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"This shit is so fucked, but fucked in a good way. The kind of fucked feeling you get when you watch a David Lynch film. Grade: A"
- Gary Mecija (

"Hello is the sound of the Velvet Underground with a deep sense of humor and Moldy Peaches with some sense of coherence. Thank you Mr. Mattoid, thank you wherever on this earth (or above it) you are." – Jedd Beaudoin (Copper Press)

"The Mattoid is a dark soul; some might call him Goth, if you believe that Stephin Merritt, Jamie Stewart and Johnny Cash are all part of that ideal -- and I do." - Dave Madden (Splendid Magazine)

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Cleft Music is proud to introduce its first full length release, THE MATTOID's "HELLO." Cleft staff originally stumbled upon this wandering, Finnish throat singer in the 2nd generation Old Time Pickin' Parlor of Nashville on Halloween of 2001. After a second spotting, THE MATTOID was invited to record his signature "Sango" music at The Teacher's Lounge by Cleft, house producer, Loney John Hutchins. Sango music is as easy to recognize as it is hard to describe. A rhythm that has undergone refinement and metamorphosis in cities all over the world, Sango demonstrates THE MATTOID's unique twisting of deranged, heady lounge with self assured, care free rock and a roll.

Lyrically, Mr. MATTOID delivers road traveled and world weathered musings that speak of lives lived, loves lost, and redemption found, sometimes executed with the literary prowess of a 3rd grader. Is Sango music merely the rantings of a mad man, lost and homeless with nothing to do but bark his primordial songs at the dark? Is he the fallen angel of Finnish opera, left to a life of class struggle, performing from the bus stops and watering holes of the (south) western world? Much is left to mystery when it comes to THE MATTOID's origins. THE MATTOID is not the bogey man nor is he the suspicious fellow you think might be stealing your garbage. He is an entertainer with a kean ear for illustrating the beauty of minutia right under your nose. Whether he excites, offends, or amuses, his obscure brand of music inspires something in each listener all the same. Right on, baby!