CBC Saskatchewan - Saskatoon assault focus of Dec. 6 vigil
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Saskatoon assault focus of Dec. 6 vigil
Last Updated Dec 2 2003 11:13 AM CST
CBC News
SASKATOON – A sexual assault at the University of Saskatchewan has become a focal point for this year's December 6th memorial for women.

Each year, Canadians remember the 14 women who died at the hands of a lone gunman at Montreal's Ecole Polytechnique in 1989. The anniversary has become a day to protest violence against women.

This year, for women at the University of Saskatchewan, the commemoration hits close to home.

The Coalition Against Sexual Assault says this summer an assault took place on the university grounds in an historical site called the Little Stone Schoolhouse.

A stranger attacked a woman in broad daylight while she was working there and at one point he had his hands around her throat.

She fought back and he ran away, but her family says she was so traumatized it has disrupted her schooling.

Maria Alexopoulus, director of the Students' Union Women's Centre, says it's not the only assault she has heard about, and not all of them are reported to police or campus security.

"I know that incidents that have been reported to the Women's Centre. For example, we've had about five or six in the last six months."

Alexopoulus says some of those incidents happened in the library while women were studying.

Now the women's centre wants the university to hire a victims' advocate who would help victims get through the school year while they deal with doctors, lawyers, and counsellors.

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Hear a report by Kathy Fitzpatrick (Runs 1:19 in RealPlayer)

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