/5-1816) and Mary Webb and John Kingery (1777-1816) and Anna Richardson.

Let me know if you are descended from this family and would like your e-mail address linked to this page so other researchers might contact you.

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