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This is the main development site for the CCSP open money software. This system is in early stages of formation and evolving as we continue to work on the concretisation of our vision.

You can test the currencies features in development on this site (you have to register at least one or more accounts, using a valid email address) but the data may be deleted without notice at any time.

Our next meeting – Summer 2005

The summer meeting in Denver, CO, is officially confirmed: July 31 to August 5. We need to set up our dates for our own open money meeting. See Denver 2005.

Ongoing Topics on Open Money

Mileposts and Notes

  • February 2005 - Carpentras, France. More people were invited to the second meeting so that we could benefit from additional valuable input and commitment to further development.

  • November 2004 - La Barben, France. At the first meeting mose spent nights and days creating the first currency module. It is now integrated into the tikiwiki platform.

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