Diskman is a suite of advanced programs designed to perform a variety of low level hard disk releated tasks not normally possible. Diskman is free for non-commerical use. Full script language, backup and restore Long File Names (LFN), archive compatible with DOSLFNBK, delete, create and manipulate disk partitions, quickly format FAT volumes, securely erase either volumes or entire drives, mount and manipulate disk images (such as those created for Rawrite), export volumes or entire physical drives for later restore, quickly copy every file into image files for easy backup and later restore, browse FAT volumes quickly and easily, directly edit disks at the sector level, support for all BIOS supported disks, DOS supported drives and Image files, help repair disks after a virus attack or rescue critical data, backup and restore CMOS memory images, including latest 256 byte chipsets.
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 Diskman Sunday 29th May 2005 

What Is Diskman?

Diskman is a suite of advanced programs designed to perform a variety of low level hard disk related tasks. Diskman is free for noncommercial use. Diskman products may be licensed for commercial use and may be fully customised to suit particular application requirements.


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Site News

17/02/2005 - Website fixed after a day of downtime cause by faulty router.

19/07/2004 - Diskman Boot Sector Debugger v0.1 released. This allows debugging of boot related issues by displaying useful disk information at bootup. This may be useful when the media cannot normally be booted - for instance with a USB memory stick which is normally accessed in Windows only.
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