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Wear a simple white band and show the world that you want action, not just words.
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. More and better aid
. Debt cancellation
. Trade justice
. National-level action
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EU Finance Ministers must deliver on aid
EU Finance Ministers must deliver on aid

Amid the turmoil in Europe over the future of the constitution, EU members are on the verge of delivering a historic breakthrough on aid today which could help lift millions out of poverty.

Celebrities turn up the heat on G8 leaders

In the week in which anti-poverty campaigners Live8 and ahead of next week’s crucial G8 Finance Ministers meeting in London, a series of open letters from global celebrities to the G8 Finance Ministers are being published in some of the most influential newspapers in the world, calling for decisive action by world leaders to tackle poverty once and for all.

Live8 generation calls for action at the G8

Live8 concerts will take place just a few days before the crucial G8 summit in Scotland, and will challenge leaders of the world's 8 richest nations to honour their commitments on poverty. On the first white band day, 1 July 2005, one day before Live8, millions of people around the world are expected to wear a white band as a symbol of their demands to world leaders.

On June 16, GCAP coalitions across Africa are organising joint actions to mark the Day of the African Child.
You can make your voice heard and tell the G8 Finance Ministers they must support an end to poverty.
Representatives of civil society organisations from 14 Arab countries met in Cairo on the 11th and 12th of May 2005.
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