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    The LCB are a Clockwork Street Punk band who came out of Austin TX in late 1994 to fill the void of the lack of punk in their area. Their name came not from ACO, but from the liner notes of "Germacide" by punk legends The Germs.  They have a great classic punk sound something like Black Flag, Ramones & The Misfits music meets Sex Pistols vocals with a heavy ACO influence in the lyrics of a few songs. Their mascot drawn by Bones is a skull with long eyelashes, bowler had and eyeball t-shirt like Alex wore affectionately called "Droog Skull". Two of their mottos has become "Come on Droogies" and "Sex, Droogs and Rock and Roll". These kind of things appear on most of their memorabilia like t-shirts, posters and buttons. Even better is a shirt they have for the song "Ultra-Violence". It parodies the classic ACO poster and features Alex holding a beer - the logo above is from that shirt. The singer and bassist have also adopted the trademark bowler hat on stage.
    Singer Bones DeLarge, real name Shaun, was a young punk when he became inspired by The Adicts at age 13 to get into ACO and become a Clockwork Punk. LCB have even had the chance to do shows with them. He has paid his dues by even doing a stint in jail. 
    They band is heavily tattooed with Bones in the lead with the most ACO ones. He has Alex's bloody eyeballs tattooed on his arms, "Droogs" on his stomach, Alex's prison number 6655321 on his arm, the Hat book cover on his back and a voodoo droog on his leg. Marty has the Droog Skull and clockwork gears, EVO has a gear and a zombie Alex.
    Like any punk punk band worth their weight they have released many 7"s. They have three full length releases that can be found on CD - "Rather be Hated than Ignored" from 1998, "The Plot Sickens" from 2000 and "A Class Of Our Own" from 2003. All are kick ass modern punk classics. Great crunching raw guitar sounds and angry  vocals with catchy hooks. 
    In 2003 they updated their website to include an ACO related intro complete with music from the soundtrack, classic nadsat phrases and everything in an ACO font. After five years of the same lineup of Bones (Vocals), Marty (Guitar) and Rick (Bass) and Rob Brat (Drums) things finally came to an end. Rick left the band and was replaced by Houston Richardson. Rick came back a year later, but Rob was in an accident and could no longer play so he was replaced by Leather Boy. He was replaced soon after by Brad Strap On then by Mike Brat. Rick left and was replaced by Ry Nauseous who was replaced EVO in early 2003. Mike Brat left in June 2004 for his sanity and was replaced with Johnny Psycho who unfortunately couldn't leave the Austin area. For the Fall 2004 tour he was replaced with Cheap Sex drummer Gabe Sex. In 2005 they hit Europe and Canada.

The current lineup is:
Bones DeLarge - Vocals
Marty Volume - Guitar
EVO - Bass
Johnny Psycho - Drums



Format Year Notes/Song
Working Class Punk Demo 7" 1995 200 copies/Self Released
Who Writes Your Rules EP 7" 1995 HOO26 - 1500 copies/Helen of Oi! (UK) - Who Writes Your Rules/Safety Pinned and Sick/Riot in Hyde Park/Do it Again
LCB/Reducers SF split 7" 1996 POD001 - 800 Black/200 White/Pair-O-Docs Records - Ultra Violence/Start the Night
A Wrench in the Gear 7" 1996 HOO30 - 1500 copies - Helen of Oi! (UK) - Background Music/Who Controls The Media?
LCB/Dead End Cruisers split 7" 1996 STN001 - 500 Blue/Second to None Records - Addicted to Oi!/Who Do They Save?
Punks, Skins, Herberts & Hooligans 12" 1997 PC002 - 1000 copies, 1st 200 w/insert/Punk Core - Bite the Bullet/Process of Weeding Out/Working Class Protest/Orphans Don't Run/Russian Roulette
LCB/Templars split 7" 1998 Round4 - 500 picture Disc/800 Black/200 Orange/TKO Records - We Can't Be Beaten (Rose Tattoo Cover)
Primary Reinforcement 12" 1998 1st 8 songs - 500 B/W Cover
Rather Be Hated Than Ignored CD 1998 Punk Core - Ultra Violence/Background Music/Do it Again/Orphans Don't Run/There's a Difference/Start the Night/Addicted to Oi!/Safety Pinned and Sick/The Process/Who Writes Your Rules/Bite the Bullet/Clockwork Fuse
Live in Austin, TX 98 VHS 1998 ?
Primary Reinforcement 12" 1999 1st 8 songs - 500 Blue Cover w/sticker
Psycho 7" 1999 CR040 - 1500/1st 100 w/#'d insert - Psycho/Situations/Rather Be Hated
Glam Bastard 7" 1999 Round23 - 1800 Black/200 Orange w/#'d color poster/TKO - Glam Bastard/Live for Today (The Sweet Cover)
The Plot Sickens LP/CD 2000 800 Black/150 Grey/green splatter - Airwave Raid/Insult to Injury/Chaos, Riot and Ruin/ Not for Sale/Who Controls the Media?/Sex and Violence/Psycho/Beat of a Different Drum/Molotov/Glam Bastard/The Hand We're Dealt/Zipper Kids/Rather Be Hated
Rather Be Hated Than Ignored LP 2001 PC Pic LP13 - 1000 Numbered Picture Disc w/lyric poster
Deface the Music 7" 2002 PC25 - 800 Black/100 Purple/100 Clear/Punk Core - Just Like Clockwork/Rabid Dog/Breakaway (Tracey Ullman)
The Clockwork Singles Collection CD 8/03 PC29 - 1st nine singles - Who Writes Your Rules/Safety Pinned and Sick/Riot in Hyde Park/Do it Again/Ultra Violence/Start the Night/Background Music/Who Controls The Media/Addicted to Oi!/Who Do They Save?/Bite the Bullet/Process of Weeding Out/Working Class Protest/Orphans Don't Run/Russian Roulette/We Can't Be Beaten/Psycho/Situations/Rather Be Hated/Glam Bastard/Live for Today/Just Like Clockwork/Rabid Dog/Breakaway
A Class Of Our Own LP/CD 9/03 PC31 - Half Orange & White vinyl/Blood splattered vinyl - Golden Boy/No Doves Fly Here/Just Like Clockwork/Our Dignity/ Standard Issue/Go All the Way/Losers Club/ I Don't Wanna/LCB Roadcrew/Barbie Dolls/Dance (Until You Drop) - The Defects Cover/Shot up, Shot Down
The Worst EP 7" 2004 Dirty Punk Records (France)/Green & White Splatter Vinyl - The Worst/Walking into the Fire
New Album LP/CD 6/05 ?



Format Year Songs
Don't Pogo in the Living Room CD 1996 Orphans Don't Run/Pogo Stick (USA)
Cashing in On Christmas CD 1996 The Drinking Song (Gonads cover)
Punx Unite Vol. 1 LP/CD 1998 Who Do They Save?/Charged (USA)
Skins 'N' Pins CD 1999 There's A Difference/GMM (USA)
Punch Drunk CD 1999 Live For Today/TKO (USA)
Streetpunk '99 - Live CD 1999 Orphans Don't Run/Bite the Bullet
100% Punk Rock Vol. 2 CD 1999 Who Writes Your Rules/Rather Be Hated
7" of the First Era Vol. 2 LP 1999 Who Writes Your Rules/Wrench in the Gear
Never Mind the Sex Pistols CD 2000 Belsen Was a Gas/Radical (USA)
Cheap Shots & Low Blows V1 CD 2001 We Can't Be Beaten/TKO (USA)
Sound Of Rebellion Vol. 2  CD 2001 Chaos Riot & Ruin/Runnin' Riot/Orphans Don't Run
All That's Left After the Puking CD 2001 Breakaway/Who Controls The Media (Live)
Punk Core Records Sampler #1 CD 2002 Just Like Clockwork/Airwave Raid/ Ultra-Violence
AMP Magazine Presents: Volume 2 - Street Punk CD 2004 Just Like Clockwork


I interviewed Bones again as well as EVO in North Carolina on 11/24/04. This was all off the cuff with no planned questions.

Alex Thrawn: How did you get in the band?

EVO: A couple guys I knew who played bass and drums asked me if I wanted to join the band because they were going to quit after they went on a brief two week tour. I said sure and when they came back from tour they quit, Bones and Marty didn't know about it, those guys gave them my number and Bones called me. We set up a practice and they had a new drummer at the same time so the drummer, me, Bones and Marty had a first practice and hit it off pretty well. I knew some of the songs already because the bass player had given me a tape to practice with so I learned them. The drummer had gone on tour with them so he knew the songs, so we hit it off well. That was just over two years ago and since then we've got another drummer in April.

AT: Every couple of months right?

EVO: (Laughs) Yeah, because Mike, the drummer, has a seven year old kid, a family and a lot of responsibilities. Touring wasn't paying much, he couldn't pay the bills. That's cool, you know. He did well, he fit in really good and I've got respect for him because he had to take care of his own shit. We've got a new drummer, Johnny, and he's good. He doesn't have a kid, I've got nothing against people with kids, that's fine...I don't want any! Anybody out there who wants to, just kidding. Seriously...

AT: A Clockwork Orange - which came first for you the book or the film?

EVO: Probably the book. I remember in high school trying to search the racks for a book to read in the fiction category for a couple weeks. It is fiction...and there it was - Anthony Burgess!

AT: How old were you then?

EVO: Probably 15 or 16, 9th grade....was that the right age?

AT: Nadsat age.

EVO: Oh, yeah - totally! I never really...I don't know. I read it, but it didn't seem like I grasped it at the time. Do you know what I mean?

AT: You didn't have the glossary?

EVO: No...I'm sure it had a glossary if I can remember. Shit, I can't remember that far back! Whatever the reason, I read it and put it aside and went on with other shit. I had other things going on, meaningless things that meant more to me, if that makes any sense. It wasn't until a few years later that I saw the movie. I kind of came back and kept it in the back of my head since 1985 or so. That's 14 years?

AT: That's almost 20 years.

EVO: 19 years! Shit! 19 years of having that swimming around in my head and then Lower Class you want to join? No brainer.

AT: Did you go back to the book after?

EVO: Oh yeah, I keep reading it. I still read it, I've got a glossary right up there. When I started getting into punk music in the mid 80s, The Adicts and Major Accident came out and I recognized that element. Seeing the movie, reading the book, seeing the bands come out in white, bowlers, what they sang about - the movie imagery - encompasses a lot of stuff. A kid, I'm just talking about myself, would rebel against maybe it would be authority figures, parents, bullies, everyone that wasn't your immediate friend. A little close group of people, for Alex it was his little droog gang and that was all he had. He didn't have any schoolmates, not that we know of, unless there was some other...

AT: They weren't even really friends, they turned really fast.

EVO: Yeah, right! (Laughs) They weren't even really friends. Before I even read the book, unfortunately, I'm sorry to a lot of people that I knew, it kind of went that way. I remember being in little groups of people where I'd throw rocks at them because they didn't do something I thought they should've done. That's really mean and fucked up, but I was a kid, what did I know? I was just under the assumption that this is how it's going to be. If I was going to hang out with somebody it should be like this. It wasn't, so I...not a big rock! I wasn't going to kill the kid, it was just to annoy him more than anything else. I probably ran away more friends that I could have had, good friends. My brain is not normal, to join the LCB, most people wouldn't do it. I'm sure someone with a more perverted mind would jump at the chance, which I did. I'm not saying I'm too severely perverse or anything, but touring in a band like this...I don't know.

AT: You have to really want to do it.

EVO: Yeah! You have to want to do it and you have to accept a lot of things that a normal citizen in society probably wouldn't want to do. The things the band does mirrors a lot of stuff in the book. Things that they did. We don't gang rape girls or anything like that. We just entertain thoughts and things and try to have a good time. We keep abreast of everything and try not to let ourselves fall on the ground. That's what Alex did, everybody wanted to implement new ideas, why? this is working. Don't even think about anything else, other than what we are doing. We are able to do whatever we want. As a band we are in the position right now of almost entertaining ideas of implementing new things, but we always go back to the basics. What Bones and Marty originally set out to do - the music, the attitude of the songs with the whole Clockwork theme.

AT: So you think if you did any sort of drastic thing it would be an Alex change that wouldn't work?

EVO: I think so. If you asked me with my kid behavior when I was 12, now that I come out and I'm older than 12. As a group, especially as a group, the nucleus of me, Bones and Marty - I've already seen a change. We've gone through two drummers since I got in the band.

AT: You're not the new guy anymore.

EVO: Right, I'm not the new guy anymore. I feel like I fit well with Bones and Marty - their ideas and direction, what they are thinking and what I'm thinking. What we project. It's pretty similar, same kind of thinking. Johnny our drummer also fits it, he's new, that's the only thing I can fault him for, it's not really a fault. What was the question again?

AT: Change. Alex changed and got in trouble.

EVO: Right. We're even writing new songs now that are not what someone would expect. You would expect like say Van Halen, they were pretty hard and raw at first, then they went to keyboards. Who even knows what they are now.

AT: They don't exist.

EVO: Right! (Laughs). After Rather Be Hated, Plot Sickens, A Class of Their Own - now, what are they going to do.

AT: It's hard because there is no real punk history to follow. Bands come and go - like the Sex Pistols.

EVO: They come and go. The reason why is because it goes back to, we're not trying to, it's what comes out - songs that are back to basics. A lot of songs sound like between Rather be Hated and Plot Sickens, that time, the 1997 era. 97 or 77, one of the two.

