Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Bad news I totaly got suspende from school

I am going to be in so much troubel tonight. I got in to a fight with a neocon fascist war mongrel at lunch today. It is very un progressive of me to indugle in hatrid but I really realy hate this kid. It went down like this:

I was in social studies and mr galdwell was like: "Even thou war is never teh answer the war against afghanistan was good becasue we won and the afghan people have freedom now and a democarticly elected (fraud) goverment and now the iraq people have there freedom now and a democraticly elected (fraud) goverment and so because of so caled freedom billions of iraq and afghanistan people there for in this case war was good".

and I was like: "no way! Tthe imperialist colonialist neocon fascist war mongrels sub-jugated the paecefull afghanistan people and the peacefull iraq people in order to steel there oil and heroin and it is all about the oil and heroin."

Then this kid tyson who is a typical nerocon jesus freak wing nut cowboy (even wears a cowboy hat adn drives a pick up truck (not fuel effecient)) he says: "WTF Dean (not my really name) you are a nut sit down you nut."

And I'm all like: "Oh yeah make me"

And hes' all like: "whatever dude"

And I'm all like: "whatever"

And hes' all like: "fuh" and rolls his beady eyes

And I'm all like: "that is so typical of you hate filled neocon hate preaching vermin"

aND HEs' all like: "dude STFU seriously"

And then mr Gladwell is all like: "Dean (not my real name) sit down"

And I'm all like: "this is how you intollerant wingnut neocon propagandists operate. A like minded progressive like myself voices a disenting opinion and you imediately release the hounds (of silencing debate) to cursh that disent."

And then I sat donw because I made my stand.

And throu the rest of the class tyson was like making stupid comments real quiet.

Then class got out and I was walking out and tyson was walking ahead of me so I finally caled him on hit hateful intolerant neocon dogma and I totaly punched him in the back of the head.

NWEays that is how my day went and I am realy in trouble but that is how much I dispize the neocons and when my parents comb home there going to be like "theres no way you can take over the family busness if you ca'nt maintain a 2.5 GPA of get kicked out of school etc."

But I will be like what ever because I totaly punched a neocon!

UPDATE: I am grouned from the computer for like 2 weeks but taht only mean that I cant' blog un less I am home alone or if parents are gone to teh store or are fightning with there door closed like now. I was totaly cool when tehy came home. They were like: "Wat were you thiinking, Dean (not my real name)?"

And I was jsut like "hey man dont' opress me!"

I realy show'd them the powre of a like minded progressive like myself with courage of convictions!!!

UPDATE 2: There still fightnig abotu this situation. It is 82:5pm I am now gonig to live blog tihs spectacale!

8:30pm At frist there was a lot of yelling about how there going to make me go to camp (rumsfeld concentration camp) again this year and how I am ungovernible and I'm like: "you have to let me be me and not opress me or hold me down". Then there like: "do you even thnink about the consaquenc's of youre action" and I'm like : "hey man thinking is NOT a thought crime!" and then they sent me to teh den and mom statred crying and they went to there bed room. Right now it is lots' of yelling and screaming abotu why I shoudl go to camp on one side and why I shoudl get a job on teh other side.

8:40pm Moore yelling about she allways want me to go to camp wehn they go on a seprat vacation adn he isalways cant teach me work ethec becasue I always quit my jobn which is totaly not my fault that I can not in good conscince work in a industry that opresses cows and exploites them for there milk (like a darey like my last job. did you know taht darey cows often wade knee deep (cow knees) in there own bodily waste for like a week tehn the neocon cowboy scrapes up the cow manure and spreads it on teh corn feild?) like my lats job.

Tehn at 8:37 somthing broke. Probly one of her stupid hummer figureens!

8:50pm Now its' on to the standerd fight script. he say's she is a alchoholic. She say's he is important (how is that a insult??)

9:00pm More of teh same. He is yelling she is cryig and screaming. She just came out....

She is like "i love you Dean (not real name) but you disapoint me" and Im all like "hav another drink you lush" becasue she smelled like wild turkey but I didn't say that but I wanted to . Then she whent to the kitchen and got that black bottle of vampire which is a merlot that smells like rotten flesh.

9:10pm All quiet. I think some thing is wrong she has not packed her day bag yet

9:20pm I think there still fighting but doinig it real quiet so I can't here. I think she tryed to hit him again and now there wresteling becasue I can hear the some thing sliding around on the floor a little bit a minuet ago and now the bed is squeeking. I hoep he does'nt hurt her.

9:30pm Some thing is defanitely wrong there still wrestling on teh bed and she is like trying to cry otu for help and preying to god and he is probly totaly forcing her to agree whith him abotu how I need work ethec because she keep saying yes yes repeatedly over and over. i need to go see if she is o.k.


