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Address Book

Auto-Update LDAP Cards
Keep your server-based Address Book contacts synchronized with an LDAP based directory — perfect for mobile professionals.
Automate tasks in Address Book using the new Automator feature.
Certificate Support
View certificate information in your Address Book for contacts who provide public keys.
Contact Import File Formats
Import contacts into Address Book in a variety of formats, including tab-delimited and comma-separated text.
Dashboard Widget
Enjoy instant access to any contact in your Address Book directly from Dashboard.
Envelope Printing
Easily print custom-formatted labels and envelopes from your Address Book.
Pocket Address Book Printing
Print a handy pocket address book to take with you anywhere.
Share your Address Book with any .Mac user — ideal for family members or assistants.
Smart Groups
Create address book groups that update automatically based on rules you set up, such as upcoming birthdays.
Spotlight Contact
Find everything related to a contact in your Address Book with a single click — email exchanges, iCal appointments, files, attachments or anything else.


AppleScript Utility
Enable GUI scripting, manage folder actions and control the system Script menu from this new utility that manages AppleScript.
Code Sense for AppleScript
Save time and effort when developing scripts with a code-completion feature that suggests complete named elements before you’ve finished typing them.
Dictionary Viewer
Browse and search object hierarchies of scriptable applications for easier understanding of capabilities.
Data Events Suite
Create and parse SQLite databases.
XML Suite
Parse and edit XML data and files.
Property List Suite
Parse and edit property list (plist) files.
System Info Command
Get info about the operating system environment, including current IP address, user and more.
Secure Display Dialog
Use secure input for display dialogs to ensure privacy.
Improved Display Alert
New Display Alert command conforms to Aqua user interface.


Calculator Widget
Perform basic calculations right from the Dashboard with the Calculator Widget.
Dashboard Keyboard Activation Preference
Easily change the default key that activates the Dashboard.
Access mini-applications called Widgets with just the touch of a key — everything from a calculator and stock tracker to weather report and address book.
Calendar Widget
Quickly view the current day, date, week and month.
Dictionary Application
Look up troublesome words in a new dictionary and thesaurus system application based on The New Oxford American Dictionary.
Dictionary Widget
Find definitions by typing all or part of a word, and use the built-in thesaurus to find synonyms, antonyms and more — no Internet connection required.
Disk Utility Improvements
Enjoy improvements to ease of use, disk image handling, repairs and more.
Document Properties
Add important information to your TextEdit documents so Spotlight can better find and organize them.
Enhanced Dock Menu
Quickly set an application or document to open automatically when you login to your Mac — straight from the Dock.
Flight Tracker Widget
Follow upcoming flights and flights in progress. Just select an airline, flight number and destination or departure city.
Create 2D and 3D graphs with this full-featured equation grapher.
Improved RAID
Use disk utility for software RAID, now including mirrored, striped, concatenated, auto mirror rebuild and block size settings.
iTunes Widget
Play iTunes music using this simplified controller featuring play, pause, forward, back and volume controls.
List Support
Now create lists with numbers, letters and bullets and save them in TextEdit’s rich text format.
Phone Book Widget
Search by name or category to display the phone numbers and addresses for publicly listed U.S. businesses in your area.
Programmer Base 10 math Calculator
Use different systems like base 8 or hexadecimal with the upgraded calculator.
RPN Calculator
Use the reverse polish method of calculator input.
Save as HTML
Save TextEdit documents as HTML for use in websites and take advantage of support for strict compliance and style sheet formatting.
Scientific Calculator
Find a rich suite of scientific calculations and precision options in the new scientific calculator.
Smooth Scrolling
Enjoy more elegant scrolling when navigating long documents, web sites or email messages using a keyboard or mouse scroll wheel.
Spotlight in Open / Save Panels
Use the powerful new Spotlight to search for documents and folders directly from the open and save panels.
Spotlight Menu Hot Key
Bring up the Spotlight search field at any time with a dedicated keyboard shortcut.
Spotlight Menu
Search your computer any time from any application with the Spotlight menu bar — just click, type and find.
Spotlight Service
Put the Spotlight on any selected text in any Mac OS X application — from Microsoft Word to Mail and more.
Spotlight Support for Network Homes
Perform a Spotlight search on network-based Home directories in addition to searching local hard drives.
Spotlight Window
See your search results in a single, organized window that also provides a variety of information about each file — including thumbnail images.
Sticky Note Widget
Take quick notes or jot reminders on virtual sticky notes — right there on your Dashboard.
Stock Widget
Track your favorite international and domestic stocks and mutual funds, featuring current prices, charts and more.
Table Support
Create and save tables in rich text format documents, and import Microsoft Word documents that preserve table formatting.
Tile Game Widget
Scramble a photo and put it back together again — then create a different puzzle just by drag a new photo onto the Tile Game.
Translation Widget
Translate words and phrases instantly between 11 different languages right from your Dashboard.
Unit Converter Widget
Convert numerous weights and measures, including area, currency, energy, length, mass, power, pressure, speed, temperature, volume and weight.
Weather Widget
View the current weather conditions for cities around the world with beautifully rendered images — and view a six-day forecast.
Word XML Format
Import Word documents saved in XML format into TextEdit.
World Clock Widget
Check local time anywhere in the world or open multiple World Clock widgets for different time zones.
.Mac Member-Exclusive Widgets
Get members-only access to selected Dashboard widgets.