AT: That's not a conscious though to go back?

EVO: Not even. It's just what's coming out when we make it up. We think of a melody, Bones comes up with these words that fit in with the feeling of the songs, he comes up with an idea, we've got a riff and there it is. You'd be surprised.

AT: Punk is what it is. You can't just say 'let's throw in a keyboard', it's not really possible. You have to say in the framework?

EVO. Right. We're going to have a couple different instruments on it.

AT: Violin, like The Adicts?

EVO: No. No strings. We're maybe going to go with some ivory.

AT: Piano.

EVO: Yeah. We've got some piano possibilities.

AT: Are you going to be able to take that on the road?

EVO: Maybe some local shows. Maybe within Texas. Who knows? If the piano player...I'd like to play that live. A lot of songs we've recorded with piano like 'The Difference' I wish we could have someone out there playing those parts with us live. To me it sounds better. We'd have to find someone with the duel job of piano player/driver or merch guy. We haven't found the right person - man or woman. Actually it's a girl we're thinking of who plays the piano, she's really good.

AT: Do you have a job like Bones to go back to?

EVO: I do. I have two jobs I might go back to - high school teacher or tattoo artist. I kind of do both.

AT: That's opposite ends of the spectrum!

EVO: Yeah, I get a lot of flack for being a teacher. Kids don't realize that...

AT: You've got to have something that makes money.

EVO: You've got to pay the bills if you don't want to live on the street. I don't want to live on the street. I want to live in a house or an apartment or something with a roof. To have a roof, carpet, 4 walls, you've got to pay for it. I'm interested in helping kids, so I became a teacher.

AT: What subject?

EVO: All subjects, special ed kids. High school kids. A lot of people see that as you are just like a cop, or whatever, or even the president.

Alex Thrawn: Last time we covered Clockwork. This time let's talk about the music. How does the songwriting process go?

Bones DeLarge: I do all the lyrics. EVO comes up with some lyrics and again. It's generally me. The music comes out of the band. The only thing I can do is sit there and go, "Do this - da na na na na na na." Because I can't play anything (Laughs). I can barely sing. 

AT: Do you write on the road?

B: Sometimes we write on the road. I write lyrics on the road, I don't know about them coming up with music.

AT: Do you have a notebook?

B: Yeah, I jot shit down. Most of the time when I come up with stuff is when it's quiet, it's night, and I'm sitting in the van driving and the music's down low because everyone's sleeping. So I get ideas in my head, but I have no light to write with so I have to try to remember ideas in the morning.

AT: Use a lighter.

B: Yeah, exactly (Laughs). Burn my fingers.

AT: Do they look at your lyrics and try to come up with a riff for it or do they have something written already.

B: They'll have something written already. I have my 10 cents worth, a plethora of lyrics. If they come up with a riff I'll go, "play that over and over again" and I'll go through my stuff because I know I have something that fits. If I don't I'll take something I like and work the lyrics fit it. That's about how it goes.

AT: How does the recording process work? Are you all in the studio at once?

B: No. We'll go through and do scratch tracks to get the drums down. Drum and bass usually first, then it goes to guitars, then lead guitar, then main vocals, then backup vocals at the end. That's usually how it works. It's a pretty time consuming process, especially when you are doing a whole LP.

AT: Did you ever do it garage style where you all play live?

B: No, because I don't like to put out a shitty product. I want everything to sound good. We might sound shitty live sometimes (Laughs), but it's all right. It's live. I wouldn't put out an LP live in the studio unless it was a live LP recorded in front of people. I wouldn't do something live and have someone to buy it and say, "Man this sounds like shit." I don't like that. I don't like to buy records that way.

AT: How does it work with the drummer Johnny Psycho since he can't go on tour?

B: Johnny Psycho is at home. We just recently recorded 6 new demo songs. He's back home beating them into his head so when we go out to California in a couple months he'll be able to record them with us.

AT: He'll be freed up?

B: He'll be nice and free then. (Laughs)

AT: Can you say what he was in for?

B: I'd rather not.

AT: I've had people ask me what you were in for. Do you talk about that?

B: Well...I'd rather not. (Laughs) I'm a nice guy really. I killed someone for asking me too many questions.  (Laughs)

AT: Do you control your merchandise?

B: Absolutely. No one else has any say in it. We stopped the white Ultra-Violence shirts because the black looks better. We made a long sleeve Ultra-Violence, but they screwed it up. They just copied the eyeballs to the sleeves instead of making them more bloody like the movie. I'm stopping those until they get them right. We make an exclusive tank top for the girls because they weren't allowed to wear the other styles to school because of the text, they had to cover it. We've got the new voodoo droog doll image which I've got tattooed on my leg. We're working on making an actual doll that comes with pins and it'll have a surprise inside. I'm the addict of the band, EVO is the business guy - he's got a good head for it, but it's my band so he runs everything by me and I say yes or no.

AT: What happens if he comes up with the idea to get a new singer?

B: (Laughs). We have a deal that if Marty and I go the band is over. They are not allowed to continue without us.

AT: Were you there when Cheap Sex had the accident on the road?

B: No, we were about 100 miles away. We were going to go down there to be with them, but we had to make it to the next gig. What were we going to do stand out there in the middle of the street not knowing what was going on and making even more chaos for those involved in the accident? We went on and John O Negative had almost a 5% chance to live is doing fine. He looks like, we just saw him in Las Vegas last month. Cheap Sex just did a tour of the East Coast, they were supposed to do it with us, but we couldn't make it. Now we have Gabe Sex from Cheap Sex with us on the drums and he's doing an awesome job. When we get home Johnny Psycho will be back on drums with us.

AT: What was the controversy about he Canadian tour getting cancelled?

B: We've got two convicted felons in the band. You've kinda got to come clean and I don't want to get thrown in a Canadian jail or plan a tour and got get up there and find out we can't get in. That really sucks to leave people waiting. So we've got to do it the legal way, we have to send in our paperwork, I think it's a couple hundred dollars a felon to get into the country. We have to get visas and blah, blah. It has to be done legally, can't have convicted felons coming in their country illegally and shipping merchandise over the boarder so we don't have to pay charges on it. I don't need any trouble. I've done enough of that already.

AT: So right now you are trying to get that worked out?

B: Yeah, eventually. Today here, tomorrow the world.

AT: Last time you told me about an Australian tour. Was it the same thing?

B: No, it was a money situation. We didn't have money for the plane tickets. There is still stuff in the works, but I'll believe it when I see it.

AT: You could take a slow boat?

B: (Laughs) No shit, a raft.

AT: It seems like every time I put tour dates up there are cancellations. What about the Russia tour?

B: The same thing happened with the Russia tour...I don't know. It was just poor booking on our part. There was stuff we didn't know about. There was stuff we'd get happy about, just throw it up like 'yeah!" Because it was all booked, then we had to cancel out two months before we went. It really sucks because I feel like I've let some people down. Things have changed! It's going to be all right now.

AT: And the German tour dates?

B: Yeah...I'd rather not talk about why that couldn't happen. It's nothing...I don't want to name any...I don't want to talk about it, I might get in trouble with the band.

AT: The great punk swindle!

B: (Laughs) It's getting there.

AT: Any other tours that are going to bounce back?

B: I fucking hope not! We've got California in January and Europe in February. Those are all confirmed and booked, so we're going.

AT: Are those going to make up for any lost European dates?

B: No, it's going to be mostly Germany and France. I think we might be going to Italy. I'm pretty sure, maybe Poland since we didn't go there last time, no dice. We hit the Czech Republic which is close. A lot of people came over from Poland which is pretty cool.

AT: How many people do you get at those shows?

B: I don't know. It's been almost 4 1/2 years since we've been there. We've had a couple records come out since then, a lot of people have been writing us from there. Back then we didn't have a website. It's really good now, hopefully it'll be good. We're touring with this band Antidote, they're good friends of ours from Amsterdam, Holland. They're really big over there.

AT: They'll be hooking you up with the good weed?

B: You know it's funny, they don't smoke! They smoked when they were here, but they were like 'when I'm at home I don't smoke.' I guess the grass is always greener! (Laughs) That's my joke.

AT: Can you talk about the new 6 song demo?

B: Yeah, we did 6 new songs. More rock and roll influenced than the other stuff. With the music we play I think we can get away with that more than other punk bands because we've always been a mid-tempo punk band. Nothing we play is hardcore really.

AT: Any specific bands?

B: Not really.

AT: T-Rex?

B: Well, of course T-Rex. We're fans of all those bands. There's one song has a big AC/DC influence. It's like AC/DC meets Minor Threat maybe.

AT: Whatever that is! What would that be like heavy guitars and raunchy vocals?

B: (Laughs) Kinda like the sing along stuff we do mixed with heavy, crunchy guitars.

AT: But not political?

B: No. We've never been a political band.

AT: Any new covers?

B: Yeah, we're going to do a cover of a band called Mack Lads, always keeping the sex in our songs somewhat. It's called "God's Gift". The chorus is like 'spread your legs and get your knickers down. I'm god's gift to women in this fucking town.' We recorded that for the demo, I don't know if it's going to end up on the LP. It's definitely on the demo which only 4 or 5 people have heard.

AT: Have you gotten any feedback from the covers you did from the original bands?

B: No. but we've always gotten permission.

AT: Do you have to?

B: No, but we try to. For the Mack Lads we emailed them and asked if it was all right to cover their song and they said 'sure' and that we couldn't figure out all the lyrics so they sent us the lyrics.

AT: Are they still together?

B: Yeah, I believe so. I'm pretty sure, they've got a website up and they check it regularly.

AT: There was an announcement that you are planning something big for the website next year.

B: It's pretty much all in the works. Since we put up that news page we've been on the road. We haven't thought too much about what's going to happen. Everything is going to change little by little. Our webmaster was based out of Ireland. He did it as a favor because he was a fan of the band and he sent the rest of the stuff to a friend of ours in New York. They scanned all the album covers. He's going to be doing an overhaul of the website. We're not really sure what it's going to be. All websites tend to look the same after a while. You know?

AT: There's only so much you can do.

B: Right, yeah. Just try to make something a little different, there's always some movement though.

AT: Message boards?

B: Yeah, maybe a forum instead of a guestbook.

AT: The guestbook gets ugly.

B: (Laughs) Yeah, the guestbook turns into a forum and they get really mad at each other or us.

AT: I've seen some really angry people on there.

B: (Laughs) I mean how mad can you get when you're 14? Just kidding. 

(Suddenly a fan comes by and says, "Thanks y'all for coming to a shit town like Hickory." Bones: "Thanks. Check out the back of this guy's jacket. Turn around. (It's a big LCB Droog Skull painted on his leather jacket) There we go, that's nice. Thanks bro. That's cool.)

AT: What's it like when people get your Droog Skull tattooed on them, something you drew?

B: It's pretty flattering to say the least. Sometimes I'm like, 'how can you do that to your body?' There's a kid in Houston and he's got all the different Droog Skull logos - piss off, the safety pins and the one on that guys jacket. He's got them all tattooed in a band on his arm. I've tattooed bands that have influenced me and if we've influenced them that much that they want to tattoo it on their body then I've done something right. Hopefully they're not all degenerates. (Laughs)

AT: Which bands do you have?

B: I've got quite a few. Sham 69, The Germs, which is where are name came from, Rose Tattoo. Shit...I know there's quite a few more, but I can't think of them right now.

AT: It seems it's time for The Decline of Western Civilization IV with the new generation of punk.

B: I think there should be. They did one a while back. It was with crusty punks. It was punks again, but it was LA squatter punk and stuff like that. Actually, it was a pretty good flick.

AT: What kind of sound was it?

B: Hardcore, mostly noisy. We tend to play more rock and roll punk as compared to thrash, noisy,  hardcore. It was a little bit dirtier, but I like to take baths once in a while. (Laughs) I might not look it, but yes I do

AT: Is there a rivalry between the different styles?

B: There used to be, in a way. Sometimes in bigger cities there tends to be a lot. I think the smaller cities tend to be tighter. You latch on to what's close to you - a freak's a freak and a friend's a friend. I don't think it's as much as anymore. It's dying away. I think all punk should be untied, united with anybody - punk rocker or not. Don't be a dick. (Laughs)

AT: How do you remember all the lyrics when you are playing?

B: As long as I can remember the first line to each verse I am OK, otherwise I am screwed.

AT: That's when you put the mic to the audience?

B: No. (laughs) That's what happened tonight when I screwed up Orphans Don't Run. I forgot one verse.

AT: How is the tour going?

B: Long! I can't wait to get home. It's over next week. Tomorrow's Thanksgiving and I wish I was doing the turkey thing, but I'll be in a hotel somewhere.

Angry young punks? Nah, just Lower Class Brats!

Since we are both major ACO fans that is what I focused on in my exclusive interview with Bones DeLarge on 3/15/03 in Sciota, PA.

Alex Thrawn: What came first for you - punk or Clockwork?

Bones DeLarge: It's kinda weird. I got into punk earlier when I was 13. I lived in southern California and I went to see The Adicts in 1983. I had seen Clockwork Orange before and I saw them play and just snapped and it changed my life. I've worn a derby ever since basically. Even before I was in this band, obviously you've seen my tattoos, it means something to me. In 9th grade, around the same time, they made us read A Clockwork Orange in school.

AT: That's a great school!