At 2:23 PM, Momto10 said...

Golly, Dean (not your really name)! I'm so sorry you got suspended! I must say, though, that I am appalled that you resorted to violence. You'd better take a time out in the corner of the blog, and think about what you have done young man!

At 2:28 PM, hotlibgirl said...

Oh no Dean. I hope yur paretns still let u blog. I got expelled form skool 4 bringing a nale file to skool.

I wuz like, but it is like cardbard. It wuz jus cuz it had a poynted tip. And all so cuz i kept sniffing glue in art class. I wuz like whatevre.

I looked at yur family busy ness. What is binking?

I hope u kicked that eviiiil, vile neocons a$$. I mene, like duh. What a dummy. Notise evil and vile have teh same letters. C, I lerned in skool.

U r still hot!!

At 3:53 PM, stoorat said...

momto10 said,
"I am appalled that you resorted to violence."

How dare you criticize the glorious leader of our impending revolution?!? dean has already proven himself, showing great wisdom, perserverence, and general all-around like-mindedness in the face of adversity. I think we can all safely assume that if he felt it necessary to resort to violence in this situation, then it was completely justified. If he felt that the filty conservative's ideologies were creeping into his mind, then it could even be considered a case of self-defense!

Having proven himself in the past, I see no reason whatsoever why we would ever question his actions or motives at any foreseeable point in the future, and I think that any like-minded, progressive persyn would agree with me on this point.

At 4:02 PM, David Skarbek said...

I am disheartened that you are so hypocritical and stupid. I hope the youth as a whole are better than you.

---David (my real name)

At 5:18 PM, Momto10 said...

Okay, Stoorat, you need to join Dean (not his really name) in the corner of the blog. How dare you criticize me for criticizing Dean (not his really name)!!!

He is not my leader, and he certainly hasn't proven himself to be an expert in anything except making typos! I am not a "like-minded progressive." I am a raging, ranting, angry conservative who eats LIBERALS for breakfast!

At 5:30 PM, Emerson said...


Great blog. I'm larfing my arse off!

Keep it up....

At 6:52 PM, stoorat said...

How dare you criticize me for criticising you for criticizing dean?!? I mean, your certainly welcome to your opinion, but like-minded progressives are clearly morally, spiritually, and ethically superior to conservatives (I never fail to be amazed that your type hasn't figured that out by now), so I'd think that I have the right to make a character judgement here.

momto10, your anger stems from your fear. I'm sure that the first evolved (not created) cavemyn were afraid of fire the first time they saw it. But some progressive, dare I say it--liberal--cavemyn saw the benefits afforded by flame, and they formed paleolithic unions and lobbied their prehistoric congress to raise taxes, thereby obtaining large federal grants (of peat moss or pelts or whatever they used for money back then)...and look around you. Now we have such wonderful things as electricity, global communications, and Will & Grace. All because of progressives. If it were up to your kind of people, we'd all still be afraid of thunder and flinging poo while screeching nonsensically at our own shadows.

Sheesh, such a neanderthalistic viewpoint...I bet you even spank your 10 kids(!!)

At 7:26 PM, Tyee Burgess said...

Hey man,

I admire your fight and agree with what you say but I think this entire situation is really a anti-progressive stance. It is a nice idealistic argument, but treating people in that way (no matter how dumb they are) wont get you anywhere. I know you said you don't normally do this, but if it was actually in you to pull that off then there is a problem you need look at.

Here is a reference to an article that I found. It is called "Your Politics are Boring As Fuck" Take a read.

At 7:45 PM, stoorat said...


I tried to read that article all the way through. However, since:

1. my mouth-breathing, evil conservative parents let me watch T.V. too much as a kid,

2. I was therefore diagnosed with ADHD, ADD, SBD, and AD&D;, and

3. The school system didn't work hard enough to motivate me to develop good study habits or a decent work ethic,

I kept getting distracted every other sentance by the rare and endangered Bavarian tree frogs which were croaking in the Haliburton-funded oil fields and nuclear weapon respository on the other side of my backyard fence. I assume that it was a tirade against those droning, boring conservatives (like Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh), and so I wholeheartedly endorse your contribution to the discussion.

Keep on fighting the good fight, and keep the faith, brother! In the end, the deans will rise up and completely eradicate those evil neocons in the name of diversity and tolerance!

At 7:55 PM, J.J. Bennett said...

Interesting blog; I wish I could be this witty and scorchingly satirical. It's so sarcastic I almost can't tell whether it is a parody or not. If it is not, it should be! ;)

At 9:55 PM, howie said...

