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Mars 3D
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It's not just a World Premiere - it's a Solar System Premiere

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Opens October 8, 2004 in the 3D Cinema.

Be among the first in the world to discover the breathtaking landscapes and mysterious history of one of Earth's closest neighbors in the universe: Mars. That's because Mars 3D makes its world premiere in the Science Museum's 3D Cinema on Friday, October 8. Your mission? To determine whether or not the planet ever had water.

Destination: Mars
Mars 3D takes you on an amazing space journey. You begin here on Earth, where you'll see, in high-definition clarity, the dramatic launch of the rockets that carried the Spirit and Opportunity rovers into outer space. Next, you'll learn about the adaptations that make the Mars rovers uniquely suited for their mission. And you'll have a front-row seat at NASA's Mission Control to witness the tension-and resulting exhilaration-of Spirit's successful landing in the Gusev crater. Then, you'll put on your special polarized glasses for a 3D trip of a lifetime.

Mars 3D reveals REAL images captured by the rovers' 3D cameras on the surface of Mars, as well as cutting-edge animations created from the data acquired by Spirit and Opportunity. The planet's landscapes will surround you and leap from the screen. You'll learn the clues the rovers have uncovered that indicate that liquid water may once have existed on Mars. And you'll discover that the presence of water may also indicate the presence of other life forms.

Mars 3D is produced by Melissa Butts, Executive Producer of Branded Content, Twist Films of Minneapolis, in partnership with the Science Museum of Minnesota, and is directed by noted documentary filmmaker Barry Kimm.

A 3D experience like no other
Did you know that the Science Museum was the first science center in the world to open a 3D digital theater? It's true - the 3D Cinema's sophisticated digital projection system, powered by Panasonic, as well as its high-performance sound system, make it a pioneer in the science center world.

Since the theater's programming is stored on a computer hard drive rather than on film, there's no risk of the film aging and breaking down, and the picture you see on the screen is vivid and crisp, whether the program is being projected for the first time or the 1001st. And since the projection system uses polarized light to create 3D imagery rather than the red/blue lens filters of traditional 3D projection systems, the images pop off the screen in even more dramatic 3D glory!

To take advantage of this incredible new system, the Science Museum, in collaboration with Twist Films, undertook an ambitious project - to create the world's first 3D program using the extraordinary 3D data and images from NASA's much-heralded recent missions to Mars!

Admission to the 3D Cinema requires regular exhibit admission plus theater admission; Science Museum Members receive discounted admission.

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