B: You gotta remember it was 1983. You could still paddle kids in school back then. My English teacher wanted us to read it to be able to understand languages. You know Nadsat - half of it is made up and half of it is real Russian. I think it was her idea of getting the gist of what people are saying.

AT: It's much better than having to read something like Tolstoy that you don't want to read.

B: Thankfully it was back when all the issues of Clockwork had the Nadsat dictionary in the back of the book. Now they don't. They include the 21st chapter without the dictionary. Back then you could look up words in the glossary and find out what it meant.

AT: What can you tell me about your new music video?

B: We did a new single "Just Like Clockwork". We already filmed the live footage for it and we're gonna go back home and do the acting. It's basically a punk rock take on the whole lifestyle - adapting it to punk. In the beginning there will be a scene of me laying in bed and the covers flip back and there's a girl with a bright blue or pink wig. Alex's mom worked in the wig factory so we put a really weird wig on her. She'll be laying down on her back and you'll see her butt right there and all around there is spilled blood everywhere. I just murdered her and I'll get out of bed and go along the streets and do the whole thing. Instead of a bum laying there we'll have a crusty punk kid in the tunnels and we'll get plastic chains and spray paint and beat him. It'll be different than the scenes in the hospital. It'll be me strapped to a gurney and the rest of band sliding down with clown masks on. It'll flash back and forth between real doctors to clown masks with blood dripping. The band will be in different rooms going crazy.

AT: Why not have the kid singing a Kelly Osbourne song while you beat him?

B: (Laughs) Right! That'll be it basically. There's a line in the song at the end that says, "Now I'm gone." I'll make it look like I've been up for a week and I'll shave half of my head and make lobotomy scars - like in Planet of the Apes. When I take my derby off they will be there. It'll be good fun. My girlfriend works at a costume shop, she supplies us with all our derbys.

AT: Where can you show it though?

B: We'll send it to the access stations. If we can get it done in time we'll put it on our singles collection called "Real Punk is Not an Endangered Species" with all of our singles. With our last CD "The Plot Sickens" you put it in your PC and can watch two videos. If we can get it done it time great, if not it'll be on the next CD.

AT: Have you seen the Rob Zombie ACO video "Never Gonna Stop?"

B: No, I sure haven't, but I have heard about it though. It's a nice nod that anyone can give. I'm not a fan of Rob Zombie. Is it realistic looking?

AT: Yes. There's also a club in New York called the Korova.

B: I've been there. I believe their Moloko Plus is rum and vanilla ice cream served in a beaker glass.

AT: The owner was worried about a copyright on the Korova name.

B: Kubrick was one to copyright everything he could.

AT: "Clockwork Fuse" sounds totally different than any other LCB song. Was that an experimental thing?

B: The outtro to the number was experimental in the sense that the music goes in & out. We thought that it sounded good, but too bad that there's no way to do it live!

AT: Which do you prefer the book or the film of ACO?

B: I think both are equally as strong. The book is incredible and there is so much stuff that happens in the first chapter that the film never shows or touches on. They leave the pub and beat up a woman and then go back and pay for the drinks. The people don't even know they are gone.  "Oh no, these are nice boys they've been sitting here the whole time." There are a lot of things that make the book more intense that they miss in the film.  If you've never read the book and have seen the film it is just intense.

AT: They did film the attack on the man at the Library.

B: They did? Did they film that whole scene? I was incarcerated for a while - my life follows the book and is still doing it. When Rolling Stone printed the 21st chapter I remember reading that when I was incarcerated. I was like, "Now I know what I'm going to do when I get out of jail!" Straighten out and find a whole new gang!

AT: So you prefer the 21st chapter?

B: It's good. I think that it rounds out the story. The film ending is like, "What's going to happen?"

AT: It can go either way.

B: Exactly. He just turns into a psychopath. "Cabbage!"

AT: I like the 21st chapter because you have to grow up some time.

B: Right. You have to grow up. He starts thinking about his son, "Oh my son's going to be this way and that way." First he has to get a woman so you know he's going to do the woman before he meets any of them.

AT: In the movie it seems like he can't even get aroused unless he is raping, but in the book the girls are 10, so it is obviously rape.

B: Right. Exactly. When you are living in a society where the story is being told in, basically after a nuclear war. It's probably every man for himself. Fucked up war babies is what they were.

AT: Did you ever run with a gang?

B: No. Evo? Evo's not saying anything! (Laughs) I run with the LCB army. This is my gang.

AT: What is your view on P2P file sharing and being able to download all of your songs?

B: I don't think it is so bad. I don't mind. What we did on our site recently was to change it down to you can't download the whole song - it starts to cut off. It gives people the taste of the music and if you want to purchase the CD, here you go, you can have one if you like the music. It's a double edged sword all the way around. The bands want to get their music out to the fans and let them hear it, but there are other people ripping them off. You can download all our songs off the Internet if you look hard enough. Even stuff that was on demo tapes can be downloaded. I'm sure it is all there. I don't mind it. I'm not going to support it like saying go to and take all of our shit. As far as going to what Metallica did - that's just bullshit. That's bullshit because they are fucking over bands that are even smaller than us. There are little itty-bitty bands out there that are striving to get their music out. They are from the middle of nowhere and they can't get their stuff out there and it is their only means of communication with the rest of the world.

AT: You mean they're not close to a label like on the coasts?

B: Right, right. If you are not close like you guys have it up here (NYC area), they have it in California, we have it in Texas where we are. Bands make use when they go through small towns.

AT: Towns with no venues to play?

B: Not just no venues. A lot of times there�s not a whole lot of people that come out to the shows. The kids that do come out are die-hard fans. There�s really not a whole lot of them. These kids are doing bands too. They need to get put out. They need recognition too as much as people can get noticed in California or New York. People can hear your stuff. There the kids don�t have anything. People make fun of places like Hot Topic or something like that.

AT: The mall.

B: Yeah, the mall. The kids in the Midwest they don�t have it. There�s nowhere they can go for punk stuff like that. So they buy a pair of bondage pants

AT: They can go online now.

B: Yeah, that�s true. I was just bringing that in. You see my point?

AT: If you are not close to a scene you take what you can get?

B: Right. Exactly.

AT: If you have a computer � you can get the stuff.

B: Well, not everyone is rich enough to own a computer though. I don�t own one myself � my roommate does. I work at a sandwich shop.

AT: Is everyone in the band into Clockwork?

B: I�d say it�s just about equal. It�s something everyone in the band can relate to, definitely. The Lower Class Brats before any all types of punk rock we�re a Clockwork band. That�s what we do.

AT: Do you ever think you�ll dress in full Clockwork outfits on stage?

B: I have before with the shirt, but to do everything? I actually looked into purchasing codpieces and they run a lot. They are really hard to find and they are expensive - especially the phallic mask. I have one at home and it�s just straight white and it�s got kind of a hook on the nose. I�ll wear it in the video. I saw on your site how to make it and everything because in the film you can�t see how it is painted because of the quick camera moves. All the black on the eyes is kind of hard to see because he�s got the derby on � you think it is shadows. Did you make that?

AT: Yes, it is one of the most popular pages on the site. It is amazing how many young people email me about it - 15 or 16 years old. It's like the next generation.

B: You see so many kids at the shows with derbies on. It's a really popular thing with punk rock and the skinhead culture. It's a movie that meant a lot to a lot of people. You think a certain way - your brain is a certain way. This is what you are going to do - right or wrong you are going to live your life. For people to try to change you and put you down like these kids with their parents yelling at them and sending them to boarding school because you have a mohawk or something. People can relate in this type of culture to that film.

AT: That's how it was for me, we were doing those kind of things before we saw this film like running around in masks and wrecking havoc. It made me think, "that's going to be me if I don't stop."

B: People were doing that two days after the film opened in London right? There were gangs of skinheads dressed up Clockwork style just bashing people.

AT: They called it the "Clockwork Defense" in court when they blamed the movie for their actions. I feel like I was influenced by something I didn't even know existed after I saw it. If you start going down that path you are going to end up killing someone or going to jail so I stopped.

B: Yeah, it does happen. When I was incarcerated, I got put away for a year in the TDC, the Department of Correction, in Texas. I was in the main prison system and got ten years probation and I finished it all. You have to straighten really quick. It is a really hard adjustment back to that especially when you lived your life on the edge the whole time and then you got busted once. I'd never got caught for anything in my life and then I got arrested one time and I was thrown in fucking prison. It follows the lines. I see myself when I look at the movie for however many 1000s of times I watched it. I always see that. It's like "Straighten out! Straighten out! Straighten out!" There's this proverb in a magazine I just read about a little scorpion crossing a desert and he comes upon a lake and he sees a turtle on the side of the lake. He needs to get across the lake so he goes to ask the turtle for help to get him across. He can't swim and knows he'll drown. He asks the turtle and the turtle says, "No. I know what you'll do. You'll sting me in the back of the head and kill me. It's in your nature." The scorpion replies, "No I won't because if I sting you in the back of the head we'll both drown." The turtle says, "OK, that makes sense." So the turtle takes him across and then BAP he stings him in the back of the head. The turtle says, "Why the hell did you do that?" The scorpion tells him, "Stupid fucker. It's in my nature." It's just what you are gonna do - the way your life is going to go. I don't know, I think it's just normal.

AT: You think it's planned out and we have no choice?

B: I think we have no choice - it's in your nature. It's what you are going to do. It's what you are going to end up doing. Society can't bend you in a way to make you think differently. I'm that! What else is there - brainwashing to make you think differently? It's all brainwashing. I think kids can relate to that.

AT: Was the prison in ACO the same in real life for you?

B: No. I didn't go from that to good boy. (Laughs)

AT: Were there many people in a cell with you like Alex had?

B: No, no, no. It wasn't so bad. I was only there for a year and most of the time I just stayed in my cell in read and tried to just stop - stay alone, be by myself. I was scared. I was 21 years old. I think it helped - it definitely helped me. I'm still doing what I'm doing, but at least I can think a little bit now.

AT: You are not institutionalized. You don't have to ask to go to the bathroom?

B: Right, right. There were people washing their shirts in the toilet. Bad, bad news.

AT: I know the Texas prison system. It is pretty hardcore. I was in a hospital going into an elevator and suddenly was staring John Wayne Gacy in the face. He was sick, near dead, and they still weren't fooling around. He was chained and cuffed in a wheelchair with two guards.

B: God! That's crazy, pretty fucked up. He's is fucked up anyway. That's crazy to see him. "Well, hey! (and wave)" You might have to check yourself after that staring John Wayne Gacy in the face. Wow. Nice. He totally looks like a nice guy right?

AT: No, he was drugged, on his way to surgery. What's the point in saving him?

B: He seemed like normal. He was drugged? But it was free. He could have a pardon. It could happen!

AT: In Texas!?

B: No, in Texas...(laughs) I could never think that would happen.

AT: Did you come up with the skull logo?

B: I came up with it at 16 - when I drew it. I was sitting on the trolley in San Diego going to see my girlfriend at the time who lived in Chula Vista down by the border. I was just sketching and I drew that up. He had an 8 ball spinning on his figure instead of the piss off English thing. I had stopped seeing her, but she kept the picture on her wall and a girlfriend of hers saw it and asked me to paint it on her jacket. So I painted it and I kind of liked it. When the Brats were forming I wanted it to be a Clockwork band. I wanted people to know the influence and that it was really a major part of the band. So I was thinking back what to do and - perfect. I redrew the logo again knowing it was an older drawing I wanted to reuse for this band.

AT: Does he have a name?

B: The Droog Skull. (Laughs)

AT: No official mascot name like Iron Maidens' Eddie?

B: No. We've been trying to come up with a name and shooting that back and forth talking and being stupid with each other. "Let's name him Boogaloo or something" (Laughs). There's been names said, but nothing...just Droog Skull logo. I want people to see that and think of the band.

AT: I saw the Clockwork influence on the Ultra-Violence shirt and since I'm into anything ACO related I found Punkcore. I tried to order some stuff, they say they have it on their site, but they really don't. They just send you whatever. What's the point? If you don't have it - don't list it. Say it is out of stock.

B: Yeah. We took the last five "Deface the Music" singles from Punkcore and sold them right away - they were gone. It has "Just Like Clockwork" on it. There is another band you should check out called Major Accident. They are an awesome, awesome band. They have a great website - really Clockwork. And Cockspar - one of their first songs was "Droogs Don't Run." They have a video of them all in white playing against a white backdrop with their logo spray painted on it. Full droogs - the whole band dressed like that. The video is hard to come by, but it is a great song.

AT: I have a shirt that has Droogs Don't Run with the boys in the tunnel. Is that related?

B: No. I know the shirt you are talking about.

AT: Have you seen the latest version of Clockwork Orange from Russia with The Cramps cover of the yellow screaming face?

B: Is it on your site? Bad music for Bad people. Really? I think the last copy I saw at the bookstore was with the guy screaming and the flames. It's like OK - it has the 21st chapter, but no glossary. U put it back on the bookshelf in Barnes & Noble. I'm still looking for the one that I read in high school with the orange cover. The plain orange with the text - when was that printed?

AT: From 1972-79, then they changed the cover to black.

B: I'm also looking for the one with the blank face and the gear eye. There was a HC one I saw that was embossed that I want. I was looking around online, but I couldn't enlarge the picture to see the cover.

AT: The gears is the British version from the 70s. The HC doesn't have a dust jacket, it is just black with gold lettering and a sun on it. I like the original 1962 version too.

B: I have seen that. Yeah, that is cool.

