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Embassy / Kym Smith
Evacuation ... police scientists at the scene last night / Kym Smith.

THE bacteria sent in a suspicious package to the Indonesian embassy in Canberra is not believed to be dangerous, police said today.

"It looks very unlikely that the substance contains any bacteria of any significant pathological significance," ACT chief police officer John Davies said.

Mr Davies said the findings was contained in an interim report and an investigation into the incident was ongoing.

"The sending of that particular letter was designed to cause major disruption and instil fear," he said.

Mr Davies said a team of investigators was working in Victoria on the case and being assisted by Victorian police.

The Government has confirmed the suspect letter was sent from Victoria with an accompanying note written in Indonesian.

Prime Minister John Howard earlier today refused to detail the contents of the letter but said he had no reason not to believe the attack was linked to Corby's conviction for drug smuggling in Bali.

Mr Davies said he was not sure if final test results would be available today.

He would not speculate on the motive behind the threat but said the Schapelle Corby case could not be ruled out.

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