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What is SEOmoz?
Free, open & content-rich. SEOmoz is a search engine optimization resource created to benefit the entire SEO community. Every tool, service & article provided is absolutely free to all users. There are also paid versions of the toolset, paid ad sponsors & directory submissions that help support the resources.

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What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization is both a niche industry of web marketing and a specific set of practices that guide the creation of a website that ranks well for specific, relevant keyword phrases at the major search engines.

SEOmoz is involved in the promotion of ethical, "white-hat" optimization techniques - it is not our goal to manipulate, but rather to create great content and links that naturally rank well in the major search engines.

The tools, articles & blog entries here exist to help website owners, managers, marketers & builders conduct ethical, profitable optimization of their web properties.

SEOmoz Daily Blog

The SEOmoz blog is dedicated to the practice of web site optimization for the search engines. Below are the most recent blog entries:

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Probing the Deep, Invisible Web

Thousands of Visitors from Secondary Terms

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Obscure Link Techniques

Featured SEO Articles
2005-05-31 | Analysis of Link Spam Alliances Paper
In this article, the Stanford University technical paper titled 'Link Spam Alliances' is analyzed. Relevant diagrams have been extracted and explained so SEOs can have a better understanding of how link spam methods are identified.

2005-05-24 | The SEO Quiz
The SEO Quiz is a "just for fun" project that lets those who spend far too much time surfing the major SEO blogs and forums put their knowledge to the test. The quiz includes the ability to record your score along with your usual SEO forum handle so all can see how well you've fared.

2005-04-05 | Interview with MSN Web Search Team
After meeting Eytan Seidman (the program manager for MSN Search) at SES NYC, I contacted him about interviewing the MSN Search team. Over the course of the last 3 weeks, I've received some terrific answers to 11 questions (and 5 follow-ups) on subjects like MSN's competition, index size, spam detection & more.

Most Popular Tools
Keyword Difficulty Tool
Keyword Difficulty Tool Icon   How competitive are the keywords you're targeting? Get a percentage-based score that measures dozens of unique factors influencing keyword difficulty.

Sandbox Detection Tool
Sandbox Detection Tool Icon   Is your site in the sandbox? This tool uses a percentage scale to determine to what degree your site is affected by this filter at Google.

Link Pricing Tool
Link Pricing Tool Icon   What is a particular link worth? This tool will estimate a dollar value range for a link on a given site & page depending on what term/phrase you're attempting to target.

Rank Check Tool
Rank Check Tool Icon   Discover your site's position for up to 3 keywords at a time at each of the major search engines (Google, Yahoo!, MSN & AskJeeves/Teoma), including several variant searches and all of Google's datacenters.

About SEOmoz & Randfish

SEOmoz is owned and operated by Rand Fishkin (aka randfish). I've been involved in web development since 1995 and SEO since 2000. This site is my way of giving back to the SEO community that has given me so much.

Currently, this site is supported by paid users of the tools, directory submission to SOCEngine and advertising sponsors. Sponsors of SEOmoz are companies that we personally use and trust, and reviews of each sponsor are available on our site.

I often receive requests for SEO work on a great variety of projects. If you are seeking SEO services, I can offer consulting on certain types of projects. If I cannot help you, I am happy to refer you to a number of reputable and reliable firms that I have personal relationships with.


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