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Chosen Slayer
Created by Meric - Last Updated: May 21st 2003 08:26:20
Genre: RPG
12 and over - Not suitable for young children 


There was once a time, when life existed in perfect harmony. A prosperous age long
forgotten... by humans. What kept this balance in nature? Orianna of Evermyst, mother
nature if you will. Orianna is the human essence of the land. The people of Evermyst
trusted in Orianna and all her wisdom.

Evermyst is divided into 3 main races:


The races prayed to Orianna for strong magicks, for protection and to aid their clans.
Orianna trusting in the races as her own children, anwsered their wish. She took a
ceremonial knife and bleed her hands in to three pools of blood, from the blood formed the
emeralds. Orianna then gave one emerald to the Eclians, one emerald to the Dwarfs, and
one emerald to the Elvish. The emeralds were a gate of magick that channeled into

From then on life flourished, and Evermyst bloomed into the greatest realm of them all.
Until one day, a black pearl came falling from the sky and landed in the ocean. The great
races felt a familiar power from this and were drawn to it. Mesmerized by the power of
the black pearl, the races raged war upon themselves in attempts to claim the pearl for

Orianna was not prepared for a war such as this, the races were abusing their crystals,
each drought of magick taxed on her. Orianna was fading, she knew where the black pearl
came from, she knew what had to be done. With Orianna's remaining power she
destroyed the black pearl. Orianna disappeared, the emeralds became useless, and the war
ceased. With the pearl gone the races realized their horrible mistake and came together to
hide the emeralds where no one could find them. In hopes Orianna will one day return and
reclaim her power from the emeralds.

Today Evermyst stands once again prosperous, this time without the help of strong
And Orianna? Has never returned.

-Book 1 of past and prophecy


Chosen Slayer has been an ongoing project for awhile now X) (Ever since I started
kliking) And many different versions have been made, then I gave up and took a break
from kliking :( One not so special day I decided i would like to start kliking again and
began Chosen Slayer :) It is now my most anticipated project and I've never had so much
fun making a game like this before.


-Nice story and plot
-Nice anime sprites
-On screen enemies (No more random battles X))
-Classic RPG elements
-2 Overworlds to explore
-3 Main Characters
-2 Secret Characters
-High quality music and sound

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