AT: In "Chaos, Riot & Ruin" when you talking about "arriving at chapter 21" are you talking about growing up?

B: Yeah, "Chaos, Riot & Ruin" is obviously a nod at The Plasmatics right there. It was definitely written about that about arriving after prison. "After I viddy back my years/as all the droogs were go/There was me your humble narrator/the others decorate the show/Now I'm haunted by ghosts of the past." I was thinking that I remember those times and it's changed now. Now I've arrived at chapter 21 - I'm here now. I'm out. 

AT: At a crossroads?

B: Yeah, coming to a crossroads. Still thinking of the past. I had a great time, but now we are at chapter 21, we can't go back. This is it, this is my life now. That is what it is about.

AT: When people tell me they don't like the 21st Chapter I tell them that you must not have lived that life because nothing is more true. You can do a crime and do it 100 times, but that one time you get caught, it is all over.

B: Right, right. I did so much bad shit when I was a kid like ripping off houses of VCRs. I remember walking down the street in San Diego with a VCR wrapped in a towel so I could get some speed. We had some connections. We took the VCR back and we'd call a guy. I'm sitting in this hotel room with all this stolen stuff and I'm like, "Man, I'm the luckiest motherfucker that has ever lived." And I'm smiling too, because I'm stupid - I'm a kid. I don't know any better - this is whatever. It happened one time, one time dude I got busted right after I moved to Texas. You'll see the signs "Don't Mess With Texas". Trust me - don't do it because they'll ream you.

AT: You saw the movie before you read the book. Did it overwhelm or influence you?

B: Yeah. The first time I saw the film it that disturbed me really bad. I kind of couldn't sit through it. It was making me squeamish, which is the point. It is reality. There is such minimal blood in the film. I think the only blood they show is on his nose and in the (Ludovico) films. It was brutal and I was young. I didn't really get it. The first time I saw it was on HBO and I was really, really young. It was so strange, but after seeing the Adicts and having read the book it was like "Woah!" - a total blow. Being that young and going, "Let's go." Maybe that did influence me a little bit how the rest of my life ended up. I was wrecked from then on!  Thank you. I appreciate that you fucking assholes! You ruined my life! (Laughs)

AT: You need someone to blame.

B: (Laughs)

AT: What are your favorite scenes in the movie?

B: One of my favorite scenes has to be between Billboy and his droogs. Everything going along with the orchestrated music, the smashing of the windows. They were (Alex and his droogs) the anti-heroes of the film and you only see the derby come off once, but all of a sudden it's back on his head! A good cowboy never loses his hat, right? Like in old westerns.

AT: They come in like the good guys, punishing the bad guys for trying to rape the girl.

B: Right, kind of. I just think they were looking for a fight! (Laughs) They could've just beaten them and taken the girl, but they didn't. They left hee alone. Who knows what happened to her...cutie! I wanted to ask you why in the film they never touched on the writer writing A Clockwork Orange? That was important in the book.

AT: Mr. Alexander. In the book Alex pulls the paper out of the typewriter and learns the name. I guess it slows the scene down and instead Kubrick had the Chaplain explain it.

B: I might've missed that. What is that?

AT: When Alex is on stage after the display at the Ludovico center. The minister has his hand on Alex's shoulder and then the Chaplain comes up on the other side. "Choice! The boy has no real choice, has he?  He ceases to be wrongdoer. He ceases also to be a creature capable of moral choice." He is saying it is better to be able to choose evil then not to be able to choose at all. If you aren't capable of choice, you aren't a live - A Clockwork Orange. On the outside you look real, but on the inside you are a machine. That is a fast way of doing it since the film is 137 minutes anyway.

B: Have you seen a full cut of the film?

AT: Yes. There wasn't much cut out. I saw the new print of the film last year and they only changed some of the orgy and some scenes from the rape film at the Ludovico center. It is so minute that it doesn't really matter. It's barely 30 seconds. It doesn't change the film either way.

B: Can you make a copy for me if I pay for postage?

AT: If you have the DVD, you have it.

B: My roommate that I lived with has a DVD player and I really want to see it, but I can't really kick back in a room all the time and watch stuff. I'm not rich enough - I don't even have a VCR! Mine broke. I'm lower class my friends, lower class! (Laughs). My roommate has the computer. She's got the DVD player...I don't have shit. I'd really like a copy of it though.

AT: Just get the DVD or VHS when you can.

B: I do have the Kubrick Collection that came out after he passed away and I have the video of that that comes with postcard. That's not on it is it? It has the trailer. Our new video, by the way, has the flashing in the chorus with the text. It's like "Funny" "Violence" "Sex". When Marty gets to the guitar solo it'll flash "Just" "Like" "Clockwork". It'll go a lot faster than on the trailer. It'll flash a lot faster. It'll be more subliminal.

AT: I'm posting the trailer frame by frame on the site how many frames each picture and each word are. It goes up and down - 5 for one word, 3 for the next. That's the trick.

B: Really? Tell me when you get that on. When we get the video finished and I'll talk to the guy who's making the video, he's a computer nerd, maybe I can get him in touch with you. I told him before we go and film the video to go back and look at the film again - the cinematography in it. I want the shots to be good, to be pretty close. I can tell him about that and I when it gets done I can give you a link to post so people can download it.

AT: Sure. What is your favorite line from the book or film?

B: I think my favorite line from the film is when he has the old man on the floor, "Viddy well, my brother. Viddy well!" That sums up the whole film right there. Here's reality mother fucker kicking you in the face.

AT: You have to watch it. There's no way out. When I was little I saw it on HBO in 1980 and thought they taped his mouth and thrown up.

B:  We're the same age basically. You know how to edit this shit? I'll trust you.

AT: When I post this interview you are free to expand on any answer of anything you want.

B: That sounds fine. Whatever is good for you. We're making you the only Clockwork site linked from our site -! We'll make it perfect for you. Your site is the most informative Clockwork site. I went back on your site and looked down everything. I went down through every link - bam, bam, bam, bam! It links off into everything and you start expanding and I'm like, "Dude, this site is so informative of everything."

AT: There is a lot. I've gotten emails like, "You just took three hours of my life reading your site!"

B: I've heard Malcolm has a place in Austin, TX. Is that true?

AT: No. He has three places - Ojai, CA; Tuscany, Italy and London, England.

B: Someone had told me that and I actually went with one of our singles because there was a premiere happening at the Paramount in Austin. I knew he was in town for the Austin Film Festival - the big South by Southwest rock festival that is going on now.  I brought the ultra-violence single looking, waiting, hoping he would sign our record. Never met the man, probably shit in my pants if I did. Does Malcolm have an official site?

AT: No, this is as close as it gets.

B: Malcolm, if you read this - we love you!

AT: It seems like there is a punk renaissance going on. I see lots of kids in Mohawks and punk clothes walking around lately.

B: Yeah, there seems to be. I was 13 when I got into punk and I was old enough to see the second wave of punk die out in the 80s. To see that die out and now to come back again....Yeah, it's actually a big resurgence - a third wave. You'd call it British style punk rock.

AT: The real thing?

B: I wouldn't say the real thing. There's a big other story we can get into with the real thing of punk. Iggy Pop and The Stones vs. Sex Pistols and The Clash.

AT: Who writes your rules?

B: (Laughs). Basically, who writes your rules.  Rebellion happens for one thing or another. It all happened at the same time I believe. It happened in England and America. 

AT: The Ramones went to England and showed them how to do it.

B: Rebellion happens for a reason. People were pissed at crap rock on the radio. You fucking' gotta take what's yours and bring it back to real. It's not arena rock my friend. I'm up there just as much as these kids are here for us. There has a been a big resurgence of punk, definitely. As you can see by the kids standing out here. These kids think this is UK '82!

AT: Did you think it was ridiculous when The Sex Pistols did a reunion tour?

B: That's all right. They had Glen Matlock on bass - their original bass player

AT: But they are playing in front of 1000s of people in stadiums.

B: But isn't that what they were in it for the first place? The filthy lucre! If you can have it - have it. Fucking take it. At the same time don't lose your integrity doing it. Keep your same face. Don't change face on people and do something else.  There's so many bands I can think of that I know or have met personally that have done that and changed face. They're making tons of money off the kids and they say, "We're just a little band" and they've got big houses and nice cars and everything. Kids still dig it and it does happen from time to time...

AT: It's almost impossible because your whole lifestyle changes.

B: It does change. I'd like to live off the band. I'm not saying I wouldn't. Then again I wouldn't bow down and change my morals to make money. I'll keep my morals. If they want to pay me for my morals I'll do it. If not, fuck it, I'll take the high road you know?

AT: If a record company throws a $250,000 check your way you aren't going to be hungry or angry anymore.

B: Yeah, but then again when they ask me to change my music or my views and what I'm saying to people and how I present myself on stage...say a music company guy says to me, "Yeah, you guys are great! We love the Lower Class Brats, but that Clockwork Orange thing is too violent, too much for the kids - you've got to cut that off." Fuck you! No, no way in hell. That's just taking everything...

AT: Ripping your heart out.

B: Yeah, ripping my heart out and some of my soul. We're gonna take you, make money off you, you're going to be rich and everything will be great, but you're not going to be happy.

AT: You're not going to be real.

B: Right, it's going to be real. I wouldn't do that. I wouldn't feel.... like myself, you know. I couldn't do that.

AT: If you get success you get can't get rid of it. You can quit, but then you are dropping out on who you are. Like Metallica making $20 million a year, they aren't hungry they can't relate to us, they aren't selling shirts personally at shows like you are.

B: Exactly. Most definitely.

AT: Are you hoping for some "real" success?

B: I would really like to. I work at a sandwich shop and make six bucks an hour, ok? I tour, but the shop will let me leave and it's cool. When I'm home I pay my rent and when I come back from a tour hopefully I'll have made enough to pay off my cable and phone bills. That's just enough for me and we get by. You work your ass off before you leave to make sure your rent is paid.

AT: So you have something to come back to.

B: Yeah, you have something to come back to and have enough to go down to the bar and buy a beer and relax for a little bit after the tour and then go home. Maybe have $50 to $100 dollars in your pocket after a tour. That is great for me. We just made it by on the skin of our teeth and we had a good time doing it. If it came up to where my rent could be paid by it and I could tour and still make it by the skin of teeth and do the band full time? Of course I would do it! There's no question in my mind. I would quit my job in a second. (Snaps fingers). I would love to do that, tour all the time and meet people. Every night another gig, another 50 faces you shake hands with. That's good. That's a good thing. I'd love to do that. I really would. Until that time comes I'll keep doing what I'm doing and stick it out.

AT: I think you're on the way. Just the fact that people are here and we are in the middle of nowhere. I was dreading I'd walk in the door and there would be three people inside.

B:  We've got maybe 150 to 200 kids in here. It is in the middle of nowhere though. I'm having fun, we're having  great time. 

AT: Is "The Process" a tribute to Black Flag?

B: Yeah, in fact real title is "The Process of Weeding Out." It is very much a nod to Black Flag. I grew up in Southern California and seeing them play a lot they were very much an inspiration to me. We've taken from a lot of things. We've got a new song called "Road Crew".

AT: Like Motorhead "We are the Road Crew"?

B: Yeah, it's a nod to Motorhead. It's also a nod to The Ramones because there is a line "Touring, touring, it's never boring." A lot of songs are nods like to the Plasmatics. 

AT: Wendy O' Williams. 

B: Doll punk, she's the best! 

AT: I can't believe she killed herself.

B: I couldn't believe it either. It's pretty crazy to think she would've done that to herself. She wasn't a drunk.

AT: When Joey Ramone died that was horrible.

B: Yeah, most definitely. I got this right here after he died. (Shows tattoo) The Pinheads and it says "Sad to See you go." It's pretty bad. On the new single "Deface the Music" there's a dedication to Joey and Dee Dee. These songs are for them.

AT: Dee Dee did it to himself, Joey died a horrible death.

B: Dee Dee was a junkie, you know. Joey went before Dee Dee...who would've thought? Joey had been sick a long, long time. I think that was why they kept saying "this is our last tour" over and over because of Joey. What did he have?

AT: Lymphatic cancer, horrible.

B: It's a tragedy, a real tragedy. To see someone who created real rock and roll in America didn't even get to see his name put in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Had to die before that. I want to say, "Fuck the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!"

AT: They put The Clash in there.

B: Oh, yeah. They had to put The Clash in after the members died. They had to put The Ramones in after members died. Fuck your rock and roll. Dude, you guys didn't know them in the first place and you don't get to ride on their coat tails now. Fuck you.

AT: Joe Strummer died too.

B: All of my heroes are dying on me. It's kind of sad, real sad.

AT: Have your heard Joey Ramone's solo CD? Especially "Don't Worry About Me".

B: It's awesome, yeah. It's really good. (Sings "Don't Worry About Me"). What was the first song on the CD?

AT: The cover of "What a Wonderful World".

B: Oh, god. It's wonderful dude. It brings a tear to my eye listening to it, you know? It's a great CD, every song on it I really like.

AT: It's like his last gift to the fans. He did the singing on the way from the hospital to the studio.

B: Fuck, dude he gave his heart and soul for rock and roll. If he really recorded that on the way to the hospital - he gave it everything!

AT: They never sold out.

B: Most definitely.

AT: Unlike Henry Rollins. What the hell happened to him?

