Moral Theology

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Dialogue With an Agnostic Concerning Relativist vs. Absolutist Morality and the Natural Law (with Dr. Jan Schreurs) 186K

Dialogue on the Ethical Implications of the Story of Abraham and Isaac (with Dr. Jan Schreurs) 22K

Dialogue on Christian Pacifism and "Just War": Biblical and Social Factors (Dave Armstrong vs. Edward Hamilton) 105K

Debate on the War in Iraq (Dave Armstrong vs. "Secret Agent Man")

Conscience: the Catholic Church's (and Newman's) View 32K

The Catholic Church and Civil Disobedience 2K

Alcohol: Biblical and Catholic Teaching 11K

On Tithing and Bingo 7K

Reflections on the "Great American Mush God" of Civil Religion and Morality, and the Catholic "Third Way" in Socio-Political Thought 41K

Dialogue With an African-American on Racism, Liberalism, and Affirmative Action 44K

Slavery: America's Original Sin and Root Cause of the Civil War (blog)

How on Earth Can Christians Vote for Pro-Abortion Candidates? (blog)

The Christian Perspective on Vegetarianism (blog; includes several interesting comments from others, on BlogBack)

Dialogue on the Ethics of, and Biblical Support for, Vegetarianism (Three Parts) (Dave Armstrong vs. Sogn Mill-Scout) (blog; see also additional comments on BlogBack) (+ Part Two) (+ Part Three)

Jesus, Vegetarianism, Bambi, and Us (Dave Armstrong vs. Keith Akers)
(blog; see also one additional comment on BlogBack: 3-26-04)

'Twas the Month After Election (A Satirical Poem) 11K



Any Absolutes? Absolutely! (Norman Geisler)
Teresa Tells The Truth (Mother Teresa at Harvard: 6-9-82)
Whatever You Did Unto the Least of These (Mother Teresa at the National Prayer Breakfast, Washington, D.C.: 2-3-94)
John Paul II and the Truth about Freedom (Avery Dulles)
The Splendor of Truth (A First Things Symposium on Pope John Paul II's Encyclical)
Commentary on The Slendor of Truth (William G. Most)
Foundational Norms for Christian Ethics  (J. Francis Stafford)
Right and Wrong 101  (Mark Brumley)


The Gospel of Life (A First Things Symposium on Pope John Paul II's Encyclical)
Traditional Catholic Reflections & Reports ©  (website: Stephen Hand; emphasizing Catholic social teaching)
Absolute Pacifism? (William G. Most)
Catholic Dossier (Entire Issue on Capital Punishment)
Why the Death Penalty? Capital Punishment and the Catholic Tradition (Christopher Kaczor)
Christ and Creation's Longing (On Environmentalism; by Richard John Neuhaus)
Alcohol and the Bible (Daniel Whitfield)
The Centre for Cultural Renewal (Canada) (Iain Benson)
We Cannot Be Resigned to World Poverty (Pope John Paul II, Angelus, September 27, 1998)
The Cybernetics of Liberalism (Peter Kreeft)
The Principles of the Social Doctrine of the Church (Javier Hervada)
Culture Wars Online
First Things Magazine


Love  (Peter Kreeft)
A Civilization at Risk: Whatever Became of Virtue?  (Peter Kreeft)
Conscience (William G. Most)
Sin and its Effects (William G. Most)
Christian Prudence (Paul A. Duffner)

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