64-Bit Audio File Format
Record more than 4GB of audio into a single file in Core Audio Format.
Device Aggregation
Use multiple like devices as one virtual device in any Core Audio application.
iSight Integration
Enable iSight in the Sound Preference panel for regular audio input including speech recognition.


Bluetooth File Transfer
Securely share files and folders with other devices that use Bluetooth (requires Mac with built-in Bluetooth).
Bluetooth Headset Support
Use your Bluetooth headset as an input and output device, enabling hands-free audio conferences in iChat AV and more.
Bluetooth 1.2 Specification Support
Enjoy integrated compatibility with the Bluetooth version 1.2 specification.


AppleScript Studio Enhancements
Dynamically create toolbars, improved data views and more with AppleScript Studio.
GCC 4.0
Take advantage of the latest version of the GCC compiler, featuring support for 64-bit code generation.
Quartz Composer
Build stunning visualizations that leverage all of Mac OS X’s graphics technologies.
Xcode 2
Experience the second major release of Apple’s groundbreaking developer tools, which bring together ease of use, UNIX power and high-performance development technologies.

DVD Player

Control the audio in the DVD player with a powerful equalizer, including 10 individual sliders and four presets.
Enhanced Bookmarks
Bookmark favorite moments of a DVD for quick access later on.
DVD Navigator
View real-time information about the DVD being played with an on-screen, semi-transparent overlay.
DVD Video Clips
Designate a section from a DVD — start point and end point — for quick access to favorite moments later.
DVD Video Color Controls
Play your DVDs play in the highest quality even in different lighting conditions with on-the-fly video color correction.
DVD Video Zoom
Magnify the video image to reduce or eliminate the black letterbox bars that appear on some DVDs while maintaining high video quality.
Dock Icon
Play DVDs live on the Dock icon when the DVD window is minimized (requires Quartz Extreme).


Fax Logs and Archives
Keep logs and archives of your faxes.
Fax Status Menu
Set your Mac to receive faxes and see the status of fax jobs in progress from the menu bar.


Burnable Folders
Burn a CD or data DVD directly from the Finder by quickly creating a “burn folder” where you can drag and drop the files you want to save.
Finder Slideshow
Quickly create full-screen slideshow of any selected images directly from the Finder.
Metadata Info & Preview
View a wealth of information about any file, including metadata from Spotlight.
Smart Folders
Take the results of a Spotlight search and save it as a Smart Folder that automatically updates as you add or remove documents from your Mac.
Spotlight Find
Search all of your documents, images, emails and applications and view the results literally as fast as you can type in search words.
Spotlight Results Group View
View search results as a traditional list, icon view or a completely new group view that clusters found items based on type.

Font Book

Scriptable Font Book
Control every element of the Font System: scan documents for fonts, quickly create collections, manage fonts automatically based on certain actions and more.
Advanced Font Validation
Automatically check your fonts for problems and incompatibilities and see a detailed report about each one.
Font Export
Easily package up a set of fonts needed by colleagues or service bureaus with just a few clicks.
Font Libraries
Quickly activate fonts from any folder on your system or network.
Spotlight Font Search
Use Spotlight to search for a rich set of font attributes, or metadata, including copyright, foundry and more.

Graphics and Media

Core Image
Unlock the performance of today’s powerful graphics hardware and enjoy ultra-fast, pixel-accurate image processing.
Core Video
Enjoy amazingly high-quality video in QuickTime thanks to this advanced, hardware-accelerated video processing technology.
Automatic Font Smoothing
Automatically get the best technique for smoothing type on-screen based on your display, whether a CRT or flat panel monitor.
New Fonts
Get new fonts, new characters and a cool new collection of symbols.
Character Search
Easily find any glyph by typing its Unicode name or Unicode ID.
Dictionary Service
Call up a dictionary definition for any word on-screen with just one click.