B: I don't know. (Laughs) I couldn't say. He kind of freaks me out a little bit. I guess he's doing what he's doing to get by. Shit, he was in a fucking Gap ad!? We just saw Bumfights! Have you seen it?

AT: No, they were debating if it was illegal.

B: It's bad. (Laughs) First off they have these guys fight each other. They say "We'll pay you to fight go kick each others ass" and give them 50 bucks a piece. Then one guy gets "Bumfights" tattooed on his knuckles then another on his head. These guys are bums and one pulls out his own teeth. Then they have the Bumhunter, like the crocodile hunter taping them up. He tapes up their teeth while they are sleeping passed out on the sidewalk. He says, "Lookit 'is teeth mate! (Australian accent)" and he's pulling his teeth back showing them. They are afraid for their fucking lives. Evo's cracking up. I'm sure they pay them, but they are scared and saying, "Why are you doing this to me?" (Laughs). They've got them tied up at their feet and hands and he's like, "You shouldn't talk now mate." Then he puts tape over their mouths. It's so sad watching it, but I couldn't help laughing. This is not cool to do, it's such American entertainment. It's like "oh, my god they should do this instead of Jerry Springer." I guess those guys got really busted.

AT: They dropped it. It's all legal now. The judge just threw it out of court!

B: They did!? I guess the bums can't prosecute anybody. They're going up to bums and tagging them while they slept, spraying their names on them while they are sleeping. Guys are yelling, "What the fuck are you doing?" "Just go back to sleep" and then write on them. There are some people who got really scared and it made me feel off edge.

AT: They gave them food and money and they knew going into it, so they just weren't totally exploiting them.

B: Can you imagine being the people going "Hey, I've got this great idea?" (Laughs) We're going to go out and tie up people like the crocodile hunter! You got to have at least one guy doing it, one guy filming, sound, security sitting around and a scout. At least five people and all of them going - let's do it! You've got to have some fuccked up friends.

AT: "Who Writes Your Rules?" Is that for the fake punk, rich kid crowd?

B: That was one of the first songs we ever wrote back in 1995. It's mostly about the crusty punk scene, the EMO scene and the garage bands that were big in our time in Austin overtaking our scene. I still hate them all though. (Laughs).

AT: Like when you go into the store and see the ripped jeans for 90 bucks?

B: It's kinda like that. Yeah, the hip hop kids. I've seen things come and go. I've seen punk come and go also. The whole big baggy jeans thing with the chains out to there. Is this the new thing? I know new things - this is a fad, this is stupid. Like one of the lines in the songs "With your fake blue dreads and you're wearing baggy jeans." It's like you are outta here, you're just a kid. Who writes your rules? Your grandma? What the fuck are you doing? Who are you trying to piss off? You look an idiot, a disco fag.  You are just buying into it. They're like "Rebellion!" Wearing jeans that are 10 times too big for you is rebellious. It's like dude, who writes your rules, man you are stupid.

AT: You are rich, what are you rebelling against?

B: Right. Pay $80 for a pair of big, baggy pants. It's not rebellious. It's like another line in the song "You spend all your money on shit, look at yourself, you're a fool." They're getting rich off you dude and you are just a fool buying into that crap.

AT: There's a punk store around here selling duct tape wallets and Misfits lunchboxes. Where was all that stuff when those guys were first out? It didn't exist!

B: (Laughs) Yeah, yeah, shit dude. No, fuck. Growing up in San Diego you had to go up to LA to search for stores when I was a kid. Punk rock stores. In LA when I was growing up was Faster Pussycat and you know?

AT: Poison. Ratt.

B: Yeah, Poison, shit like that, Stryper...and it's like fuck, there was no punk. You had to go to metal shops to buy stuff. But why did metallers start wearing spikes? Because of the punks. So we had to go to metal shops to buy the shit. In San Diego there was nothing like that. I had to rip up my own shirt and put it back together.

AT: We used to have to rip up our own jeans and now you can just buy them.

B: Yeah. I remember being a kid, dude I was young, riding down the street. I bleached my jeans and I tied them to the back of my bicycle seat and road them down the street. Back and forth around the block trying to wear out my jeans. My parents had gotten me some jeans for Christmas and I'm like "Fuck that!" I was just trying to get them the way I wanted them! Right now you can just pay $70 for a pair of jeans like that! Good price! I'll make you some.

AT: Like those expensive button down shirts. If you are a punk you can't afford them! You have no money and are going to thrift stores.

B: (Laughs). Totally, It's hard. If you are a kid good luck man. I say just do it the old fashioned way. Do it cheap. (Laughs) You know what I mean?

AT: Do it yourself, don't buy it.

B: Do it yourself! I've got to get in there, smoke a cigarette. Just wanted to say thanks a lot.


In order of Release. ACO related in bold

Who Writes Your Rules 7"

Who Writes Your Rules
They come in droves trying to look mean
Fake blue dreads & they're wearing baggy jeans
They think they're cool, they think they're tough
But we know better, they're just pups

Who writes your rules for rebellion?
You'll buy anything that they're sellin'
Who writes your rules, who writes your rules?
Who writes your rules for rebellion?

Standing on the streets begging for my loot
I won't give you nothing except for my boot
Scream "Fuck the system" you're the systems tool
Look at yourself man you're lookin' at a fool

You're trendy fucks, you're hippies with spikes
You're everything I hate & nothing I like
You know everything & you're only 16
Claim to be punks but you don't support the scene

Safety Pinned and Sick
People come up to me every day
They ask me why I dress this way
They don't know what to say
When I spit on them & walk away

I wanna stay safety pinned
Safety pinned & sick
Safety pinned &...

Guess I've always lived on the run
Lived my life like a loaded gun
With a quest to have fun
Guess I'm just a terminal orphan

Riot in Hyde Park
43rd & Speedway's goin' up in flames
The kids are pissed, they're not playing games
Lefty hippies in brand new cars
Get in line, we're givin' out scars

You better lock your doors after dark
The kid's are about to make their mark
Wildfires burn from a spark
Let's go start a riot in Hyde Park
I'm lookin' for a riot in Hyde Park

Don't fight back or you will lose
We're taking over the avenues
Runnin' down Duval we all will meet
Tonight's the night we take to the streets

They're lining the backstreets of Ridgetop
Hiding in the shadows away from the cops
Bats in their hands & clenched fists
They're getting pissed in West Campus

You better lock your doors after dark
The kid's are about to make their mark
Wildfires burn from a spark
Let's go start a riot in Hyde Park
I'm lookin' for a riot in Hyde Park

Do it Again
Let's go out & cause some trouble
You're among friends so don't be humble
Let's go live life on the edge
And not give a shit what anyone says

Smash it up
Break it down
Turn it on
Spin it around
Throw it sideways
Pull it in
Push it out
Let's do it again

Let's go out & speak our minds
Let's lead the pack & not fall behind
We'll always stand up tall & straight
Feed off our pride & not our hate

Ultra-Violence 7"

(There was me, that is Alex, and my three droogs, that is Pete, Georgie and Dim and we sat in the Korova Milkbar trying to make up our rassoodocks what to do with the evening.)
Four young strong chellovecks
Fighting hard for their kicks
Come on down, have a drink on us
A nice tall glass of Moloko Plus.

Now it's time for a bit of the old
Now it's time for a bit of the old

Let's go out and take a ride,
In my Durango-95,
I know just the place to go,
Everything's gonna be real horrorshow

Now it's time for a bit of the old
Now it's time for a bit of the old

I think I need some ol' in-out,
I need to find a devotchka now,
Before you know it your life is torn,
When you live in a Clockwork Orange

(What we were after now was the old surprise visit. That was a real kick and good for laughs
and lashings of the old ultra-violent.)

Now it's time for a bit of the old
Now it's time for a bit of the old

Start the Night
I just spent eight hours in hell
Just to attempt to pay my bills
And I can't seem to take it anymore
My feet hurt, my back is bent
Just to attempt to pay my rent
But they'll never drag me to the floor

Come on down now
Let's hang out 
I feel all right
Come on down now
Let's hang out
Let's start the night

I'll tell my boss to kiss my ass
A middle finger from the working class
Then tell him I demand a raise
We've all been down that road before
For $5 an hour, you're a whore
But the day is done so let's go out and play

Come on down now
Let's hang out 
I feel all right
Come on down now
Let's hang out
Let's start the night

A Wrench in the Gear 7"

Background Music
Kids on the streets doin' what we do best
Runnin' rampant & lookin' sharp, leaving fuck all for the rest
Killin' time with a bottle in each hand
Don't you know it's us, we're gonna run this land

Skins & Punks, a runnin' riot on the streets
Skins & Punks, knowin' we can't be beat
Skins & Punks, we're always gettin' the blame
Skins & Punks, we're all in the same

We're not playing background music for all your fuckin' fights
If we wanna go anywhere we gotta learn to unite
We're all here for the same reason, Oi! Oi! havin' a laugh
We've gotta start movin' forward, not be knocked back in the past

Skins & Punks, a runnin' riot on the streets
Skins & Punks, knowin' we can't be beat
Skins & Punks, we're always gettin' the blame
Skins & Punks, we're all in the same

Who Controls The Media
You have held us down for so long
everything you wrote, it was wrong
you can't even look us in the eyes
while your headlines scream out pompous lies

who controls the media
I want my say...

I'm proud to be a part of what you hate
the upper-middle class just can't relate
I don't really have much in my life
but you can never take away my pride

Punk is big, now you sing a different song
Why can't you just admit you're wrong
But streetpunk you still ignore
You're just as bad as the bands you implore

Dead End Cruisers Split 7"

Addicted to Oi!
You know, everyone we know
They all have their own drug
Mine just happens to be punk music

Cuz, I, I, I
I'm addicted to Oi!
I'm addicted to it

With it I leave my troubles behind
My problems are all gone
I just scream & shout with my mates
And pogo all night long

If you think you can handle this
Come with us you've made a friend
Cuz we're the youth & these are the streets
And it will never end

Cuz, I, I, I
I'm addicted to Oi!
I'm addicted to it

Who Do They Save?
Who do they save
Tell me what is good for me
I need to see the light
Teach me how to hug a tree
And save me from the right
Tell me that your better than me
And welfare is theft
Teach me how to sieg heil
And save me from the left

Left and right it's all the same
I won't play your politics game
Who the fuck do they save
When they make us the systems' slave

Rocks and bottles, guns and bricks
I'll stand up and fight
But not for fucking slogans
From the left or from the right
Politics is the enemy
And justice is the goal
Anger is my weapon
And a soldier is my role

Punks, Skins, Herberts & Hooligans 12"

Bite the Bullet
When your feelin' down
For you I'll be around
It's not hard to see
To believe in solidarity
Cuz you're my friend
You are my family
Sometimes life is strange
And you get rearranged
And when you're in the brink
You gotta stop and think
You better start swimmin' man
Or your gonna sink
Money ain't heaven sent
When you can't pay your rent
There's one thing you know is true
There's one thing you gotta do
That's bite the bullet
And we'll see it through

Process of Weeding Out
When your boss wants to give you the boot
Goddamn fucker that wear the suit
There ain't one that's good on this earth
Cuz they never wanna pay what you're worth

And it's called the process
The process of weeding out
It makes me wanna fuckin' scream
And it makes me wanna shout

Life's too short
To be treated like shit
So you stand up & scream "Fuck you, I quit"
Now looking for a job puts you in the wrong
But that's what the bastard wanted all along

And it's called the process
The process of weeding out
It makes me wanna fuckin' scream
And it makes me wanna shout

Working Class Protest


Orphans Don't Run
They laugh at us when we
Walk down the streets
Ten of them with weapons
Man we're gonna get beat because

Orphans don't run from no one
That's what we say
Orphans don't run from no one
We ain't going away

When you come into our parts
You better watch your step
We just hang out & get drunk
Bur man we've got a rep. because

Orphans don't run from no one
That's what we say
Orphans don't run from no one
We ain't going away

Get into a rumble and
Someone's gonna get hurt
It might end up being us
But we gotta protect our turf because

Orphans don't run from no one
That's what we say
Orphans don't run from no one
We ain't going away

Russian Roulette

Templars Split 7"

We Can't Be Beaten

Rather Be Hated Than Ignored

There's a Difference
You're always talking at me
I can't hear what your saying
You say you know all the songs
But you don't know what we're playing
You say that you "hear" me
But you never listen
You say you've seen it all
But there's a lot your missing

TV Punks you know all About
Who prance around shout
Picture perfect post card bums
who know how to pout
There's 20 years of music
You'll never understand
You just wanna be a singer in an alternative band

You write your critiques about us
But you never read
You think it's dead and dried up
Cuz you weren't willing to bleed
You want to be one of us
But you never will
You want to understand
But deep waters are still

Clockwork Fuse

Got my bowler on, I feel so fine
We've been waiting for a long time
Steel cap boots and a smirk on my face
Out of our way, we're tearing down this place
We ain't got a lot to lose

We're just another clockwork fuse
Light us up and take the abuse
I'm with my friends and I feel all right
Gotta get ready to start the night
If you look, you'll find us here
We'll be the ones with the wrench in the gear
We ain't got a lot to lose
Light us up and take the abuse

Psycho 7"

Well I'm not anti-anything
Everything's anti-me
When I get pushed, I shove back
And they call me crazy

P.S.Y.C.H.O. (3x) - I'm a fucking psycho!
P.S.Y.C.H.O. (3x) - Come on droogies here we go

My moods are always changing
They say it's my mishap brain
In this asylum they call earth
They call me insane

