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iants: Citizen Kabuto takes place on a beautiful and exotic world known as Island. The plot revolves around a conflict between four different factions. The world's two native races are the Sea Reapers and the Smarties. At one time the Sea Reapers controlled the planet, and all were bent to their will. Then they got paranoid and created a massive being called Kabuto to protect them. Unfortunately, this giant proved difficult to control and he eventually turned on the Sea Reapers, forcing them to retreat to the seas.

When the game begins, the Sea Reapers have started an aggressive campaign to retake their world, destroy Kabuto, and put the Smarties in their place. Fortunately for these hapless sentients, allies arrive in the form of five cockney-accented aliens in powered armor who were out on their annual lads' holiday. Through a series of mishaps, they wind up scattered across Island.

You start the game controlling one of these Meccaryn who befriend the Smarties, attempting to locate your remaining friends. As a Meccaryn, the game basically plays like a shooter with a ton of neat gadgets and weapons to try out.

After the lengthy Meccaryn campaign ends with a massive base battle, the plot takes a turn and follows the life of Delphi, a young Sea Reaper who is beginning to have trouble seeing eye-to-eye with the ways of her race. After blasting through another surprisingly lengthy series of levels and challenges, you get to control Kabuto himself.

Needless to say, Giants offers a single-player experience like no other game in recent history. Not only are the three races vastly different from one another, but each has a lengthy quest that would be worthy of a game all its own. The game is also colored with some of the funniest cutscenes I've ever seen. The interaction between the mostly sane Meccaryn and the whacked Smarties (who die stupid deaths in droves) is hilarious.

In multiplayer, up to five Meccaryn, three Sea Reapers, and one Kabuto can duke it out with each other in an intriguing online multiplayer game. Each has an exclusive set of resources and style of base design (Kabuto is his own base). The imagination that went into this game is impressive and the scope amazing. Three totally different approaches to problem solving and smashing things are all wrapped into one game engine to create a diverse experience. It's a little buggy, but still highly recommended.  -ERIK REPPEN

Here we have the classic investment game. If you buy it, prepare to invest a lot of time into beating it. The missions are misleadingly easy when you begin. After the third mission, you’ll realize that not only do you have a long way to go, but damn, it's a hard game. Giants will definitely tax your patience, but you’ll find yourself thinking about the most recent mission you can’t pass when you’re having some cereal at 4:24 in the morning because you forgot to eat dinner. Aside from that, this game is absolutely hilarious. Get it for the humor value alone, I say. References to testicular maladies in any game can only add to its draw. The writing for the voice acting is also particularly well done. Giants never takes itself too seriously – the greatest test for a game that tries to be funny. Yeah, there are the requisite bathroom references, but who doesn’t use that? A refreshing mix of gameplay and scripting makes Giants a game worth owning.

Unique, particularly the remarkable differences between the three races
Beautiful lighting and enormous, breathtaking landscapes
Hilarious voice acting and cool sound effects
Complex, but in a good way
A lengthy game, with a great sense of humor and three different, phenomenally cool experiences
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