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Are you in search of an understanding of the Universe and life? Would you like to know the origin, purpose, and destiny of mankind? Then Oahspe is a book for you. Study Oahspe and find out just how amazing it is.

On page 2 of OAHSPE verses 24 and 25 it states clearly that OAHSPE is not a perfect book so it is not surprising that it contains some errors. OAHSPE also states plainly that the revelations in it are not all new to mortals, so it would not be surprising to find some information in it from previous sources. The author/messenger of OAHSPE is not important. It is the Message that is important, so anyone who is or has attacked John Ballou Newbrough is wasting their time and is missing the message.

Ray Palmer said Oahspe's BOOK OF COSMOGONY might have been written by today's space scientist [space age scientist from 1957 to present]. Much of the science in Oahspe has only recently been "discovered". Newbrough could not have "guessed" so rightly especially in the face of all the authorities of his day. Today [since 1958] space satellites are discovering "how it is" out in space, while in 1882 [first written in 1881] OAHSPE contained the same information! As an instance, the now famous Van Allen radiation belts complete as to nature, shape, and height. The scientific reader is overwelmed by the science of Oahspe.

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OAHSPE contains much information in it that has proven to be true, example; Oahspe said that the Earth has a invisible vortex around it, and that the vortex was comet shaped. The vortex was 42,000 miles from the surface of the earth to the rim of the nose with variations, the tail of the vortex streches somewhat beyond the moon. OAHSPE said that magnetism was one of the manifestations of the vortex.

In 1958 when the U.S. first sent up space satellites scientist discovered the invisible magnetosphere of the Earth. They discovered that the magnetosphere was comet shaped and that it was aprox. 40,365 miles from the surface of the earth to the nose which fluctuates. Scientist also discovered the magnetotail streched well beyond the moon. The magnetosphere was first theorized in 1931, but OAHSPE had that information 1n 1881(original manuscript before publishing).

An Astronomer in 1997 said "The OAHSPE author has described the interaction of presumably the solar vortex with planetary or cometary vortices and deduced correctly what the effect of solar emmanations on a diffuse spherical structure would be." The other interesting thing about that is not only was the magnetosphere unknown then, but so was the solar magnetic field and the solar wind. So not only did the OAHSPE author "deduced correctly what the effect of solar emmanations on a diffuse spherical structure would be", but the author also "deduced" correctly that there was a solar vortex.

OAHSPE BOOK OF COSMOGONY AND PROPHECY CH.I:2,5,8 says "The earth floateth in the midst of a vortex, the outer extremity of which is somewhat beyond the moon. The outer rim, forty-two thousand miles broad, of the Earth's vortex, the greater diameter of the vortex is east and west, the lesser diameter is north and south...At this age of the comet, it showeth nearly the configuration of it's own vortex; it's tail being the m'vortex'ya. If it appear to the east of the Sun it's tail turneth eastward; if west of the sun, it turneth westward."

From the book EXPLORING THE UPPER ATMOSPHERE by Richard A. Craig copyright 1968 pages 136-137 says "The magnetosphere, beyond about 30 Earth radii, on the side of the Earth away from the sun,...On the side away form the Sun, there is a much more extended region called a 'tail', which may reach out well beyond the moon; although this question is not yet settled...our understanding of the magnetosphere is very limited because only the far-ranging space probes can study it. A vast amount of work remains to be done."

From the book AURORA BOREALIS THE AMAZING NORTHEREN LIGHTS copyright 1979 by S.I. Akasofu page 69 says "Our understanding of the aurora began to improve dramatically about 10 years ago as a result of a very intensive study. Scientist view this phenomena in terms of an electrical discharge [As did OAHSPE in 1881] powered by the magnetosphere generator [The Earth's vortex Oahspe says]. They are now engaged in proving this theory with information gathered by satellites and rockets - INFORMATION UNOBTAINABLE BEFORE THE SPACE AGE." Page 71 of Akasofu's book says "a cavity, shaped like a comet is formed around the earth. It is the Earth's invisible magnetic field. The cavity is called the magnetosphere." On page 72 of Akasofu's book it says "Professor Sydney Chapman, a physicist who, with his colleague, Vincenzo Ferraro, was the FIRST to THEORIZE the formation of the MAGNETOSPHERE in 1931." OAHSPE BOOK OF COSMOGONY AND PROPHECY II:25 says "A complete planetary vortex is a globe, or nearly so, and it's manifested light like a complete magnet."

Comet Kohoutek, like most comets, exhibits a similar kind of shape as the cavity called the magnetosphere. This cavity is formed around the earth when the solar wind "blows" in our vicinity.

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In Akasofu's book it says "some of the magnetic field lines of the solar wind are CONNECTED to a bundle of magnetic field lines of the earth across the boundary of the magnetosphere." OAHSPE BOOK OF COSMOGONY AND PROPHECY III:2 says "The half of the Earth's vortex (for example) which faceth toward the sun is a concave lens to the earth. A similar lens, but far larger, is at the sun-centre: The convex faces of the two lenses are toward each other forever. They are ethereally [invisibly, subatomicly] CONNECTED by solutions of copor needles linear in position." Scientist in 1979 said the magnetic field lines of the solar [sun] wind are CONNECTED to a bundle of magnetic field lines of the Earth across the magnetosphere. Oahspe in 1881 said the vortexia [magnetic] lens of the Sun is CONNECTED to the vortexian [magnetic] lens of the earth ethereally [invisibly, subatomicly].