P.S.Y.C.H.O. (3x) - I'm a fucking psycho!
P.S.Y.C.H.O. (3x) - Come on droogies here we go

Lock me up from the outside world
They say what I've done is bad
They put me in a straight jacket
They say I've gone mad

I saw you down at James Bar
I thought you were some kind of movie star
You got that look that turns me on
I want to dance but you're dancing with John

Situation, situation
You just got me in a tricky situation
Situation, situation
You just got me in a tricky situation

I went home and I laid in my bed
You and John going round in my head
You've done this once yeah once before
You swear to god you won't do it no more

Situation, situation
You just got me in a tricky situation
Situation, situation
You just got me in a tricky situation

I saw you down in Times Square
You and John just hanging round there
My hate for him my love for you
Situation just don't know what to do

Situation, situation
You just got me in a tricky situation
Situation, situation
You just got me in a tricky situation

Rather Be Hated
Pain is temporary, glory is forever
We all know chicks dig scars
I've done my time with  broken bottles
And been kicked out of my share of bars
We've been ridiculed and criticized
For doing things our own way
But we won't back down, we'll stand strong
So get the fuck out of our way

We'll live and we'll die by the L.C.B. Army (4x)

People talk shit for no reason at all
But what the fuck do they know
You don't like me stay the fuck away from our show
We've got the army, they've got the spirit
When they crowd around the dance floor
The Army knows as well as we do
We'd rather be hated than ignored

We'll live and we'll die by the L.C.B. Army (4x)

We'll live and we'll die by the L.C.B. Army (4x)

People talk shit for no reason at all
But what the fuck do they know
You don't like me stay the fuck away from our show
We've got the army, they've got the spirit
When they crowd around the dance floor
The Army knows as well as we do
We'd rather be hated than ignored

We'll live and we'll die by the L.C.B. Army (4x)

Glam Bastard 7"

Glam Bastard

Live for Today

The Plot Sickens LP

Airwave Raid
I can't seem to get the signal I need
I think my radio's broken
There was a time it played so loud
And the speakers they were smoking
But time moves on, that music is gone
We got a new guitar attack
The airwaves were made for rock n' roll fucker
And were gonna take 'em back

It's a a a a an airwave raid (4x)

Don't need your rap or hip hop crap
Alternative, disco, funk
You retro fucks are boring cunts
And you're still afraid to play the junk
Their filthy lucre bought the number one spot
So I never even got a vote
You know real punk's an endangered species
Gonna shove it down your throat

It's a a a a an airwave raid (4x)

All that garbage that's on the radio, that's what it is, it's just garbage
I mean kids are just eating it up, it's just deteriorating their brains
It's turning it into styrofoam inside their heads
They're not thinking, they're not doing any thinking at all

It's a a a a an airwave raid (4x)

I can't seem to get the signal I need
I think my radio's broken
There was a time it played so loud
And the speakers they were smoking
But time moves on, that music is gone
We got a new guitar attack
The airwaves were made for rock n' roll fucker
And were gonna take 'em back

It's a a an airwave raid (4x)

Insult To Injury
I see your lips movin', but I hear nothin'
Please excuse me, did you say somethin'?
Keep on talkin', but your words escape me
Is your ego that big or are you just afraid of me

I don't really care about you
Why just let it be
I wanna add insult to injury and me
I don't really care about you
Why just let it be
I wanna add insult to injury

I'll treat you like shit when you're feelin' down
And give you a kick when you're on the ground
You try your best to act so tough 
But your best ain't good enough for me

I don't really care about you
Why just let it be
I wanna add insult to injury and me
I don't really care about you
Why just let it be
I wanna add insult to injury

You try your best to act so tough 
But your best ain't good enough for me
I don't really care about you
Why just let it be
I wanna add insult to injury and me
I don't really care about you
Why just let it be
I wanna add insult to injury

Chaos, Riot and Ruin
As I viddy past my years
When all the droogs we're go
There was me your humble narrator

The others decorate the show

Now I'm haunted by ghosts from the past
Where did they go
Was it me or my imagination
Cuz I'm all alone

Crash and burn, search and destroy,
Chaos, Riot and ruin
Explosive minds for boring times
This will be our theme song

My glazzies are all glazed real zombie-like
From the horrorshow jobs we've done

We have arrived O my brothers at Chapter 21

Not For Sale
You can buy all the studs and spikes
That you could possibly wear
Bondage pants, steel-cap boots
And a head of spiky hair
Safety pins in your ears
And a brand new leather vest
But there's one thing you could never buy
And it makes you like the rest

Cuz they could never sell my vengeance
And they'll never sell my strife
They could never sell my passion
It cuts like a knife, knife, knife, knife

They can't put a price on angst
Or the fever of the youth
Hang their lies in the local mall
And sell 'em as the truth
It's a commodity they can't buy
They're swine, drunk on greed
It blows their mind to see them think
That they can market integrity

Cuz they could never sell my vengeance
And they'll never sell my strife
They could never sell my passion
It cuts like a knife, knife, knife, knife

Not for sale (7x)
Not for fucking sale!
You fucking ass. Fuck you!

Who Controls the Media?
You have held us down for so long,
Everything you said, it was wrong,
You can't even look us in the eyes,
While your headlines scream out pompous lies.

I want my say, say, say, say, say, say!
Who controls the media? (4x)
I want my say, say, say, say, say, say!
Who controls the media? (4x)

I'm proud to be a part of what you hate,
The upper-middle class just can't relate,
I really don't have much in my life,
But you can never take away my pride.

Punk is big, now you sing a different song,
Why can't you just admit you're wrong,
But streetpunk you still ignore,
You're just as bad as the bands you implore

Sex and Violence
Sex Sex Violence, oh yeah oh (2x)
Oh yeah oh (2x)

Beat of a Different Drum
When I was a younger lad they said "follow me"
Imgaine all the peace you'll find in conformity
Now that I'm older, I'm more self-assured
I march to a beat of a different drum
A beat you've never heard.

Don't need a leader I'm not a sheep
And I will never succumb
I'll always march to a different beat.
The beat of a different drum
Don't need a leader I'm not a sheep
And I will never succumb
I'll always march to a different beat
The beat of a different drum.

You can lead a horse to water
But you cant make it drink
You can lead a human by the nose
But you cant make him think
I may be lost sometimes
But I'll never follow anyone
I'll always march to the beat
The beat of a different drum

Don't need a leader I'm not a sheep
And I will never succumb
I'll always march to a different beat.
The beat of a different drum
Don't need a leader I'm not a sheep
And I will never succumb
I'll always march to a different beat
The beat of a different drum.
1 2 3 4

You say that we're clich�, just a passing trend
I say your afraid of our beat, afraid to be our friend
I'll stand and fight, I wont run never go out of style
I'll lead the pack, wont fall back I'll go the extra mile

Don't need a leader I'm not a sheep
And I will never succumb
I'll always march to a different beat.
The beat of a different drum
A different drum.

Here I sit with a molotov in my hand
Don't you think it's time to take a stand?

What's your price to be free?
Why can't you open your eyes and fucking see?
Why do you sit there and cry?
How long are you gonna live your fucking lie?

It's not too late to stop this oppressive state
You've signed and sealed your own fucking fate

What's your price to be free?
Why can't you open your eyes and fucking see?
Why do you sit there and cry?
How long are you gonna live your fucking lie?

They've torn you apart with their metal claws
They've pissed in your wounds and bound you by the laws

What's your price to be free?
Why can't you open your eyes and fucking see?
Why do you sit there and cry?
How long are you gonna live your fucking lie?

Here I sit with a molotov in my hand (4x)

The Hand We're Dealt
Now we're growing up, my old friend
Never bothering to right our wrongs
All we've ever known was youth
Getting drunk and singing songs

But I'm the only one to blame
All my friends changed but I stayed the same
The hand we're dealt is often hard
I got stuck with the joker card
Never trust anyone over 30
Now how can we trust ourselves
Should we trade it all it for a suit
And put the rest of it on the shelf

All the doors that were open to you
They all got shut in my face
When I go back and try the knob
They're all locked firmly in place
Now I work a dead end job
Hey little rich boy take a look at me
I know I'm not living in paradise
But there's no place that I'd rather be

Zipper Kids

Right up there in front of the stage
You'll find the zipper girls
They're pissed, they're proud
Stay outta their way
Their heads are in a whirl
Livin' real life from day to day
These kids you can't unfurl
Make it a point to move aside
Watch your backs for the zipper girls

We're the zipper kids
Out to brave the night
We're the zipper kids
Ain't it a beautiful sight
We're the zipper kids
Gonna start a riot
We're the zipper kids
Ain't it a beautiful sight

Right up there in front of the stage
You'll find the zipper boys
They're pissed, they're proud
Stay outta their way
They're dancing to the punk rock noise
Livin' real life from day to day
These kids you can't exploit
Make it a point to move aside
Watch your backs for the zipper boys

Deface the Music 7"

Just Like Clockwork
It's cold and cloudy out tonight my friends
I know soon the rains will come again
If you got the big, big money - I've got the time
I don't go by your watch - I go by mine

Everything I do is just like clockwork
Society tells me that I'm wrong
Everything I do is just like clockwork
You'll remember me when I'm gone

Call me a sore on the face of humanity
I'm just a product of their social disease
The broken mind you gave has expired date
Use me like a lab rat correct your mistake

Rabid Dog
I never really stopped to think
Just how it all began
It seems to me my whole life
I've waited to be a man
People reinvent themselves
In many different ways
Some of them found religion
I found out crime pays

I'm a rabid dog
and I'm on the make
and I've been kicked to many times
for the chances that I take

You know I don't have to tell you
Most people are living lies
I can spot 'em a mile away
From the blackness in their eyes
I never really stopped to think
How much I've dealt with pain
You can get blood from a stone
But that blood always stains

I made my reservations, I'm leaving town tomorrow
I'll find somebody new and there'll be no more sorrow
That's what I say each time, but I never follow through
I can't breakaway, from you every time
I can't breakaway, now matter how I try
No I'll never never breakaway from you
No, no, no, no, no,
No, no, no, no, no
No, no, no, no, no.
I'll make that vow to myself, you and I are through
Nothing can change my mind; I'm sorry won't do
That's what I'll say each time, but I never follow through
I can't breakaway, from you every time
I can't breakaway, now matter how I try
No I'll never never breakaway from you
No, no, no, no, no,
No, no, no, no, no
No, no, no, no, no.
Even though you treat me bad, cruel words are spoken
You cast a spell on me that just can't be broken, no, no
I'll take your picture down and throw it away
There'll be no baby now, for you to call each day
That's what I say each time, but I never follow through
I can't breakaway, from you every time
I can't breakaway, now matter how I try
No I'll never never breakaway from you
No, no, no, no, no,
No, no, no, no, no
No, no, no, no, no.
Breakaway, breakaway, breakaway...
I can't breakaway oh oh oooh, I can't breakaway oh oh oooh
Oh yeah, oh die.

A Class Of Our Own LP

Golden Boy
My mother was a goddess
Sent from heaven above
My father was a derelict
Incapable of giving love
You know how they saying goes
That opposites attract
I ran with the life that they gave me
Never to look back

Cuz I am the golden boy
I will search and destroy
I am the golden boy
I'm golden

I'm the one your parents warned you of
I shine when I walk the streets
I can bring despair and pain
To the people that I meet
I can also lift you up
So you don't touch the ground
Watch you scream in ecstasy
When your hands and feet are bound

No Doves Fly Here
Out here after dark out in the streets
Never trust anyone that you meet
Bullets fly by and people scream
The lucky lie dead this ain't no dream

No, no, no doves fly here

Desperate kids take what you got
Doesn't really matter cuz it ain't a lot
Bomb all the dance halls watch the ravers die
No turning back from suicide

Just Like Clockwork

Our Dignity
The time is coming near
We thought you all should hear
That were not in the shadows anymore
We're standing side by side
We're ready to collide
I think you know what we've come for

We're taking back our dignity
Punks and skins back to the streets
We're taking back our dignity
Herberts and Hooligans never retreat

We wont be taken down
Always two feet on the ground
Unless were drunk and passed out on the floor
You best keep to yourself
Or well put you on the shelf
Don't come around- I think you know the score

Standard Issue
I've found myself a voice
I'm gonna use it baby
I've got a uniform
Gonna wear it tonight

Cuz I, I'm standard - I'm standard issue

You know I feel alright
I wanna go out tonight
My hair's cut just right
I'm gonna go out tonight

Ive got nothing to say
I'm gonna say it loud
I wanna make you bad
Cuz I'm so proud

Go All the Way
You pub-crawl the bars and drink
Always push it to the brink
I watch the streets late at night
I see you get into fights

Aggro minds they start to swarm
They always crack and they don't warn
Don't let 'em push you around
Don't let 'em drag you down

Don't let 'em don't let 'em
Go all the way

Weakness is fading fast
Strength is gaining at last
Maybe its not too late
But you still feed off their hate

Losers Club
I remember high school
Man was it a bore
I remember being shut out
For the clothes I couldn't afford
And I recall being accused
Of things I'd never do
And I recall the photographs
That I never took of you's to the losers
Here's to me and you
Here's the losers
What are you gonna do

I remember being shunned
And being pushed aside
Singled out against the wall
And stripped of any pride
And I recall running away
From assholes just like you
Now it seems you're the only fucks
I ever run into