Auto Event
Drag Address Book cards onto iCal to automatically create an event with a person or group. Drag an iCal To Do item into the main calendar view to create a new event, or drag events into your To Do list.
iCal Birthday Calendar
Always know the birthdays of everyone in your Address Book with this automatic calendar in iCal.
iCal Calendar Groups
Organize calendars in groups for easy viewing and managing.
Calendar Printing
Enjoy more sophisticated printing and layout options for your iCal calendars.
iCal Automator Actions
Simplify the process of creating and managing events in iCal by taking advantage of this complete set of Automator actions.
iCal Notifications Box
Act on incoming invitations and attendee responses in one easy-to-access location.
Spotlight Events
Find everything related to an iCal event or To Do in your iCal calendars with a single click — attendees, appointments, birthdays or anything else.

iChat AV

Switch to...
Quickly switch to different iChat accounts (AIM or Jabber) with just a few clicks.
AIM Profiles
Easily edit your AIM profile directly from iChat — no need to launch AIM first.
Buddy Controls for Parents
Specify the set of buddy handles that a child is allowed to chat with in iChat AV.
Buddy Groups
Organize all of your iChat AV buddies with a convenient grouping interface.
Jabber Support
Access friends and colleagues in the Jabber IM network from iChat AV.
Multi-person Audio Conferencing
Conduct an audio conference with up to 10 people at a time from iChat AV.
Multi-person Video Conferencing
Take part in video conferences with up to three people at a time from iChat AV and enjoy a stunning 3-D interface.
iChat and iTunes Integration
Show your currently playing tune in your iChat AV Status. With one click, your buddies can preview the track in the iTunes Music Store.
Improved video quality with H.264
Enjoy even higher quality video conferences over the same bandwidth thanks to iChat’s support for the new H.264 video codec.

Image Capture

Wireless Image Capture
Wirelessly import images from camera-equipped cellphones via Bluetooth or next-generation digital cameras via WiFi.


More Languages and Scripts
Tiger includes the Tamil language script, a new input mode for Korean and extended system fonts to support Greek (modern and classical), Vietnamese, Cyrillic and roman script languages of the former USSR.
Better Keyboard Support
Take advantage of nine new international keyboard layouts, including Canadian and Czech-QWERTY, plus an improved keyboard viewer.
Chinese Conversion
Convert between simplified and traditional Chinese with a new service.


Auto ISP Setup
Take advantage of new features that allow ISPs to create custom installers that automate the setup of email accounts.
Customized Compose Options
Visually customize which email elements — such as To:, CC: and Bcc: — should appear when you compose a new message.
HTML Message Composition
Mail uses the Safari engine to format newly composed email.
iCal Invitations in Mail
Automatically send iCal invitations to Mail.
.Mac Email Alias Support
Access email aliases defined for your .Mac account in the Mail application.
Mail and iPhoto Integration
Add photos you receive in email directly to iPhoto with a single click.
Mail Connection Doctor
Diagnose and fix networking issues directly from Mail with this powerful troubleshooting tool.
Mail Controls for Parents
Create an email-safe list for kids.
Mail Server Quota Management
Display information about the amount of mail server storage used/available on compatible email servers.
Message Priorities
View and set email message priorities and use these priorities for mail rules and Smart Mailboxes, too.
New Mail User Interface
Enjoy a more attractive layout for mailboxes, searches, and more.
NTLM v2 Authentication
Enjoy greater compatibility with a wide range of Microsoft Exchange email server configurations.
Per-account signatures
Use different email signatures for each mail account — like something fun for a personal account vs. serious for a business account.
Photo Controls in Mail
Resize photos before they are sent — Mail can tell you when a picture is too large for your ISP.
Slideshow in Mail
View a full-screen slideshow of pictures that have been attached to an email with a single click.
Smart Mailboxes
Organize your email to match the way you work using Smart Mailboxes that automatically fill themselves with email based on your criteria.
Spell Check Options
Set Mail to spell check your email before it is sent, as you type or never.
Spotlight Search in Mail
Search across even the largest mailbox or multiple mailboxes with pinpoint accuracy using the power of Spotlight.
.Mac Sync for Mail Settings
Keep your Mail accounts, signatures, rules and Spotlight-driven Smart Mailboxes fully in sync between different Macs.


Automatic Power Profiles
Experience more efficient battery usage because Tiger learns how you use your computer and automatically adjusts its power consumption to maximize battery life.
Automatic Projector Mirroring
Mirror your presentations on both your Mac and an external projector — Tiger senses external projectors automatically.
Network-based Home Directories
Access a network-based home directory even when offline, then automatically sync your work when you reconnect to the server.


