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Katrin Su
Age : 12
Game : pRO
"Im just a simple ordinary girl,who really likes playing ang chatting pRO"
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Server: Chaos
Party up in pRO, the wicked cool world of monster, mayhem and serious fun

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Episode 7
June 04, 2005       

Latest News
New RO Change E-mail service now up!
Level Up! is always working hard to provide better service to our dear players and customers.
pRO 3X Exp extended plus 2X drop! URDR Free!
In light of the unexpected rollback last May 25, 2005, we are going to have a 3x/2x mod on exp and drop rate respectively for all Philippine Ragnarok Online commercial servers excluding Urdr which will have 5x/2x.
pROSE moves beta launch to June 16, 2005
Level Up! moves the pROSE open beta launch to June 16, 2005 to resolve a few major bugs before opening the servers..
More download sites for Ep7: Umbala & Niffleheim
For your download convenience, we have provided two (2) additional mirror sites for the Episode 7 Umbala & Niffleheim patch.
Official Statement: Episode 7 Zone Problems
Due to some critical zoning problems, we regret to inform you that we are rolling back the game to 1:30pm of May 25, 2005.
Episode 7: Umbala and Niffleheim Now Up!
Experience the thrill of exploring the latest maps to be added to the kingdom of Rune-Midgard: Umbala, the home of the Utan Tribe, and Niffleheim, the city of the Dead!
Level Up! Brings Sci-fi MMOG RF Online in the Philippines Level Up! Brings Sci-fi MMOG RF Online in the Philippines
Level Up! recently signed a publishing agreement with Korean developer CCR for the local release of RF Online, a unique MMORPG that combines fantasy and science fiction.
Get your pROSE CDs NOW!
Prepare for Heritage: 3x exp and more!

Events & Contest
Congratulations to our Flash Game Design Winners!
As promised, we announced the official winners of our recently concluded Flash Game Design contest at the U Got Game event held last Saturday, May 21, 2005 at the Glorieta Expo hall.
RPC 2005 Update: Thrilla in Metro Manila!
The conclusion to the biggest online game tournament in the country draws near as the RPC 2005 Regional championships goes to its last stop at Metro Manila!
RPC Update: Official Winners of 4-Way Battle Royale
At long last, the four-way server “Battle Royale” between the Wild Cards and the Agit Lords has been decided!
LU! @ New Worlds Episode III Con
Join us as we go for 2 nights of sci-fi and fantasy madness during the 3rd New Worlds convention on May 23 & 24, 2005 at the Glorietta Activity Center.
RPC Update: Official Team Roster for Fatal 4-Way
Biggest pRO in-game prize at Ragnarok Film Festival 2005!
In-Game Event: Crown Jewels of Midgard

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