I Don't Wanna
I don't wanna work
I don't wanna sleep
I don't wanna stand on my own two feet
I don't wanna laugh
I don't wanna cry
I've set my emotions to the side

I don't wanna - I don't wanna
I don't wanna do anything

Cuz you're shit
And he's shit
Well, she's shit
We're all fucked

I don't wanna go
I don't wanna stay
I couldn't care less anyway
I don't wanna fuck
I don't wanna score
I don't wanna live my life no more

LCB Roadcrew
Baby, I've been around the world and back
So many cities I can't keep track
So many drugs, I can't remember
Another gig is another bender

Touring, touring, it's never boring
Pogo all night and party 'til the morning

Who could forget those Berlin nights
Those red light girls and Irish fights
From Polish skins in Czech pubs
To glassing crusties in Minnesota clubs

You know the girls they cum and go
There's whiskey on the bar and a pocket full of blow
I'll give you blood for a five dollar show
But that's what I do I gotta hit the road

Barbie Dolls
Your image of beauty is a bit askew
Brainwashing girls from the age of two
You airbrushed playmates don't turn me on
With collagen lips and silicone

Tear, tear the heads
Tear the heads off Barbie dolls

I would hate to have your plastic smile
All dressed up in the latest style
My dream girl ain't all satin and lace
She's a natural born angel with a dirty face

Dance (Until You Drop)
When you're down in screaming hell
A place that I see every night
Same familiar faces, always looking for a fight
Leery unchanged places, creating anarchy
Frustration from the other faces watching such insanity

Dance, dance, dance until you drop
You wanna dance, dance, dance until you drop
You're gonna dance, dance, dance until you drop
Dance, dance, dance until you drop

When you're down in screaming hell
A place that I see every night
Same familiar faces, always looking for a fight
Leery unchanged places, creating anarchy
Frustration from the other faces watching such insanity

Dance, dance, dance until you drop
You wanna dance, dance, dance until you drop
You're gonna dance, dance, dance until you drop
Dance, dance, dance until you drop


Dance, dance, dance until you drop
You wanna dance, dance, dance until you drop
You're gonna dance, dance, dance until you drop
Dance, dance, dance until you drop. Ahhh!!

Shot Up, Shot Down
Your innocence was sweet
It really knocked me off my feet
But you found another love
Now you dance to a dead beat
You say he numbs the pain
That warm rush through your vein
You crack a little smile
As you nod out again

You're shot, shot up and shot down

They can't hear you pout
They could never help you out
And no one understands
Why you're crying day in and day out
Feel your veins collapse
Your face is scarred from smoking crack
But you keep it alive
By making money on your back

The Worst EP

The Worst

Walking into the Fire


  Baby Doll
BD001 Black - Voodoo Droog
  Buttons 1"
BU001 Droog Skull - LCB Army (Orange + Black BG)
BU002 Droog Skull - LCB in White (Black BG)
BU003 Droog Skull - LCB in Orange (Black BG)
BU004 Droog Skull - (Leopard BG)
BU005 Droog Skull small with LCB all around (Black BG)
BU006 LCB Logo with Red/Black (White BG)
BU007 Skins + Punks - Oi (White BG)
BU008 LCB Logo Breaking Through (Orange BG)
BU009 LCB Logo in White (Black BG)
BU010 Band Photo
BU011 Ultra-Violence - Alex with Beer (White BG)
BU012 Droog Skull - LCB in Black (White BG)
PA001 Come on Droogies back patch
PA001 Black - Droog Skull
PO001 Real Punk is an Endangered Species
PO002 The Plot Sickens
PO003 LCB/Unseen - Coast to Coast Chaos Tour 2001
ST001 LCB w/Droog Skull...Rule, O.K.!
  Sweatshirts - Hooded
SW001 LCB ACO Logo
SW002 Come on Droogies
  Tank Top
TT001 Black - Voodoo Droog
TW001 White - Sex, Droogs & Rock and Roll
TW002 Black - Sex, Droogs & Rock and Roll
TS001 White - Ultra-Violence - Alex with Beer
TS002 White - Droog Skull in black - piss off
TS003 White - Skull + wrench and gears
TS004 Black - Droog Skull  - Come on Droogies
TS005 Red - Ultra-Violence - Alex with Beer
TS006 Black - Ultra-Violence - Alex with Beer
TS007 White - Ultra-Violence - Alex with Beer/Long Sleeve
TS008 Black - Undead droogs in Korova

My Reviews

NC 11/24/04 - Summary and Review

    Since I have relatives that live in the area I scheduled my vacation around the time the Brats were playing there. Yes, I like them that much. It was the second time I saw them live and the first time I got to interview EVO.
    They played the Wizard's Bar which is a country/biker bar by day. I checked the place out in the rainy afternoon so I'd know how to get there. On the ground level is a restaurant and underground is the bar. In the back are pool tables and if you keep going it's the "club." It's hard to imagine a punk club in the middle of a hick area like this, even harder when you are in the place and it's a country bar. I know it is the right place though because there is a tiny chalk board listing the upcoming shows and LCB is on there. Country music is playing and the bartender said she won't work when it's time for the punk bands to play because she doesn't like the music. I ask the bartender if the Brats ever played there before and she said, "yeah many times" and they had a bunch of equipment shipped in. I was surprised. The stage is maybe only six inches off the floor and the room is small. I can't imagine what it'll be like that night.
    When I come back that night I am very happy I did go in the afternoon because the area is like real country dark. On one turn I couldn't even seen the road because there were no lights. It was like driving blind. I pull in the lot and there's an ambulance and cops everywhere and I wonder what the hell happened and if the show is cancelled. Turns out some dumb underage punk got drunk and caused trouble.
    The transformation of the bar was complete. No bikers or old country patrons. Now the oldest people were in their young twenties. I found EVO and Bones and started hanging out and talking. We went outside and I learned the stage door didn't connect with the parking lot. The band had to haul all their equipment in the front door, all the way across the club and back when they were done. It is an asinine set up to say the least.
    I told Bones about what the bartender told me in the afternoon. He said they never played there before and what the hell?? They just got there and they came in before and it was a country bar. He hoped the punks would come out because when it's raining the don't go out because it ruins their spikey hair. We sat down to talk and a girl got mad at him for "taking her seat". There's no rock star treatment here. I learned his real name is Shaun and later when he introduced me to their new drummer I used my real name and he told me I shouldn't go by my real name. I said I do in the real world. He joked that since he was from Texas that Busch was his favorite beer and when a fan offered to buy him cigarettes he wanted Pall Mall - the red box, hard pack, saying he was poor and can only afford the cheap stuff.
    We went outside to the new LCB touring van Punkcore bought them for $6000 for an on camera interview. One young guy came up with a leather jacket that had the LCB Deface the Music droog skull on it which thrilled Bones. The kid thanked him for coming out to play in the middle of nowhere. After I finished the interview with Bones I interviewed EVO as well. Turns out he grew up in the area and was trying to find out some info from the bouncer and relatives about the school he went to.
    Bones is the first to admit that he's basically the addict of the band and that EVO is the businessman. EVO is a fascinating guy. He shatters the myth of punks being young, dumb and clueless. In his other life he's a teacher, which pisses off some of the ignorant kids. I would've loved having a teacher like him, with Clockwork tattoos and on your level by not speaking down to you. Going in I had basically planned on talking Clockwork with him, but was so intrigued about the other side of him that I continued to talk about his teaching methods instead. He is very cool and well rounded. When you see these guys live, definitely take the time to talk to EVO if you have an open mind.
    If you are used to hearing LCB at home, the main difference in seeing them live is the songs are now much faster. Listening to Ultra-Violence on CD is like hearing it in slow motion compared to live. The song goes from about 4 minutes to 2. Nothing is left out, it's just much more high energy. Also if you are looking for a long show you'll be disappointed. Bones explained that they had to steal drummer Gabe from Cheap Sex for the tour and they were only able to learn 15 songs which equals a 45 minute blitzkrieg. People were yelling out songs to play and the Brats would tell them they didn't know those. I was up on stage the whole time videotaping, so in essence I got to see what they see. The plan was to use the footage for an official LCB DVD, but the club was so dark that the footage might not be good enough to release.
    Once again this was punk at it's purest. To me it is like how punk was in the late 70s, just less angry. Bones doesn't spit on or attack the crowd like the Sex Pistols, he interacts and is always putting the mic into the fray for the kids to sing along. Their cover of 'Beat on the Brat' was a great surprise. It's about as close as you can get to seeing the Ramones live, plus while being a great tribute to the fallen idols, it's also a clever tie-in to themselves since "Brat" is in the title. They definitely could have a second career as a Ramones tribute band and it would be fun to hear them do an all Ramones show.
    The brats were thrilled when after the show one skinhead fan offered to put them up in a hotel and the local band that opened for them were ecstatic that they were going to hang with LCB there. Any way they could save money was fine with Bones and he was a bit shocked and grateful by their generosity. He didn't demand star treatment as told them they didn't have to do this if they didn't want to.
    There is nothing negative I could say about them. Not only are they great punk musicians, they are real droogs. I like them onstage as much as off. Because of this I've been collecting all their original singles and anything else I can get my hands on. They are just like us, except they are in the best Clockwork Punk band, but there are no egos about it. What you see is what you get. Anyone can come up and talk to them before or after the show and I plan on seeing them every time their tours come my way.


NC 11/24/04
Wizard's Saloon Front
Evo and Bones on stage

Bones let's the crowd do the work

Marty, Bones & Juggs after the show


Clockwork Kamikaze 2004 Japan flyer

LCB at The Attic ACO flyer

ACO Scene flyer

Lower Class Brats Pictures Page

Set Lists

11/24/04 - Hickory, NC
Do it Again
Who Controls the Media?
Orphans Don't Run
Golden Boy
Addicted to Oi
Beat on the Brat (Ramones Cover)
Bite the Bullet
Who Writes Your Rules (For Rebellion)?
Sex and Violence
Safety Pinned and Sick
Just Like Clockwork
Rather Be Hated

3/15/03 - Sciota, PA
Bite the Bullet
Do It Again
Just Like Clockwork
Orphans Don't Run
Road Crew
Who Writes Your Rules (For Rebellion)?
Sex and Violence
What Love Is (Dead Boys Cover)
Who Controls the Media?
Background Music