Network Diagnostics
Quickly and easily locate the source of network problems and restore connectivity with the new network diagnostics tool.
NTLMv2 Authentication for SMB
Enjoy even greater compatibility with Windows File Servers through support for NTLMv2 authentication.
Secure WebDAV
Access WebDAV volumes securely using the Kerberos and https protocols.
VPN on Demand
Enjoy new VPN options: stay connected to a VPN server when switching user accounts or logging out, and direct all network traffic through the VPN connection.
Take advantage of the power of distributed computing with Xgrid, Apple’s easy-to-use tool that turns a group of Macs into a supercomputer.
AirPort Preferred Networks
Specify and rank multiple specific AirPort networks in the networking setup of System Preferences.
Kerberos VPN Support
Enjoy Kerberos-based authentication for single sign-on to a VPN network.


DNG File Format Support
Open files in the new Adobe DNG (Digital Negative) format using the Apple Preview application.
JPEG 2000 Support
Open files in the next-generation JPEG2000 image format using the Apple Preview application.
OpenEXR Image Format
Open images stored in OpenEXR file format using the Apple Preview application.
RAW Camera Image Support
Open images in the RAW file format used by Canon, Nikon and other models using the Apple Preview application.
Image Correction
Leverage the power of Core Image within Preview to adjust colors, exposure and more.
PDF 1.5 Document Compatibility
Take advantage of many popular features of PDF 1.5 in Preview.
PDF Annotations
View and create annotations to a PDF document from Preview.
PDF Forms
Fill out and print PDF forms from Preview.
Preview Screen Capture
Capture screen shots and more from Preview using features previously available in the Grab application.
Preview Slideshow
View an elegant full-screen slideshow of images opened in Preview.
Image Keywords
Add, remove and modify keywords for images in Preview.


Buy Printing Supplies
Easily purchase supplies for your printer right from Mac OS X Tiger.
GIMP Printer Configuration
Easily set up GIMP Print Drivers, which are installed by default and are configured like any other printer driver.
Secure Printing
Take advantage of strong authentication and encryption for shared printers.

QuickTime 7

Automatic Bandwidth Detection
Enjoy the fastest possible streaming feed based on your network connection. And if the feed is lost, QuickTime will reconnect automatically.
Live QuickTime Player Resizing
Enjoy clear, fluid playback of movies even as you change the size of your player window.
QuickTime Fullscreen Controls
Easily access all the controls you need — play, pause, stop, fast-forward and rewind — even in full-screen mode.
H.264/AVC Video Codec for QuickTime 7
Enjoy higher quality video at lower data rates with this ultra-efficient, fully scalable compression technology for video creation and playback.

Safari RSS

Archive a Web Page
Save the HTML and images for the current web page on your hard drive with just a few clicks.
Bookmark Search
Quickly search across all of your bookmarks, RSS bookmarks and history.
Email Web Page or Link
Email the contents or URL of the current web page without the hassle of cutting and pasting into a message.
Export Bookmarks
Export Bookmarks directly from Safari — perfect for sharing, archiving and more.
Inline PDF Viewing
View PDF documents directly in a Safari browser window — no other application required.
Private Browsing
Keep cookies, history and caches private when using Safari on a public access Mac.
RSS Auto Detection
Automatically detect the availability of RSS news feeds for a website so you can easily add them to your list.
RSS Bookmarks
Aggregate and filter RSS news feeds to create a topical bookmark.
RSS Update Notification
Safari displays the number of new RSS articles for an RSS feed, feed folder or personal clipping service.
Safari RSS View
View RSS news feeds for your favorite websites directly in Safari — no external news reader required.
Safari Website Controls for Parents
Keep your kids safe online by specifying exactly which websites they can access.
Security Certificate View
View the details of a secure website’s certificate simply by clicking the security lock icon during any secure web session.
Improved Safari Performance
Safari 2.0 on Tiger loads pages 1.8 times faster than Safari 1.2 on Panther.
Safari and iPhoto Integration
Easily save a picture from the web to iPhoto with a single click.


