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50 Tracks with Jian Ghomeshi
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50 Tracks with Jian Ghomeshi
One country...50 songs...a great all-Canadian list!

Check out the 50 tracks list--counted down by your votes.

All winter long Jian Ghomeshi was on a quest to come up with a great list of the 50 essential Canadian popular songs. For 10 weeks, Jian, the panellists and the audience built the list 5 songs at a time. Thousands of calls and letters poured in each week. It was an amazing debate. It was all about getting involved and fighting for your favourites in a spirit of fun and friendly competition. Canadians love their music and nothing divides or unites a country more than a debate about essential songs.

You put the list in order with your votes. And the 50 tracks countdown aired March 26. That 5 hour special of great Canadian music will be re-broadcast sometime this year. Check back here for details.

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