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Tour Dates


Location Venue
8/26/97 Austin, TX Emo's - on VHS
1/16/99 Austin, TX Bates Motel
8/19/99 Austin, TX Flamingo Cantina
2000 San Francisco, CA TPS Record Release Party
5/4/01 New Brandenburg Germany
5/5/01 Hamburg Germany
5/6/01 Torgau, Germany WWII Prison
5/7/01 Czech Republic   
5/8/01 Czech Republic   
5/10/01 Potsdam Germany
5/11/01 Leipzig Germany
5/12/01 Cottbus Germany
5/14/01 Berlin Germany
5/16/01 Belgium  
5/18/01 Switzerland  
5/19/01 Italy  
5/25/01 Chemnitz Kraftwerk
7-8/01 6 week tour  USA
7/16/01 Columbia, SC Uncle Doctor's
8/13/01 Medford, OR Club 25
8/17/01 ? The Palace
8/24/01 San Francisco, CA Holidays In The Sun Festival
5/10/02 Austin, TX Flamingo Cantina
8/29/02 Atlanta, GA  
8/30/02 Fayetteville, NC  
9/02 Savannah, GA  
9/02 Brooklyn, NY  
9/02 Boston, MA  
9/02 Richmond, VA  
9/02 Washington, DC  
9/02 Jacksonville, FL  
9/6/02 Asbury Park, NJ H.I.T.S. Festival - Stone Pony
1/3/03 Corona, CA ShowCase Theatre
1/4/03 San Diego, CA Club Xanth
1/5/03 Hollywood, CA Martini Lounge
1/6/03 Lancaster, CA Ceder Center
1/7/03 San Luis Obispo, CA Slo Brew
1/8/03 Brunedale, CA Jim Dandy's
1/9/03 Fresno, CA Pizza Land
1/10/03 San Francisco, CA The Pound
1/11/03 Bakersfield, CA Jerry's Pizza
2/23/03 San Antonio, TX Sin 13
3/1/03 Austin, TX Flamingo Cantina
3/8/03 Passaic, NJ Connections
3/9/03 Ithaca, NY Castaways
3/10/03 Buffalo, NY Tudor Lounge
3/11/03 Pittsburgh, PA Planet of the Apes
3/12/03 Philadelphia, PA Pontiac Grill
3/13/03 Albany, NY Valentines
3/14/03 New London, CT El N' Gee
3/15/03 Sciota, PA The Underworld
3/16/03 New York, NY CBGB's
3/28/03 Austin, TX Club 710
3/29/03 Austin, TX 7 yr olds Birthday Show
4/16/03 Austin, TX El Matador
4/19/03 Austin, TX Red Eyed Fly
4/23/03 Austin, TX Emo's
4/30/03 Austin, TX Sin 13
5/31/03 San Antonio, TX Sin 13
6/11/03 Abilene, TX Primal Skate Shop
6/12/03 Dallas, TX Red Blood Club
6/13/03 Lubbock, TX  Tokyo Joe's
6/15/03 Wichita, KS Kirby's Beer Store (cancelled)
6/17/03 Little Rock, AK Park St. House (cancelled)
7/11/03 Phoenix, AZ The Mason Jar
7/12/03 San Diego, CA Skate Heaven
7/13/03 Hollywood, CA Knitting Factory
7/14/03 Riverside, CA Showcase Theater
7/15/03 San Francisco, CA The Pound
7/16/03 Reno, NV Arkaik
7/17/03  SLC, UT Albey Square(DV8)
7/18/03 Denver, CO Garageland 
7/19/03 Kansas City, MO El Torreon
7/20/03 St. Louis, MO Creepy Crawl
7/21/03 Indianapolis, IN Festivila
7/22/03 Chicago, IL Riley's Rockhouse
7/23/03 TBA  
7/24/03 Pittsburgh, PA 1877 Club
7/25/03 TBA  
7/26/03 Buffalo, NY Tudor Lounge
7/27/03 New York, NY CBGB's
7/28/03 Boston, MA The Elk's Lodge
7/29/03 Albany, N Valentines
7/30/03 Amityville, NY Odyssey
7/31/03 Philadelphia, PA Pontiac Grill
8/1/03 York, PA Princess St Community Center
8/2/03 Roanoke, VA The Factory
8/3/03 Atlanta, GA Neutron Bomb
8/4/03 St. Petersburg, FL Venom
8/5/03 New Orleans, LA Dixie Tavern
8/6/03 San Antonio, TX Sam's Burger Joint
8/7/03 Austin, TX Emo's
9/9/03 Austin, TX Flamingo Cantina (New CD)
9/24/03 Houston, TX Fitzgerald's w/The Adicts
11/26/03  San Antonio, TX Sam's Burger Joint
11/28/03 Houston, TX Fitzgerald's
12/20/03 Dallas, TX Red Blood Club
12/21/03 OK City, OK The Green Door
12/22/03 Albuquerque, NM The Attic
12/23/03 Phoenix, AZ Bash On Ash
12/24/03 Long Beach, CA Alex's Bar
12/26/03 San Diego, CA SOMA
12/27/03 Pomona, CA The Glass House 
12/28/03 Hollywood, CA Knitting Factory 
12/29/03 San Francisco, CA The Pound
12/30/03 Sacramento, CA Capitol Garage
12/31/03 Portland, OR Paris St. Theatre
1/1/04 Medford, OR MusicHead
1/2/04 Boise, ID JD & Friends
1/3/04 Salt Lake City, UT Albee Square
1/16/04 Austin, TX Beerland
2/4/04 Austin, TX Emo's
2/28/04 Laredo, TX Sal's Pizza
3/13/04 Tokyo Kichijouji
3/14/04 Nagoya Imaike Huck Finn
3/15/04 Mie Ise Rhythm
3/16/04 Yamaguchi Iwakuni 666
3/17/04 Fukuoka Hakata Keith Flack
3/18/04 Hiroshima Neopolis Hall
3/19/04 Osaka Nanba Bears
3/20/04 Tokyo Shinjuku Anti-Knock
4/8/04 San Francisco, CA The Pound
4/9/04 Los Angeles, CA Allen Theater (2 shows)
4/10/04 San Diego, CA VFW Hall
5/22/04 San Antonio, TX Communion
6/11/04 Rotterdam, Netherlands Baroeg
6/12/04 Wattrelos, France tba
6/15/04 Sierra Vista, AZ Elks Lodge
6/17/04 Albuquerque, NM Launch Pad
6/18/04 Denver, CO Aztlan Theatre
6/19/04 Salt Lake City, UT Lo-Fi Cafe
6/20/04 Boise, ID JD & Friends
6/21/04 Seattle, WA Graceland
6/22/04 Medford, OR Musichead
6/23/04 Sacramento, CA The Boardwalk
6/24/04 Bakersfield, CA La Movida
6/25/04 Fresno, CA Big Game Studios
6/26/04 Victorville, CA Reflections
6/27/04 Hollywood, CA Zen
6/29/04 Phoenix, AZ Mason Jar
7/8/04 Austin, TX  
7/30/04 Austin, TX Room 710
10/1/04 Portland, OR Meow Meow
10/2/04 Seattle, WA Graceland
10/3/04 Boise, ID The Venue
10/4/04 Salt Lake City, UT Lo-Fi Cafe
10/5/04 Sparks, NV The New Oasis
10/6/04 Sacramento, CA The Boardwalk
10/7/04 Ventura, CA The Loft
10/8/04 Los Angeles, CA Key Club
10/9/04 Long Beach, CA The Vault
10/10/04 El Cajon, CA Black Wax in store 12-1pm
10/10/04 Bakersfield, CA Jerry's Pizza
10/11/04 Santa Cruz, CA Santa Cruz Teen Center 7pm
10/12/04 San Francisco , CA Slim's SF
10/13/04 San Luis Obispo, CA Slo Brew
10/14/04 Las Vegas, NV Roadhouse Casino
10/15/04 Phoenix, AZ The Brickhouse
10/16/04 Albuquerque, NM The Launchpad
10/17/04 Denver, CO Bluebird Theatre
10/20/04 San Antonio, TX White Rabbit
10/21/04 Austin, TX Emo's
10/22/04 Dallas, TX Red Blood Club
10/23/04 Corpus Christi, TX The Underground
10/26/04 Atlanta, GA Hell - Masquerade
10/27/04 St. Petersburg, FL State Theater
10/28/04 Orlando, FL Screamer's
10/29/04 Ft. Lauderdale, FL The Factory
10/30/04 Jacksonville, FL The Imperial
10/31/04 Columbia, SC New Brooklyn Tavern
11/1/04 Richmond, VA Nanci Raygun
11/2/04 Baltimore, MD Ottobar
11/4/04 Cleveland, OH Grog Shop
11/5/04 Detroit, MI St. Andrew's
11/6/04 Grand Rapids, MI The Intersection
11/7/04 Minneapolis, MN Triple Rock Lounge
11/8/04 Omaha, NE Ranch Bowl
11/9/04 Milwaukee, WI Mad Planet
11/10/04 Kansas City, MO El Torreon
11/11/04 St. Louis, MO Creepy Crawl
11/12/04 Chicago, IL The Metro
11/13/04 Pittsburgh, PA The World
11/14/04 Buffalo, NY Showplace Theatre
11/15/04 Boston, MA The Axis
11/16/04 Portland, ME The Industry
11/18/04 Danbury, CT Empress Ballroom
11/19/04 Irvington, NJ The Cricket Club
11/20/04 Farmingdale, NY Downtown
11/21/04 Philadelphia, PA Tribeca
11/22/04 Roanoke, VA Factory 324
11/24/04 Hickory, NC Wizard's Bar
11/25/04 Indianapolis, IN ISC Skatepark
11/26/04 Evansville, IN Club 1123
11/27/04 St. Louis, MO Creepy Crawl
11/28/04 Nashville, TN The Muse
11/29/04 New Orleans, LA Hi Ho Lounge
1/6/05 El Paso, TX Surges
1/7/05 Phoenix, AZ Modified Arts
1/8/05 Las Vegas, NV Roadhouse Casino
1/9/05 Hollywood, CA Knitting Factory
1/14/05 Ventura, CA The Loft
1/15/05 Havasu City, AZ Havasu Underground
1/16/05 Albuquerque, NM Launchpad
2/2/05 Lille, France L'urban Chaos
2/3/05 Arenhem, Netherlands Cafe Storte-Breker
2/4/05 Herentals, Belgium Tzaaltje
2/5/05 Villefranche Sur Saone, France KRK
2/6/05 Paris, France La Peniche Alternat
2/7/05 Besancon, France Bar Les Arcades
2/8/05 Limoges, France Bar Des Arenes
2/9/05 Geneva, Switzerland Piment Rouge
2/10/05 Brno, Czech Republic  DK Musilova
2/11/05 Prague, Czech Republic Vagon
2/12/05 Torgau, Germany Bruckenkopf
2/13/05 Chemnitz, Germany AJZ
2/14/05 Wien, Austria  Arena
2/15/05 Potsdam, Germany Archiv
2/16/05 Bremen, Germany Schlachthof
2/17/05 Jena, Germany Rosenkeller
2/18/05 Stuttgart, Germany Universum
2/19/05 Sneek, Netherlands Het Bolwerk
2/20/05 Aachen, Germany Az
2/22/05 Cologne, Germany Sonic Ballroom
2/23/05 Bristol, England The Junction
2/24/05 London, England The Underworld
2/25/05 Hull, England Springers on the Common
2/26/05 Sheffield, England The Howard
2/27/05 Birmingham, England Academy 2
3/26/05 Austin, TX Emo's
4/30/05 Denver, CO Climax Lounge
5/1/05 Salt Lake City, UT Lo-Fi Cafe
5/3/05 Portland, OR Meow Meow
5/4/05 Seattle, WA Graceland
5/6/05 Vancouver, BC - Canada Astoria
5/7/05 Calgary, AB - Canada Night Gallery
5/8/05 Banf, AB - Canada Wild Bill's
5/9/05 Edmonton, AB - Canada New City Likwid Lounge
5/11/05 Winnipeg, MB - Canada Pyramid
5/12/05 Minneapolis, MN Triple Rock
5/14/05 Detroit, MI Alvin's
5/16/05 Cleveland, OH The Grog Shop
5/17/05 Montreal, QC - Canada Sallaberry
5/18/05 Fredericton, NB Bagaboo Creek
5/19/05 Halifax, NS The Attic
5/20/05 Moncton, NB Paramount Lounge
5/21/05 Halifax, NS The Pavilion
5/22/05 Fredericton, NB Bagaboo Creek
5/23/05 Quebec City, QC Le Anti
5/24/05 Ottawa, ON Maverick's
5/25/05 Barrie, ON Foundation
5/26/05 Kitchener, ON The Wax
5/27/05 Toronto, ON The 360
5/29/05 London, ON - Canada The Embassy
5/31/05 Buffalo, NY Mohawk Room
6/1/05 Columbus, OH The Distillery
6/2/05 Grand Rapids, MI The Ten Bells (16+)
6/4/05 Pittsburgh, PA 31st St Pub (2 Shows!)
6/8/05 Passaic, NJ Connections
6/9/05 New York City, NY CBGB's
6/10/05 Upper Darby, PA Upper Darby ALH
6/13/05 Richmond, VA Nanci Raygun
6/14/05 W. Columbia, SC New Brooklyn Tavern
6/15/05 Jacksonville, FL Thee Imperial
6/17/05 Ft. Lauderdale, FL The Factory
6/18/05 St. Petersburg, FL State Theatre
6/19/05 Tallahassee, FL Big Daddy's
6/20/05 Baton Rouge, LA The Darkroom
6/25/05 Austin, TX Emo's
6/26/05 Dallas, TX  Red Blood Club
6/25/05 El Paso, TX Surges
6/25/05 Albuquerque, NM Launchpad

Cancelled Shows

2003 Australian Tour  
2004 Canadian Tour  
6/11/04 Rotterdam, Netherlands Baroeg
6/12/04 Wattrelos, France tba
6/15/04 Sierra Vista, AZ Elks Lodge
6/19/04 Maastricht, Netherlands Midsummer HC Party
6/25/04 Potsdam, Germany Archiv
6/27/04 Las Vegas, NV Double Down Bar
6/28/04 Southgate, CA ?
7/9/04 Stuttgart, Germany Universum
7/11/04 Erlangen, Germany Scheune
7/14/04 Bochum, Germany Zwischenfall
7/15/04 Morecambe, England Wasted Festival 2004
7/23/04 Moscow, Russia Estakada Club
7/24/04 Obninsk, Russia OK Club
7-8/04 Canadian Tour ?
8/17/04 Dallas, TX ?
8/18/04 Oklahoma City, OK Green Door
8/20/04 Buffalo, NY Extreme Wheels Skate Park
8/22/04 Boston, MA Axis w/Cheap Sex
8/23/04 Albany, NY Valentine's w/Cheap Sex
8/24/04 Danbury, CT Empress Ballroom
8/25/04 Passaic, NJ Connection's
8/26/04 Wilkes-Barre, PA Cafe Metropolis
8/27/04 Pittsburgh, PA Mr. Small's Fun House
8/28/04 Baltimore, MA Sidebar Tavern w/Havoc
8/29/04 Washington DC U-Turn
8/30/04 Roanoke, VA Factory 324
8/31/04 Charlotte, NC Tremont Music Hall
9/1/04 Myrtle Beach, SC Lime Light
9/2/04 Augusta, GA The Hangnail
9/7/04 New Orleans, LA tba w/Hat Trickers
9/9/04 Little Rock, AK Vino's Pub
9/10/04 Evansville, IN Club 1123
9/11/04 Kansas City, MO Spitfire
9/12/04 St. Louis, MO Creepy Crawl
9/13/04 Des Moines, IA Hairy Marys
9/14/04 Indianapolis, IN Rehearsal Studios/Melody Inn
9/15/04 Detroit, MI The Shelter 
9/16/04 Cleveland, OH Rhythm Room
9/17/04 Erie, PA The Underground
9/18/04 Chicago, IL Bottom Lounge
9/19/04 Madison, WI Rattskellars
9/20/04 Minneapolis, MN Triple Rock
9/21/04 Fargo, ND Billiards On Broadway
9/22/04 Rapid City, SD tba
10/10/04 San Diego, CA Soma
10/20/04 San Antonio, TX Sin 13
10/24/04 Houston, TX The Engine Room
11/14/04 Poughkeepsie, NY The Loft
11/19/04 South Amboy, NJ Krome
2/3/05 Ede, Netherlands Ede Zuigt Festival
2/9/05 Gent, Belgium L'usine

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