Deen is not a parody he is progressive. He is for progressiv change and passive survival.

At 11:10 PM, Stevey said...

oH boy! I amn glad taht ive found this blog! Yuo see, I am pregessive to and my parents arent' nice 2 me ether. But! iam condused. What is a noecon? Is it is sounds like teh matrix, but you gus dont like the mattrix? or is it soemone who deos not liek poltics?

i am a progessive because I think its soOOO sad what bush is doing with the war and the palastine children!! They need greeday 2 and Im only 16 so I don't hae any money but Ia m an artist so I will make some realy REALY cool logoes for you to use that are REALY gong to get poeple to give yuo lots of money garenteed!! I'm going to get strated now and not even finsih my mnath hoemwork ! (i think bush invented polynoemials hahah!!)!

At 10:03 AM, howie said...

I did what you said Deean04pres and got my own BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!

At 10:13 AM, hotlibgirl said...

Dean, I hoep yur mom is o kay. even if she is a lush. U hav 2 let us knoe.

See if yur parnets wherent eviiiil vile neocons tehy wood b like I prowd of U son. But nooooooo!! Tehy want 2 send U to a eviiiiil vile neocon camp.

Dean I will wate 4 U.

Dean + hotlibgirl (not my rele name)= 4-ever and ever.

At 10:33 AM, stevey said...

Hay, I jsut noeticed soemthig---evil adn vile have teh same leters. huh, that cant' be coinsicdense?

dean, i ahev some new kickin new gdcd4pc logoes. il'l put tehn up somwhere 2nite and sedn yuo the link---there going to maek U lot's of $$ for thek ids!

At 10:35 AM, hotlibgirl said...

Stevey, u r so smart to cee that!! U must b a like minded porgresseive liek me and Dean (not his real name.) R u hot like Dean?>

At 11:43 AM, hotlibgirl said...

Dean, this pore guye got suspende 2!!1!!

I swere, this is a conspearacy from teh eviiiiiil vile neocons. Those Jesus frekes r just pised tehy cant espress tehmselves. This is aganst this poor guys 1st amendment rihgts that only Jesus peple cant have. I mene, like, duh!!!

At 3:48 PM, hotlibgirl said...

Deeeeaaaaannnnnn!!! Were R U??? I miss U so! I wuz crying so hard i didnt see this branch wen I wuz riding my bike and this tree branch wacked me in teh face. I hav this huuge skrathc on my face that my likeminded progresive freind says looks like a elefant and thta simbol is used by eviiiil vile neocons. It maid me cry rele harder. I miss U!!

At 6:31 PM, libgirlisHOT said...

hottie, can I kiss ur cut and make it all better? by the way, Im not a gurl, im a dude and Im 18 and im close to Orlando and i have a car and i think ur HOT@ Hotlibgirl+libgirlIShot=4ever

At 6:35 PM, wrestlinglibgurlsisfun said...

Dean, you're totally psycho, dude. Like, youre against the war cause its violence against others, yet ur using violence against someone, just cause they have a diffrnt opinion than u... dude... is that how a true progressive would act? tthats more like a neocon would be than a ture like minded progressive. im starting to have my doubts about ur coolness dude. (BTW dont worry about ur mom and dad, sounds like they wuz havin some fun, makin another dean!)

At 8:17 PM, stevey said...

hay, hear its my 2dn pic ofr 'gdcdforpcp'! its aminated! so cool! poepel see this, they thnik 'this dean, he msut be a pro! ill sned him MY $$

it hink this one even bettetter then teh last! teh girl is sure to make nocons clikc on it liek crazy!!;=animbaner2.gif

At 1:36 PM, lesbianlib4u said...

hi hotlib. do you like girls?

At 8:55 AM, Joatmoaf said...

Welcome to the club Dean.
I too was suspended (expelled actually) from Skool back in the day.
I was actually trying to do a good, progressive deed by breaking up a potential riot (I was sucsesful) when it happened.
All I did was take a pistol I had bought that morning and shoot the floodlights out over the heads of the angry crowd that was gathered outside the gym.
They were angrily squashing dissent by blocking entrance and attacking anyone who tried to get past them.
I simply offered an alternative option. Get out of my way or else.

They didn`t take me seriously so I shot the lights out to make my point.
It was a purely progressive thinking action. I mean, I could have kneecapped a few, but no, I just shot over their heads.
Even then (pre-Colombine) the skool and police had zero progressive tolorance for such things so I got booted out.
Remember, guns don`t kill, bullets do.

At 8:44 PM, Drago Milovechek said...

Dean you should sit back and take a good look at you'reself violence should only be usesd as a last resort if not it is only leading to a poisoning of you're soul and then where will you be nowwhere!


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