Certificate Assistant
Easily request, issue and manage certificates for small workgroups with this utility that blends many functions of a commercial Certificate Authority at none of the cost.
Firewall Log
Keep a log of all firewall activity, such as blocked sources, blocked destinations and blocked attempts.
Firewall Stealth Mode
Enjoy even greater security from hackers by ensuring that any uninvited traffic receives no response — not even an acknowledgment that your computer exists.
Government Smart Card Interface Standard (GSCIS)
Use secure smart cards that comply with U.S. Department of Defense standards.
Safe Downloads
Receive an approval alert message when the system or an application attempts to download files whose type or source is not trustworthy.
Secure Virtual Memory
Improve the security of your important information by ensuring that transitory data stored in virtual memory remains private.
Smart Card Authentication
Use a Smart Card to authenticate to your system or Keychain.
.Mac Keychain Sync
Keep your keychain fully in sync across your different Macs using your .Mac account.
Address Book Support for Certificates
View certificate information in your Address Book for any contacts that provide their public key.
Keychain Import/Export
Easily import and export certificates to and from your Keychain.
Password Helper
Use the Password Helper panel to pick a secure password.
Forgot Password
Conveniently reset the password for any user directly from the login window if you have set a master password for the system.
Keychain Access
Easily organize Keychain items with the new iTunes-style user interface, which also features a search field to easily locate a specific password or other item.
PDF Encryption
Quickly create encrypted PDF documents using Automator and the “Print to PDF” function.


Adaptive Screen Dimming
Save battery power as Tiger dims the display automatically when necessary.
About This Mac
View the name of the startup disk in the enhanced About This Mac menu — great if you have multi-drive setups.
Apple Remote Desktop 2.2 Client
Easily manage Mac desktops with the latest version of the Apple Remote Desktop client, now integrated into Mac OS X Tiger.
Burn Disk Images for Other File Systems
Burn CD and DVD disk images for any supported file system.
Integrated Sync Services
Get more from the improved Sync: faster performance, a simpler interface, and an extensible architecture that lets other developers tap into the Sync engine.
Battery System Menu
Easily change power management settings directly from the system menu.
Improved Energy Saver Preference
Enjoy greater flexibility and control in the improved Energy Saver preference panel — now featuring settings-dependent processor performance options.
Migration Assistant
Easily migrate from an old Mac to a new system any time using the Migration Assistant.
Safe Launch
Safely auto-launch an application after a crash.
System Profiler Improvements
Get more information about your Mac from over twice as many System Profiler reports, including detailed information about networks, rechargeable batteries, printers and more.
Easily automate complex and repetitive tasks without any programming — just like having a personal robot inside your computer.

System Preferences

New .Mac System Preference
Manage all the options for your .Mac account, including synchronization, from the improved system preference panel.
iTunes Album Art Screen Saver
Display album art from your iTunes music collection as a fun, ever-changing mosaic screen saver.
RSS Visualizer Screen Saver
View a realtime display of any RSS feed from Safari RSS as your screen saver — including Hot News from The graphic power of Quartz and Core Image make for an elegant effect.
iPhoto Desktop Pictures and Screen Saver
Choose any photo or album from iPhoto as your desktop picture or screen saver using the Desktop & Screen Saver preference panel.
Desktop Pictures
Choose from a collection of stunning new desktop pictures, including a vibrant new default desktop created exclusively for Mac OS X Tiger users.
Spotlight Preferences
Completely control what Spotlight searches and how results are displayed.
Target Disk Mode
Make your Mac appear to be a hard drive on another system with just one click by using the Target Disk Mode option in the Startup Disk Preference panel.
iSight Integration
Enable iSight in the Sound Preference panel for regular audio input including speech recognition.
Searchable System Preferences
Find any system setting simply by typing its name — or a synonym, or even a PC-only term — into the search field.

Universal Access

VoiceOver Spoken Interface
Access the Mac through speech, audible cues and keyboard navigation — designed for those with visual impairments.
Scalable Cursor
Resize the mouse cursor independent of screen size or zooming so it’s easier to locate and use.
Ignore TrackPad Input
Temporarily disable the built-in trackpad when using Mouse Keys to avoid unintentionally moving the cursor.


Spotlight Command Line Tools
Access Spotlight from a UNIX command line using mdls or mdfind.
Fine Grain Locking (SMP scalability)
Invite more threads to the party in your processor.
64-bit Virtual Memory
Run the new generation of 64-bit applications that address massive amounts of memory.
Access Control Lists (ACL)
Go beyond the limitations of traditional UNIX file permissions and enjoy greater flexibility over assigning access permissions to individual users.
HFS+ CLI file commands
Use command line file commands on HFS+ items with proper results. Utilities such as cp, mv, tar, rsync now use the same standard APIs as Spotlight and access control lists to handle resource forks.
Korn Shell
Run scripts written for Sun Solaris more easily via AT&T’s ksh.
Remappable Modifier Keys
Remap modifiers such as control and caps lock for compatibility with Windows and UNIX keyboard conventions.


SMB Symlink Support
Get support for UNIX-style symlinks on Windows SMB Shared Servers.

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